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So, the radio was pretty entertaining this afternoon when I was tidying at work, waiting to go home. First there was a bit of blab over MySpace and FaceBook and how there's drama going on in relation to anorexia and bulemia communities (or whatever they call them on those sites), though interestingly they didn't say "pro-". A little bit of speculation over whether they want these kind of communities on their sites or not, no big in depth opinion giving. I just thought it was interesting that it has happened around the same time as LJ; did someone drag the argument over there perhaps?

And THEN, the radio DJ was talking about some supposed new Japanese invention... Cookies. BUT! they are special cookies! For WOMEN! ...You eat these cookies, and they're supposed to make your breasts grow larger. Uhhuh.

So the DJ wants to see if this is a real invention, and whether any of the shops in Japan are marketing them yet, so he starts phoning up random Japanese numbers. "Moshi Moshi!" he says, and then he says the only other thing he knows in Japanese, the word escapes me unfortunately, but it means BIG BREASTS. The first woman has pretty good English, once she realises he is English and says "I think you have the wrong number," and hangs up. The next one, after he says "BIG BREASTS?" (in Japanese) replies, "Hai!". It was pretty hilarious but unfortunately we got no definitive answer on whether the cookies are available. A woman did phone up the radio station and offer to test them out if they do get hold of them though ;)

And now I need to finish off a certain little sprinkling of fic through email to erase some not so wonderful RP memories! And THEN I need to beta [livejournal.com profile] rikkai_exchange fic. I'm on it!


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