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Time for an update!

I am totally deleting all the crap I just wrote about blah feelings. Let's talk about ANIME!

So, I just recently watched the first season of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Spoilers )

I did actually immediately start loading the second season after that, but I had watched episodes 9-13 in one evening and decided my heart couldn't take anymore wonderful right then. So I'll be getting back into it very soon XD

Also I needed to flail properly! Before I could go on this season had to get a moment of appreciation first! I think that's only fair!

I might even try and get back into proper flailposts when I watch things. Anime isn't the best medium for that because the episodes are pretty short, but it isn't impossible! And after falling utterly in love with Firefly (yeah I kind of regret not having flailposts for that but I was WAY TOO BUSY FLAILING TO WRITE DOWN WORDS) I will definitely be making a proper post when I watch the movie Serenity (hi Bhex 8D)

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My mind today is trying to insist there are so many things to be depressed about. I tried looking for something to watch that isn't mindless comedy with no meaning, and is at least heartfelt, and came up with nothing. Woe, I suck.

And it was only to erase THAT from my memory. NEVER WATCHING IT AGAIN. I cannot begin to go into the amount of things I hated about that ending. Nothing, not even some of my favourite things, made up for what was lost.

*stops typing about it anymore else head will explode*

I've bee eating too much crap again, too. BUT MY TUMMY HURTS so that's my excuse. And I wrote a little bit today so I am happy about that at least. Even if I'm also scared to finish watching Gokusen because that ALSO makes me cry my eyes out. And then I have to put up with ANOTHER ending, even if I can just watch it over.

Also, I'm scared to start something new because it might kick me in the ass like that did.

Stupid jdramas, and stupid SPORT!


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