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Have done a lot of timelining for fic but no actual writing as of yet. Too difficult working on someone else's computer, no matter that the files are on googledocs XD

Doing a meme practically all so Noey can spam XD

1. Pick a character I've written about before, or know of well from canon.
2. I will ramble until there's no tomorrow about said character. (ESPECIALLY if I get a topic as direction).
3. If you'd like, throw a prompt at me, or pick a situation (trapped in an elevator, stuck in a burning building, in line at the grocery store, in the middle of a zombie apocalypse) and let the fun begin.

P.S - for Noey and Cyn: FIC WISHLIST! Let's use this post for ideas because I'm thinking Christmas gift fic would be fun to do since I'm not working and completely stressed out this year :D

P.P.S - Dude, that's another thing I was thinking; you know how some comms post a prompt a day? I figured between the three of us maybe we could take turns each day and the other two have to write something for it in the comments?

Or else I force you and Noey to get on DW more and watch fic_promptly because each day a theme is posted and you can choose fandom, character(s) and then prompt on the theme XD and we could try to fill one anothers :D

Nobody posts POT ones anymore you see :(

WIP Meme

Oct. 30th, 2010 07:21 pm
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Yoinked from [livejournal.com profile] evaporate!
Post a single sentence or more from each WIP you have, or from as many WIPs as you want. Provide no context/explanations.

Gokusen [1 WIP] )

Prince of Tennis: Tezuka/Fuji [8 WsIP/WIPs] )

Prince of Tennis: Other [4 WsIP/WIPs] )
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- hospital fic
- Peacemaker Kurogane episode 1 recap
- comparison of characters/recasting PMK with Rikkai characters
- first year Yukimura fic
- finish hooker!au finally
- Commentary for Abridged with the intent to write more for it.
- recap for ep49, post on DW
- recap for ep54, post on DW
- liveblog ep49 with Noey and Cyn (Kirihara's first appearance)
- liveblog eps 116-117 SP with Noey and Cyn (first lengthy Rikkai appearance)
- recap eps 116-117 SP, post on DW for discussion
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I forget sometimes how quiet it can get on LJ at the weekends XD I've been logged into my fic journal since sometime last night and I've come back to the check my flist here and there's only about five new posts. At least I wasn't missing anything!

Except the US Open Final line-up post - I opened it hoping to see Nadal's name and then just gaped when I didn't see Federer! I'm utterly a Nadal girl and would've been rooting for him, but I do so love to see them play one another. I'll never forget Wimbledon 2008. And I think it really would've proven something should Nadal have gotten to face Federer and than beaten him on the hardcourt. I don't dislike Djokovic; I don't anything him XD I just want Rafa to complete his Slam collection with a US Open. VAMOS RAFA. I want this to be his time.

So, fic-journal, I spent hours and hours and hours and HOURS (I eventually went to bed at 2:30am with more to do upon waking again) re-titling the posts. Why the hell did I do the numbered thing on a fic journal anyway? Being pretentious? I mean even I didn't know what the post was from the title! And I put a new layout up so I'd have the tags list on my layout; for my ease of access when I want to find stuff. I've also posted and backdated a bunch of things that were strewn across other journals and communities in an attempt to get everything centralized. I'm happy; I just wish I didn't have such a huge Prince of Tennis fic masterlist in a way because it's getting unwieldy and too much to look at. Although I realise it doesn't seem so much because some of it is locked to only me or only me and Cyn! (We have little universes we play in that nobody else would be interested in XD). I have posted lots this year though, I know it if nobody else does ;D

I also worked out a week or so ago what to use my Dreamwidth journal for; I've posted up a list of (Asian) dramas, animes and movies I've seen and am using it for liveblogging. Wang Qiu Wang Zi Season Two currently. And my allegiance is firmly with Li Hai Da (Rikkai) because I adore them, and it's going to be difficult to watch the end! (It's been hard enough already! XD). I love liveblogging; all the ridiculous instant reactions and capslocking I do is insane, but fun :D

I'm also working on a fic at the moment which is going to be the longest one-shot I've ever managed to finish (and I'm damn confident at this point that I am going to finish it!). It's over 15K right now, and that's a lot for me. That's probably twice what I've ever managed before now. So I'm proud of myself ...Even if it is a hooker!au XD

Almost only two weeks til holiday too! Wow I'm chirpy today ;)


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