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1. MY DRAMA RATINGS (for the most part done, but still kind of a WIP).

2. Am debating whether to move my icon posts onto DW - do I really need another DW journal? Can I rely on LJ to host those posts? Does any of it matter? I'm hardly followed for my iconing skills XD

3. In the process of browsing tumblr I came across one that encourages picspam challenges: Themed Party. So I was trying to think of ideas for picspams I could do for my Dorama DW. So I collected up all the challenges from there and from [livejournal.com profile] picspammy: Under the cut! )

As well as all the [livejournal.com profile] drama_hunt tags/themes I keep hold of for future picspamming purposes.

Input on this would be cool though - can anyone think of a challenge or theme I could picspam anime/drama-wise? Anything you'd like to see me do? :D My most favourites are The Legend, Story of a Man, and Coffee Prince (although I assume that's been picspammed more than anything else), Prince of Tennis, Peacemaker Kurogane, K-On!, but I would also enjoy going back over Wang Qiu Wang Zi, My Prince (although the video files were never great quality even before they were subbed), Gokusen, 49 Days... Most anything I've watched, really. Here is a comprehensive list of what I've watched/partially watched.

4. I removed a bunch of comms/people from my flist, but really it's only communities I no longer wish to follow, and people who weren't following me or hadn't updated for at least two years.

5. There is a DW community called Arashi Fashion. Life is complete.
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Dear [livejournal.com profile] anenko,
So far you are basically the only person who has put down any porn battle prompts for fandoms I could feasibly write in. And I've been trawling the pages on both LJ and DW! You ROCK.

I wasn't going to think up any prompts because I don't like to do it when I've usually got no intention of writing, and think that possibly other people won't write for them anyway (so they are just wasted space), but then I thought why not? It's seriously easy once you get started, and I'm not much of a one-word-prompt person :D

Here are the prompts I put down: Gokusen, Peacemaker Kurogane, Prince of Tennis, Mary Stayed Out All Night and You're Beautiful )

And somebody else put down some Jennifer Fallon book prompts! Which I can't write for, but omgyay :D
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- The pretty way it organises tags on my tags page so that everything that I've tagged together is listed under the subject of the tag. (Though this could possibly be thanks to my layout choice?)
- The way when you browse your calendar/archive the tags for each entry also show up beneath the entry title, giving you more info on the post.
- There's a MERGE TAGS option I only just found. I don't need it NOW, but omg.

Apparently the following are features imported/importing from LJ, but I don't read LJ's news posts because they go ON AND ON AND ON about rubbish mostly. And new items to buy in their gift shop.

- The way that (soon? already?) you'll be able to cross-reference tags, both to sort any and all entries containing either x-tag or y-tag, and to sort only entries that contain both x-tag and y-tag.
- The future ability to filter entries in a community by adding ?poster=username. How much better for communities not to have to use so many tags on usernames!

I'm sure there's other stuff. In general DW really just seem so much more dedicated to putting in practical and useful features, not just 'wow! shiny' ones.
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- I clearly have no understanding of the concept of kink_bingo, because the squares I initially have noted down ideas for are all over the place and do not make a bingo XD

- In using my "Fandoms that are not POT" fic masterlist to (not) find Mei-chan fic I'd written I have discovered I haven't been updating it. I also have a list of things that used to be on GreatestJournal I have recovered through old emails of comments and had not added those to my list, either.

Have now added a Coffee Prince listing, a Mei-chan no Shitsuji listing, a Mendol fic, a Gokusen drabble, changed the links to two Hobb fics from dead GJ links to active LJ ones and added some more drabbles, added a Clive Baker's Imajica listing, and a fair bit more actually. There are some misc. fandoms I've only written in now and then with fics on an older fic journal I might make note of too, to keep the fandoms together.

- Speaking of the list, I have linked to my POT fic masterlist on it, so at least everything is linked to on that post, even though POT has so much fic it has its own post.

Because [livejournal.com profile] anenko and [livejournal.com profile] aliaspiral have been posting Mei-chan fic I decided to join in/give back/follow suit. Whatever sounds best ;) Three fic posts today:

title: Role-Reversal
character(s)/pairing(s): Mei/Rihito
genre: het, non-explicit but suggestive
wordcount: 434
notes: Just a little snippet I wrote based on a [livejournal.com profile] springkink prompt that I didn’t plan on posting. But I still have it on my computer which means I hung onto it for a reason!
prompt: [livejournal.com profile] springkink: March 6; Mei-chan no Shitsuji (drama), Rihito/Mei: role reversal "It's my job to anticipate your every desire, isn't it?

title: A Lady and her Butler Part One, Part Two
character(s)/pairing(s): Izumi, Kiba
genre: gen, het, future-fic
wordcount: 493, 512
summary: Every lady requires something different from her butler. And every butler has his own reason for serving his lady.
notes: parts 1 and 2 were written back last December. I thought posting them might motivate me to finish the others; a possible 7 parts in all, I think.
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I'm home! My interview took not even ten minutes. The hotel was very clean and classy but the room was tiny considering it's for two adults and a child usually (we of course had the cost adjusted for three adults), and man how expensive is food?! This afternoon while waiting for our cab home were each had a cup of tea and that cost £7.50 for three. You do the math!

