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Can we say ruined attention span? I lasted four episode of Gokusen, five of Coffee Prince, and then I hopped on...

Was the opening always this long or am I just too impatient to watch this?

Aw, how much has Long Ma grown; once upon a time our Prince of Tennis wouldn't even pick up tennis balls and now he is agreeing to clean up the club room without so much as a grumble.

...I approve of Guo Guang's haircut, but what the HELL happened to Ji Bu Jing Wu. DID AN ANIMAL CRAWL UP AND DIE ON HIS HEAD?

Li Hai Da (Rikkai) appear dressed in black. It's sexy; I approve.

Ah, Coach Lin has changed. I did read somewhere to expect a few cast changes.

HAI TANG. Does he not know better than to put strange things in his mouth? Don't answer that.

And poor Ju Wan; he appears to be a little slow in the foreign language department. I FEEL YOU, JU WAN. I CAN'T CATCH A SINGLE WORD ANY OF YOU PEOPLE SAY WITHOUT SUBTITLES.

Guo Guang has a very cute hurt puppy look. And the team appears to have morphed into one giant organism that moves as one XD

I kind of like this scarily desperate Guo Guang; it's everything we didn't get to see from Tezuka because he was too busy being restrained and correct and proper. I know the characters aren't the same, but this is not anime and I'm afraid we just can't have the dinosaurs! I still like that they've chosen different directions to go while keeping the general story. And would I really be able to put up with the exact same lines and scenes over and over again anyway?

LOL JU WAN. Oh he's wonderful. Da Shi is so long-suffering in a loving way.

Man the captain gets around; Kyuushu in the manga, Germany in the anime, and America in this.

...I will NOT Ship Guo Guang/Long Ma. Will I? He is a LOT less annoying than Ryoma...

Have they changed Lin Ying too? That's sort of annoying. It's very jarring, and I suppose could be a reflection of each actress bringing something different to a character but it just feels like someone else completely after just a couple of lines. Although I never saw her speak to Guo Guang before so that might factor into it as being plain weird.

...That is an adorably cute sleeveless jumper Hai Tang is wearing.

And wasn't the sunrise Oishi's idea (in the anime)? This has become very Zhen Zhi/Guo Guang centric, huh? XD

Oh look, boyhugging. Let us rewind and appreciate that.

Oh, Ju Wan. "Da Shi! You are a pushover for me and luckily now you are the temporary captain so back me up here and let me do what I want!" ...Nope, sorry my friend.

Awww Da Shi is confiscating all Ju Wan's toys! He's such a good mommy.

Isn't the walk at the end of the credits kind of sad minus Guo Guang? :(


I have to go to the bank and sort out yet more stupid money crap (apparently HAVING money is a bigger issue than not having it XD), so I needed that pick-me-up this morning before we go. Perhaps episode 2 when I get home? ;)
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