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Haven't updated for a while! Seems when there's no Criminal Minds I have no reason to chat ;)

Christmas was good. Really nice. Christmas Day mum and I got up and opened our presents from one another. Then we went to my nan and grandad's for lunch and stayed til about 7pm. We watched a few Christmas films!

Boxing Day Jan had booked mum and I a meal over the road at the Toby Carvery, and then a pantomime in the afternoon - Beauty and the Beast. It was really good fun, but the story was handled a little strangely. And it was a shame there wasn't a bigger crowd but it wasn't their first show and I'm sure they were used to it by now.

Yesterday was just lazing around for me - mum agreed to go into work. And today was Bank Holiday so I only worked 9 til 4pm instead of 8 til 5:30pm. And I kept myself well occupied rearranging my card racks now that the Christmas cards are done with, and then Jan took on my suggestion of moving the candles and ornaments together to make room for more textiles and bedding - we always seem to sell loads in the new year. All related to spring cleaning I suppose, new towels and bedding are bought.

Everyone seems to be getting sick all of a sudden, so I'm planning on keeping well away from everyone XD

I've finished my first book that I got for Christmas - Medalon by Jennifer Fallon. Part of a trilogy, and I'm already into the second book. Natalie bought me a few books, and wore a pair of the earrings mum and I bought her for Christmas to work today :D I really did think I knew what she would like - we have similar taste but not exactly the same. I wouldn't necessarily wear what I bought for her, but I liked the earrings well enough.

Mondays are a bit sucky though - it's nearly 11pm and mum is still up. On a regular night she goes to bed at somewhere between 8 and 9pm, 10pm on Thursday when Bones is on XD I started doing some writing and now I can't get into it properly with her behind me watching TV and randomly asking questions and stuff. Blah.

At least Friday is New Year's Day and I get that day off. But Sunday is stock-take and it's compulsory to go to work. And start at 7am. Yay.

Yuletide continues to amaze me. If I were a mod I'd have snapped and threatened to stop doing it by now. I hate whingers and moaners, even if I can be one sometimes ;) Why can't people understand how much work it all involves? And that things take time? And eventually all the bugs and niggly things will be straightened out, and new features will be implemented that you never would've gotten the old way!
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I... am working tomorrow. *headdesk*

There just isn't enough staff on a Sunday right now. BUT I WAS GOING TO TRY AND START COFFEE PRINCE!

I had this strange sense of crazed calm come over me at work today. I started thinking what if I just did exactly as I pleased regardless of if when I was rude to the girls who have no respect for me I'd get into a fight. I felt a little bit wild for a while, but I was shut up inside the office, and luckily it passed. I also made a list of pros and cons to stepping down from management. There were a lot more cons than pros, along the lines of "less money" (which I will really need in the future), and "will end up doing the same work anyway because I know the procedures/how to order/codes for alarms and doors/reps from various companies".

Hell if I can even think about writing, either.

Mum wanted Scrabble for the ds, and then went on a bit of a squee over various other games available (she is still learning that you can get practically EVERYTHING on the internet). So I said if she has a couple of games to play on mine and finds it's something she wants to do often, I'll buy her a ds for Christmas.

Of course, she wants one with a camera to muck about with like they do in the adverts on TV, which she'll never actually use *eyeroll*. But she's not impressed that they don't come in different colours. She likes the idea of red or green, since I have the turquoise already.

At least there's a few months yet for her to make up her mind!
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There are some changes about to happen at work because the owners are freaking out about losing sales to the 99p Store. And I stupidly agreed to work Sunday XD I don't know, I just feel like having more money couldn't be a bad thing - mum is talking about buying dad out because he has done everything to make sure the house won't sell, and once he's gone there won't be any issues with getting into the place or saying the neighbours are awful, or that they have a right of way through our garden (with locked gate) anytime.

But I have discovered a new TV show to watch, and I've dragged mum into it. I think it's called House of Tiny Tearaways or something similar. Parents with children who have difficult issues (like aversion to any food but yoghurt, or not being able to sleep unless mum is laying beside the bed). It's amazing to see how often it is the parents and their emotional problems being projected onto the child.