On the bright side, Ipswich turned out to be a goldmine for books, charity-shop-wise. The Oxfam shop especially was a branch dedicated only to books and I found three books in there for £11 altogether.

I had happened to be thinking about reading more Guy Gavriel Kay books but was having trouble really finding much through amazon (for example). I found THREE different books by him altogether in the charity shops, and one of them looks practically brand new and was selling in Waterstone's for £9.99 which I know because I had picked it up earlier to look at it. It was labeled £2 but they were doing "all books £1" in the charity shop I got it from. Could I have gotten more of a coincidental bargain? XD I love charity shops for the sheer randomness of what you find.

So, I got:
Forest Mage, Robin Hobb - I wasn't enthused about this series after pre-ordering the first volume years ago when it came out and not really wanting to continue the rest, but this volume I bought is hardback, only cost me £5 instead of the £18+ it was marketed at, and she still wrote my favourite books so it's kind of nice to own everything she's written, especially since I never finished the series. It wasn't abysmal, it just wasn't what I had been expecting from her. I'll give it a chance).
The Wilding, C.S Friedman - Even since I randomly gave 'In Conquest Born' a chance and really enjoyed it I had been intending to read this one, and had little luck getting hold of it. I'm talking years of intending to get it and searching. The chances of finding it were amazing.
The Summer Tree, Guy Gavriel Kay - See above! I had happened to pick up this in Waterstone's, being one of the authors they carried something by, which I didn't already own. I wasn't looking for anything in particular by him, just more than what I'd already read (The Lions of Al-Rassan and Sailing to Sarantium). But I wasn't going to just shell out £10 like that. With good reason :D)
A Song for Arbonne, Guy Gavriel Kay - £1.50. They also had Assassin's Apprentice for £1.25 but I figured just because you love a series that's no reason to collect it all over again now that they've re-issued them with new covers you don't even like ;)
Tigana, Guy Gavriel Kay - £2.99 in Oxfam. One of the more expensive books, but when you buy used from amazon they start at £2.75 just for postage, even if they charge you 1p for the actual book it's close enough that I might as well just buy and have the book in hand.
The Sword of Shannara, Terry Brooks and The Elfstones of Shannara, Terry Brooks - A girl from work bought me a set of three books from the Shannara universe and they weren't horrific so I thought I'd give some others a go. Any fantasy book I don't throw across the room in disgust or despair these days I'll read more of just for something to read!

Apart from that I bought a couple more pairs of long shorts for the eventual holiday from Peacocks and a new pair of earrings that are hoops made to look like the teeth of zips with a zip on them and a small portion of zip open. They're more awesome than I can explain ;) Oh and also three ceramic owl magnets from evolution. I love owls and I don't even know why!
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Until we go on holiday, of course. Have to get birth certificate, send it off, wait for a reply back for an interview, go to interview and actually GET passport first, however. Fingers crossed we can go by the end of this month ;)

Anyway, listy:

- Finish rewatching Gokusen
- Rewatch My Boss, My Hero
- Rewatch Mendol (for the purposes of [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest prompts even though I couldn't sign up because I have no clue if I'll be on holiday during the posting dates! I can still play with [livejournal.com profile] anenko's prompts :D )
- Finish OT5 fic started yesterday (with Yumiko).
- Make Cyn give me girl!OT5 prompts. And make her write so I can post her more prompts ;)
- Make more little Fimo charms for putting on jewellery. (Suggestions for what I could make are welcome!)
- Make more lego block charms to finish the necklace, bracelet and to make more earrings.
- Go back to Scope when they get their delivery in about two weeks and buy lots more 3 for £1 jewellery even if it is just to make use of the chains.
- Take pictures of stuff when it is done (yes, various people who have asked me, I WILL DO SO WHEN THERE's ENOUGH TO TAKE PICTURES OF!)
- Work out what to read next now that I've finished Dragon Haven. (Robin Hobb, please say there's more to this series - you can't take us on a journey and then deny us the destination!)
- Remember to order some Fables volumes today because play.com have a one-day sale and I also have teeny money off vouchers ;) Also ordered NCIS series 5.

Right now I don't know what I am going to do but I'll work on it...

a list

Sep. 3rd, 2009 12:57 pm
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A list;

- Finished rewatching Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi (Still the most perfect TV show EVER), and I've even resolved my misleading myself over the ending. I am now sure what I originally wanted to believe is quite plausible. Very.

- Still watching Coffee Prince, though not at the same pace as everyone else - when I saw the episode five post I thought to myself, "damn! Still need to watch 4!" which I have done now. Five is on pause, ready to start. Still shipping Eun Chan/Han Sung WAAAAAAY more than anything else. Han Kyul and Yoo Joo can sod off together and leave me with our cute heroine and smiley Mr. Voice.

