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Let's talk [community profile] kink_bingo!

I didn't get a new card this year; I didn't actually post up the Massu graphic/icons I made last June for amnesty, because I made the decision not to sign up for a new card when I'd disappointed myself with the lack of fic writing in regards to my old ones. Not that there's anything wrong with making icons/graphics for kink bingo! But because I consider myself primarily a fic writer, to go two years in a row without completing even one fic for either card was disheartening (I do have the first few parts of a WIP posted; it's LOCKED because of porn, but it's PoT, Sanada/Yukimura for the emotion play square, and if anyone wants to read it I will absolutely add them so they can see it!). The first year I made a bunch of MLP:FiM icons simply to make amnesty, not because I had actually planned to XD

The plan, though, is to tackle these two cards and make some kind of fic progress, and have things to post during amnesty! Then perhaps next year I will be ready for a new card, maybe even attempt a bingo! ;)

SO, my old Kink Bingo cards [NSFW!]: (If anyone would like to know the centre squares before they click: one is a man who has been flogged, a cat o nine tails draped over his reddened back, and the other is a man with rope around his neck in a way that doesn't immediately suggest bondage, a leash or breathplay to me, but could probably be interpreted any way!)

Kink Bingo Card 2010 )

Kink Bingo Card 2011 )

A lot of the kinks I have on these cards have been renamed/merged by now, but still exist under a different name, or wide categories! I read up on posting things from older rounds during amnesty; basically you just look for the kink closest to what you had on your card at the time and tag it under that :)

Something I am seriously considering doing with my cards is combining two kinks at a time; some of them are such broad categories that I can't narrow them down to one idea, so combining them with another kink takes them in a more specific direction and gives me plot ideas.

For example, I have ideas/a WIP for:

Sid/Joe: film/photography, and body part fetishes (other)
Marv/Don: mirrors, and nippleplay
Marv/Gai: animal play

(I'm also thinking about 'mirrors and doubles' for Marv/Don but focusing on the doubles side of the square instead of the mirrors side since it's almost a repeat, and because we like the idea of Marv!Don very much [it's the best way to explain all that tremblinguke!Marv fanart!] 8D But I'm not sure whether I want/need to combine that one with another square? What do we think?)

To help you out, here is a handy list of all the prompts I still have left!

All My Kink Bingo Squares )

May I just add that if anyone ever wanted to throw a pairing and a kink (or TWO ;D) at me for brainstorming or prompting purposes, well. Maybe we could make some magic happen.

I'm pretty mono-fannish at the moment (GOKAIGER!) when it comes to writing, but I'd still love to write PoT, OOO, and potentially anything else you can think of that I know! (When I watch more Nanoha there may be Nanoha fic, for example).
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Signal boosting; there must still be people on my flist who want to read/write/prompt some kinky Prince of Tennis fic! It is sadly quiet around there so far:

[livejournal.com profile] potkinkmeme2011

Just because the original manga finished doesn't mean we can't still love POT! ;)

And I am not the only one to have left some POT prompts for the Porn Battle; that makes me happy :D
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Dear [livejournal.com profile] anenko,
So far you are basically the only person who has put down any porn battle prompts for fandoms I could feasibly write in. And I've been trawling the pages on both LJ and DW! You ROCK.

I wasn't going to think up any prompts because I don't like to do it when I've usually got no intention of writing, and think that possibly other people won't write for them anyway (so they are just wasted space), but then I thought why not? It's seriously easy once you get started, and I'm not much of a one-word-prompt person :D

Here are the prompts I put down: Gokusen, Peacemaker Kurogane, Prince of Tennis, Mary Stayed Out All Night and You're Beautiful )

And somebody else put down some Jennifer Fallon book prompts! Which I can't write for, but omgyay :D
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So apparently I can write over a thousand words an hour for nine hours straight.

Yes, I just spent 9pm til 6am writing a total of 11,390 words of fic. Cannot sleep now, we are far faaaaaar beyond sleep now.