The "You Should Write..." Meme!
my thread here

[livejournal.com profile] anenko asked me to do this, but I may have done it anyway; I like the idea of it because it isn't the usual, "comment and I'll write you your prompt", but more vague. Maybe a fandom you'd like someone to get into and write for, or a genre to try their hand it. I'd be geekily sort of interested to see what people envision of me ;) It's hard to think about being creative these days, what with the work and house-selling limbo, but who knows - a good idea is a good idea!

...Like the Mei-chan/RPF crossover: Sho-chan's (Hot) Butler XD

I am also going to buy some high-powered batteries tomorrow, designed for my camera to discover if it is in fact my rechargable batteries getting too old and worn out, and NOT the camera. So I can take pictures of my pretty masquerade things that I bought from work last week.
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I'm kind of depressed to realise that come my day off I don't feel any different than normal. I have worked every day since last Thursday, and yet it has passed in such a blur (though not always quickly) that it feels much the same as when I have my usual Sunday off. I think it's because I'm not accomplishing anything on my day off I can look back at as a milestone of sorts. Something to break up the days.

Just, somehow time is really going too fast at the moment. I feel like I don't have time for anything. And it isn't even the start of the summer holidays yet, let alone the Christmas rush, so I have no clue how I'm going to feel then.

I suppose it doesn't help that Cyn is so busy too that we haven't been able to talk even as much as once a week. That breaks up my days into events, too ;)

I am subsisting on dramas (previously of the Japanese variety but currently Taiwan(ese?) to get me through the day.
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me: At this very moment I am researching Nintendo DS to see if I might want it as a birthday present. Else I have no idea what to ask for. Except a big pile of books XD
me: ...I do want one?
Are you telling me so? XD

- I ordered myself a pretty blue one, and a few games to go with. The problem now is keeping away from it another four weeks until my birthday. Maybe I'll just order myself some more books to keep me distracted XD

- I've managed to fuck up my computer screen colours; everything is tinged yellow now. I have no idea how I did it, it just turned on this way! :( I fiddled with the screen's colour settings and everything but it won't go back to the right colour. Maybe when I turn it off and turn it back on again tomorrow it will magically right itself? I love when the computer does that.

- I've swapped from watching (mostly Arashi TV shows) on my ipod through my lunch break at work to reading on my lunch break again. It's really nice.

- I am considering the idea of pimping Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi through the power of picspams. Good old [livejournal.com profile] brokemycaps XD Cyn, want to help with that? You can spam all the kickass girls! I'll spam Philip Lee

- I was petty at work today. Jan had to leave early for a doctor's appointment, and as soon I was left in charge two of the girls (I say girls but one is in her late thirties), started playing up and answering me back. So I made sure we were all late going home. Yeah I'm the last to leave but it makes me happy to make them unhappy ;) No-one complained though! Not a peep. That might be because I was on the phone, caught them all standing at the entrance gawping at something, and yelled "WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING STANDING THERE? GO AND TIDY NOW!" (there may have been a please involved, I forget. I hope not, I'm in charge, they do as told). Hopefully that freaked out Alan too (who was on the phone). He's a bastard, it'll do me good to have him scared of me.

[eta:] OMG, I forgot to add! ONLY TWO RACQUET STRINGS?! LOL Yes I am looking at the new manga now and then. I am a curious person by nature!
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I refuse to get dressed yet, it's too early. And I'm quite happy wrapped up in this fleecey blanket.

It's raining, which means it'll either be really dead at work because no-one dares go out (pffft, except that this is usual so no-one would EVER GO OUT EVER), or it'll be really busy because all the holiday makers can't go on the beach so they'll be in our shop causing chaos instead.

My mum is turning into a soldier, making battle plans for when Jan is on holiday for two weeks and trying to anticipate all the bad that could happen. Fuck 'em all I say.

Dear [livejournal.com profile] springkink, it's time for an autumn round don't you think? ;)

I am still tired, I don't think I should've left it til midnight last night to go to bed. OOPS :x

LJ is boring, 'cept this friendslist which I only see public entries on most of the time since I can't be bothered to log out of [livejournal.com profile] fsop when I can just post from it and insert a different username when I need to ramble ;)

Maybe I can find something to read this morning before I go to work and hide from all the bitches.


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