- Finished reading a 'book' today. I use the term loosely, because I believe that it was first published as it's own novel, but I have it republished along with another story into a whole book. I'm talking about Shards of Honour and Barrayar, which has been put together as Cordelia's Honour (I AM ENGLISH, I SPELL IT WITH A U). I'm already seeing why Lois McMaster-Bujold has a following - she's generally an easy read, and then there are some really lovely turns of phrase that stick in my mind. And I've giggled an insane amount of times, so I definitely share the humour of herself (and/through) her characters.

- Got tomorrow off as a days holiday again, because this is only the sixth one I've had so far this year since April, I think. And I have 28 in total to use up before NEXT April. Got a few more booked in September, too.

- We have four new people starting at work within the next ten days. Two girls are leaving to go to university, one left pregnant, and one left for another job. We'll see how that goes! :x I'll reserve my worries for now; what happens happens.

- Thinking writing these days is a little implausible. There are so many things now that I love, or enjoy, but have no desire to fic. Which is a new thing, relatively. Compared to the past. I have to work out how that affects my inspiration because there are still other fandoms I am interested in exploring through fic. And Gokusen, I miss. You can write practically anything for Gokusen. I almost want to grab the list of cliches from wherever it was and prove that you can Gokusen ANYTHING XD
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Ask me my fannish Top Five [Whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! And I will answer them all in a new post.

<--- Anyone doing this meme? Coz I am sure I can think up some random top fives right about now.

- Work went surprisingly quickly today.
- Fell asleep for two hours afterwards, though. Annoying!
- Got a Game Boy Advance Pokemon game coming so that I can play it and then ship the pokemon to my ds game XD (Yes, seriously my life is work, eat, sleep, play Pokemon Pearl right now).
- Am still trying to get through my books! I just don't get to read for long before I start to feel sleepy. Which is how I fell asleep earlier today. When I'm done, though, maybe I will ask for some recs ;D
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To Do: (for today and tomorrow and onwards!)

- Finish Stalking Darkness
- Start The Earthsea Quartet (the next [two] Nightrunner books can wait, because only 1 and 2 have a particular plotline that follows on. And if I leave off, I might be able to have reread 4 just as 5 comes out!).
- Watch end of Criminal Minds 4.22 now that it's on YouTube (SSAUNSUB ROCKS!)
- Continue rewatching Prince of Tennis anime episodes and skipping the bratty Ryoma is amazing-wonderful-fucking-fantabulous-spectacular episodes.
- Aim to finish Mendol fic for [livejournal.com profile] springkink tomorrow, ready for June posting? (If so, then think about picking up the Gokusen girl!prompt and getting that done in time too).
- Update "fic list" on PBWikiWorks, and think about putting a version of it on [livejournal.com profile] fsop. (Which means taking out the links to the Hobb fic I no longer have thanks to GreatestJournal dying). [Yeah, I didn't do that bit yet].
- Think about lists in general. Mmmm, lists. (I think a J[K,TW, etc.]-drama fic directory would be nice. Some dramas have only 1 fic to their name, and if the author doesn't advertise you may never know about it!).
- Do more book reviewing/discussion. Myself and people on my friendslist frequently want book recs, maybe we need a proper place to talk about what we love and why. (Maybe Cyn and I should make better use of [livejournal.com profile] criticalreader.
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Today I have:
- Slept a whole lot
- A WHOLE lot
- Spent time in the garnde chatting to my neighbour about becoming a serial killer. (No, really)
- Got slightly sunburned. (Yes, really)
- Looked at some prompts
- Failed to write anything
- Considered burning the last AWN episode to disc until I realised it's a much smaller file than the others and therefore if I can get hold of the special I might get part of it on the disc too
- Saving space is key after all
- Uploaded a bunch of CDs to my itunes to go onto my ipod soon! These include; High Times by Jamiroquai, Young Modern by Silverchair, Empires by VNV Nation and Praise the Fallen by VNV Nation. Had about 3/4 of the VNV songs already, but now I have the proper, off the CD, quality versions ;)
- Eaten lots of crap, like popcorn and crisps and ice cream
- Watched Xena
- And Hercules
- Got my bank statement (money yay)
- Opened Sukisho, which I (FINALLY) received yesterday
- (Re)read more Assassin's Apprentice

Uhm, I think that is all. Also, during my roughly 12-hour sleep last night I had one dream that I was pregnant which I no longer remember, and then a dream that Meg had eight kittens and spent the whole dream chasing them as they ran out the back door. And aww-ing over them. And generally being happy and peaceful and wishing I had a job just playing with cats and kittens.

There's actually a few ideas whirling around in my head, which I'm very reassured by. But everything feels a little too complicated to write at the moment. I wish I could start small. And that I had the attention span to rewatch a few things in order to get the characters down better. And stop thinking about writing new characters/fandoms.

I'm quite enjoying seeing the interview meme go round again; people ask such cool questions. I wish I'd thought of them! :) Now there just needs to be another simple writing one that only requires a line or a drabble.


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