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Have done a lot of timelining for fic but no actual writing as of yet. Too difficult working on someone else's computer, no matter that the files are on googledocs XD

Doing a meme practically all so Noey can spam XD

1. Pick a character I've written about before, or know of well from canon.
2. I will ramble until there's no tomorrow about said character. (ESPECIALLY if I get a topic as direction).
3. If you'd like, throw a prompt at me, or pick a situation (trapped in an elevator, stuck in a burning building, in line at the grocery store, in the middle of a zombie apocalypse) and let the fun begin.

P.S - for Noey and Cyn: FIC WISHLIST! Let's use this post for ideas because I'm thinking Christmas gift fic would be fun to do since I'm not working and completely stressed out this year :D

P.P.S - Dude, that's another thing I was thinking; you know how some comms post a prompt a day? I figured between the three of us maybe we could take turns each day and the other two have to write something for it in the comments?

Or else I force you and Noey to get on DW more and watch fic_promptly because each day a theme is posted and you can choose fandom, character(s) and then prompt on the theme XD and we could try to fill one anothers :D

Nobody posts POT ones anymore you see :(
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- hospital fic
- Peacemaker Kurogane episode 1 recap
- comparison of characters/recasting PMK with Rikkai characters
- first year Yukimura fic
- finish hooker!au finally
- Commentary for Abridged with the intent to write more for it.
- recap for ep49, post on DW
- recap for ep54, post on DW
- liveblog ep49 with Noey and Cyn (Kirihara's first appearance)
- liveblog eps 116-117 SP with Noey and Cyn (first lengthy Rikkai appearance)
- recap eps 116-117 SP, post on DW for discussion
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I'm having 'net troubles again, so instead of bitching about that I'm just going to talk about a comm I rediscovered today. I did know of it but I'd never explored it properly.

On my DW flist the community promotions comm has been more active, and someone posted linking to fic-promptly, which is based on the concept of [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic, and only just beginning. The Comment Fic comm is well established and looks well organised too, and I figured some of you might want to check it out.

Every Monday to Thursday a new theme is posted and you get to put prompts in the comments according to the theme and write ficlets in response. Once a day is over no more prompts are allowed but you can fill prompts at any time, the "lonely prompts" are collected up in a delicious account and you can search by specific fandom or the any/author's choice prompts if you want a bit more freedom to choose. I've been poking around the prompts to see if I could fill any old ones (apparently my computer is happy to load the delicious site!).

Friday is free-for-all, any prompts and no theme, and the weekend is to fill some of those lonely prompts specifically even though you can do that at any time.

I've probably said so much nobody is interested anymore; go check it out for yourself :D

(And duh, if the concept appeals obviously you could join the DW community and help that get off to a good start, I'm not just pimping the LJ one. And if anyone does prompt or anything let me know in case it's something I could possibly try my hand at? There's so many fandoms already there I don't even know!)
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- I clearly have no understanding of the concept of kink_bingo, because the squares I initially have noted down ideas for are all over the place and do not make a bingo XD

- In using my "Fandoms that are not POT" fic masterlist to (not) find Mei-chan fic I'd written I have discovered I haven't been updating it. I also have a list of things that used to be on GreatestJournal I have recovered through old emails of comments and had not added those to my list, either.

Have now added a Coffee Prince listing, a Mei-chan no Shitsuji listing, a Mendol fic, a Gokusen drabble, changed the links to two Hobb fics from dead GJ links to active LJ ones and added some more drabbles, added a Clive Baker's Imajica listing, and a fair bit more actually. There are some misc. fandoms I've only written in now and then with fics on an older fic journal I might make note of too, to keep the fandoms together.

- Speaking of the list, I have linked to my POT fic masterlist on it, so at least everything is linked to on that post, even though POT has so much fic it has its own post.

Because [livejournal.com profile] anenko and [livejournal.com profile] aliaspiral have been posting Mei-chan fic I decided to join in/give back/follow suit. Whatever sounds best ;) Three fic posts today:

title: Role-Reversal
character(s)/pairing(s): Mei/Rihito
genre: het, non-explicit but suggestive
wordcount: 434
notes: Just a little snippet I wrote based on a [livejournal.com profile] springkink prompt that I didn’t plan on posting. But I still have it on my computer which means I hung onto it for a reason!
prompt: [livejournal.com profile] springkink: March 6; Mei-chan no Shitsuji (drama), Rihito/Mei: role reversal "It's my job to anticipate your every desire, isn't it?

title: A Lady and her Butler Part One, Part Two
character(s)/pairing(s): Izumi, Kiba
genre: gen, het, future-fic
wordcount: 493, 512
summary: Every lady requires something different from her butler. And every butler has his own reason for serving his lady.
notes: parts 1 and 2 were written back last December. I thought posting them might motivate me to finish the others; a possible 7 parts in all, I think.
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Until we go on holiday, of course. Have to get birth certificate, send it off, wait for a reply back for an interview, go to interview and actually GET passport first, however. Fingers crossed we can go by the end of this month ;)

Anyway, listy:

- Finish rewatching Gokusen
- Rewatch My Boss, My Hero
- Rewatch Mendol (for the purposes of [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest prompts even though I couldn't sign up because I have no clue if I'll be on holiday during the posting dates! I can still play with [livejournal.com profile] anenko's prompts :D )
- Finish OT5 fic started yesterday (with Yumiko).
- Make Cyn give me girl!OT5 prompts. And make her write so I can post her more prompts ;)
- Make more little Fimo charms for putting on jewellery. (Suggestions for what I could make are welcome!)
- Make more lego block charms to finish the necklace, bracelet and to make more earrings.
- Go back to Scope when they get their delivery in about two weeks and buy lots more 3 for £1 jewellery even if it is just to make use of the chains.
- Take pictures of stuff when it is done (yes, various people who have asked me, I WILL DO SO WHEN THERE's ENOUGH TO TAKE PICTURES OF!)
- Work out what to read next now that I've finished Dragon Haven. (Robin Hobb, please say there's more to this series - you can't take us on a journey and then deny us the destination!)
- Remember to order some Fables volumes today because play.com have a one-day sale and I also have teeny money off vouchers ;) Also ordered NCIS series 5.

Right now I don't know what I am going to do but I'll work on it...
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Today did not turn out how I expected. I got up around 9 am and was back in bed by 11am til I dragged myself out long enough to have a shower XD

Was browsing some old femmeslash kink meme/porn battles. There's so very rarely a fandom I want to write. I mean, I love CM but I've never really been tempted to write fic for it. Though I could do with a re-write of season five, not because it sucks, but because I want more in depth character-driven stuff that we don't get to see since they have to focus on the cases.

I don't know how I feel about this Minds 2.0 spin-off. I looked up all the actors and recognise none of them. I will probably give it a go anyway because the profiling on the whole interests me. But, my TEAM <3 No-one will be as awesome as Emily, or Hotch.

I intended to write today and haven't done so at all yet. When I get in from work I'm too tired, and I also appreciate being able to sit here and do so without mum around, which only leaves Thursdays right now. I have been trying to think about various dramas and what I would have liked to have written, things we don't get to see, characters I'd like to explore more and so on. It's difficult. I'm due a rewatch of a lot of things, I think. Well just over two more weeks and I'll be officially unemployed so between that and actually going on holiday I should have some time ;)

Also, there should be more kink memes with things I want to write. Or a drama kink meme. I've proven to myself since the beginning of this year that I CAN write. If I did have a block it's definitely gone. But without being in the midst of dramas watching and being inspired I guess I'd just like to try my hand at fulfilling what other people want to see written.


Mar. 13th, 2010 09:33 pm
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If you could have me write a fic specifically for you, what would it be like? Fandom, characters/pairing, genre, plot elements, kinks (if applicable)...what's your ideal fic from me?

I was browsing LJs, as I do, and I saw it. Why not? XD YOU MIGHT GET FIC OUT OF IT.
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Having dramabeans feed on my flist isn't helping, all these new dramas being discussed and episode reviews for currently airing dramas (which up until now I have never attempted to keep up with unless it was for a particular actor/actress!). I am so confused over what to watch, what is good (reviewing episode by episode means opinions could so easily change! I need to know if something is worth watching OVERALL), and what is actually out now. I have to stop reading all the gossip on up-and-coming stuff XD

So, people. WHAT DO I WANT TO WATCH? I roll my eyes at the idea of anything romance-centric, but inside I am actually a mushy, sappy romantic when the characters are right so basically I'll probably watch anything. Fantasy and/or competent women the biggest pulls.

I have been so all over the place today. Listening to music, surfing the net, playing sudoku, writing and stalling and second-guessing myself and just wishing it was an RP plot so someone else (multiple someone elses, even) could do half the hard work and introspection ;)

Also it's my mum's birthday, but the weather is crap so we'll probably go out tomorrow or Tuesday instead since we have these three days off :)
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I am possibly overdue a ramble, but whenever I get emotional and want to ball it all up and let it out I also want to keep my stupid shame and fears to myself. So I've been driving myself crazy right within my own mind a lot recently.

Life is going to be crazy this year, I am going to accept that. A lot of changes, new experiences. Hopefully all good ones, or at least mostly. I can't have everything good ;)

My sleeping habits are ridiculous. I have had pretty much every Monday and Friday this month booked off as holiday, I have every Monday in February and a couple of Fridays. So I have two days off, two days in, two days off, one day in. I am lucky if I fall asleep before 2am most nights. And I keep falling asleep on the sofa when I get home from work because I just can't get my timing straightened out.

I am teaching one girl at work how to do the assistant manager job (along with mum also teaching her because you know, I'm on holiday a lot at the moment), and teaching another girl how to do the card section. Teaching is only as enjoyable as the competance and attitude of the student, I find. So that's not a viable career ;)

I have done so much writing. A combination of watching the Prince of Tennis anime all the way through, right to the end of the Nationals for the first time ever, and having all this free time. I have been inspired to write anything and everything with those characters. It's like my One True Fandom. You know, since Lostprophets and I broke up.

I've already posted about 20K worth of writing since December - a proportion of it is private entries in my fic journal admittedly because it's part of a series but all at random along the timeline and of course you write the plot twists first so it would ruin the whole thing if it were seen ;)

Cyn asked me what else I had in the works, and I ended up word-counting it all the other day. I kept the list because I'm rather awed by it. Seriously:

alwaysagirl!Fuji = 7731
assassin!au = 1272
Fuji!sensei = 2086
Mei-chan fic = 1067
OT5!verse = 2377
OT6!verse = 3796
jail!fic Chapter 2 so far = 1986
jail!fic other snippets = 2988
Tezuka/Fuji continued from age-stamp meme = 1521
therapy!fic = 3609

28,433 WORDS NOT YET POSTED. (And yes I like exclamation marks. Everything is !!!)

That's more than double what I wrote last year overall. But I suppose I did watch a lot of new things last year - especially Korean dramas I think, so it was about getting my head around so many new characters and settings and situations. And JDramas especially only last a small amount of episodes compared to most TV I am used to. Perhaps it isn't enough background and build-up for me.

Tomorrow I am going to the bank to have a lovely chat with a financial advisor. Fun. But it needs to be done. I have money and it is doing nothing in useless places. I will change that.

Out of 13 books I got for Christmas, I have read 7. I have a couple more Vorkosigan books to read, a trilogy Natalie bought me, and The Curse of Chalion, because I could only get the first book in the series at the time. I certainly plan to buy more things to read when I get through these ;) January and February are always big book reading months for me because of how much holiday I always have left to use up. It's so quiet at work it's scary. We have the minimum of six staff a day (enough to cover the sheer size of the shop) and we're struggling for things to do.

There is no Criminal Minds tomorrow(/today) :( But I suppose if I had known there was one, when I had this stupid meeting at 10am which is when I'd usually be looking the video up online, I'd have been a lot more annoyed!
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Since last week when I wrote nearly 3000 words I've written another 4200+ words :D

And they're all for various Tezuka/Fuji fics.

Although, I've only just begun the Rikkai arc, and according to Google Docs I have a fair few unfinished Rikkai fics too XD

BUT! Non-POT-wise I have got another notepad open with all my little notes in it, though I wouldn't put much stock in anyone getting anything for Yuletide (because I have an AO3 account and I BET therefore I could do treats and whatnot!). Maybe New Year fic instead XD

I do love the beginning of the year when it's quiet and I book lots of holiday off because I don't use it any other time of year really. Roll on January!

Although I'm quite happy for Christmas to come first XD


Dec. 18th, 2009 08:33 pm
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- It snowed last night. It was very snowy on the ground today. All day. It still is.

- AO3 has made some tweaks in their newest release, which includes Yuletide coming into existence! I know people may have their issues with the site but personally I have to say they really do seem to be listening and trying to make this exactly what authors in fandom want, on a practical level. To making uploading as easy as possible, to having so many ways to describe and label a fic in order to be organised, to help people find what they want. To prevent people from stumbling across something they might not wish to read. You can tag with almost anything in the world.

At the moment, however, I'm done with uploading. I'm too busy writing new things and exploring an old universe that never went far in writing, but always had a huge scope in my head.

- On a related note, I have been rewatching the Prince of Tennis anime. Dear God I'm so back into this fandom. I went and reread so much of [livejournal.com profile] reddwarfer's Tezuka/Fuji fic (and consequently realised how little I ever commented - I AM SO SORRY, I SUCK! Please accept that I adore your fics anyway?). I'm still quite content with a lot of what I wrote - quite a change from how I felt at the time of writing!

- On a related note, Cyn, remind me to show you something POT I found in my memories that I don't even REMEMBER us discussing! Although we have brainstormed every idea ever between us I reckon ;) But there should be more pirates. There should always be more pirates.

- There is also a tea I meant to tell you about! (Thank you [livejournal.com profile] anenko for posting about tea!) Drink Me Chai ohmygod. I love the Spiced one with cinnamon, especially with milk. SO LOVELY AND SWEET. Mum prefers the Vanilla but it's a little too boring for me.

- I have no clue if there was anything else because I just accidentally shut all my internet tabs.

Oh, but I can't wait for Christmas! Now that the big stress of Christmas in retail is really over, (we won't be getting anymore Christmas stock anyway, and my section, the cards are well finished with), I am free to actually get EXCITED ABOUT PRESENTS!!!!!!


(*Not just mine, either - I can't wait to see what various people think of their gifts :D)

eta; I forgot! Jan told mum and I to make sure we'd be free for Boxing Day this year, and we found out yesterday that for out Christmas presents she booked us a Boxing Day meal at the Toby Carvery, and then seats for a pantomime after - Beauty and the Beast. Should be fun :D
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I've written 2934 words today. It's been at least six months since I've written that much in a day, so I'm proud. And glad since today started out kind of shit what with me being overly emotional and overreacting to stupid things. Like the smoke alarm battery dying and waking me up with its stupid beeps.

My cousin Natalie phoned and we had a nice chat. And I even put up the Christmas tree and had a good time doing it. I think it's far more fun to do it with people, but when you've only got a 3 foot tree I suppose there's not a lot of room to share ;)
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This may sound stupid, but I have written about 100 words today and I am so relieved. I CAN STILL WRITE. It's been so long I was starting to worry again, but I am still capable. And I am planning a rewatch of many various things to help me get back into the fandoms and characters and have some ideas.

The only thing I am kicking myself about is not taking a notepad of some kind to work to make notes. I'm on episode 4 of Mei-chan next I think (it's on my ipod already, other things aren't so it got to be first XD) and I could've written down some ideas before now dammit! But I will prevail in the end.


Nov. 30th, 2009 10:52 pm
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I think Thursday might be the day to explore more of the AO3 archive. Maybe read some fic and grab some bookmarks, as well as continuing to upload things :)

I also need to send email, and hopefully nothing else. Doing stuff is tiring and it's late and I'm tired! I'll think about it in a couple of days :D

WHO ELSE IS ON The Archive of our Own or plans to be? Just so I know :D I know Cyn and Noey are queued for invites, anyone else?
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Dude, next week's Criminal Minds looks set to be sick!

Is a description of next weeks episode a spoiler? )

This weeks ep was... fine. No real character focus except Derek, and I'm not too bothered over him. My mum is more into fine black men than I am XD

I intend to do some kind of Yuletide post wherein I try to convince myself whether I have enough fandoms I'm comfortable in to risk signing up. I don't know why, but it's probably the size of it, and the fact that fic for these fandoms is so rare, but Yuletide carries an extra pressure. Who wants to mess up one of the only fics a fandom has ever gotten? XD

I'm still going through the big masterlist to see what I'll write - I'm up to G and I only have three fandoms so far that are possibilities :x
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I think sometimes advice can make you just bang your head against the desk a whole lot. I mean, I read everywhere that the best way to keep improving your writing is to just write every day, even if you're experiencing a block, just to attempt everyday to put something out there, even if you personally feel it completely sucks.

Except when it gets to be weeks and months since you've even had a chance to sit and think about writing, let alone type, you suddenly feel a very, very long way from that ability to 'write anything everyday'. I just want to cry a little bit.

I'm a long way from when I first entered fandom! And yes I wrote utter crap and mostly lifted plots from elsewhere (films for example, and quite honestly I admitted it) and simply wrote my characters into those plots. I think I should've been praised more for the concentration it took to watch these things and copy out entire dialogue than anything else XD

But I was writing everyday, and I did improve. And then over the years fandoms changed, friends changed, some went away. And I began to stop and start writing a lot more, stalling, getting blocked. I went from college with a four-hours at the weekend job, to part-time, to full-time. I've only finished reading one book this month thanks to the stupid pace at work,and watching too much TV instead of anything else (but it really helps me unwind and requires NO EFFORT AT ALL). I've read on average 5 novels a month every other month so far this year roughly, and that doesn't include the manga and/or graphic novels I've read at the same time, just actual full-length very wordy novels.

I frequently browse prompt/challenge comms, but I don't actually join because I don't feel I can contribute. I run away from Yuletide each year since I first participated because I don't think even that obligation and wanting to write something for someone in a tiny fandom we actually SHARE will push me enough. Each year I tell myself I MIGHT sign up, and then never do.

I kind of want a little prompt comm, maybe just a drabble comm with a new prompt every week, just for dramas right now because that's what I mostly would want to focus on. But I haven't the time to run one, or the enthusiasm, and I might not even end up participating anyway so it's just wishful thinking. I mostly want a way to make everyone ELSE produce more drama fic ;D


I booked tomorrow off as holiday, so for the first time in a little while I have two days off together. If I could even put words on the page I'd feel quite accomplished. So that will be my goal for tomorrow! And I'll be rewatching some old, familiar favourites after I finish The Rose, I think, in the hopes that it will rekindle the love and possibly spark some ideas. Or just something to talk about that might inspire ideas in others ;) Yes, when I don't write, I just 'encourage' others very lovingly.

I just want to be more positive than I have been recently, or most of my life. I want to be producing something and having a reason to believe in myself a little bit. I WILL SMILE AND TRY AND BE POSITIVE FOR A WHILE!


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