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Previously! Part One

Uhhhh, if my maths is right, this one has 76 screencaps XD Also I got less witty this half, I apologize!


So I'm not actually halfway through yet, but Marv get up there right now! You need to take Gavan's whipping for him save Gavan!

They just split into two teams!

This is Team Moe, plus Marv!

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I am watching the Gokaiger vs. Gavan movie RAW. 'WARE SPOILERS. There are 71 screencaps in this half (which is why I decided to split it into two parts XD) Also the video is from youtube, the screencaps aren't quality. It has not dampened my personal enjoyment one bit 8D



You know how, sometimes, someone is using their mobirates to talk to someone else, who isn't also using their own? So I am thinking the Galleon must have speakers or some kind of amplification system, to broadcast what's being said over the mobirates?

Because, you know, that has potential.

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Part Two!
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I only watched it for Miura Ryosuke. I will not apologize. IT WAS GLORIOUS. BEYOND WORDS.

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It's a picspam okay. It totally counts.


Joe: /sends psychic thoughts. "Ahim, this is boring, let's go make out."

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I am almost positive all these caps are from episodes 1-4. I was trying to make icons for Mayuki (Sakai Ayana, who plays such a fierce badass - Midorikawa Ranko - in this XD), so I was focusing on screencapping her (looking only for images without subs), until I thought, "awww it's Mi-chan in Junior High!" (there even a moment early on where she lands badly on her ankle XD). And Matsumoto Rio is just very pretty and had to be included because there are so many awesome mixed feelings between all three of these girls XD There's nothing spoilery, just girls playing tennis and sharing heated, meaningful looks XD


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49 Days: The Kdrama where the Reaper Angel of Death SCHEDULER gets a bigger wardrobe than all the female other characters combined! AND HE'S NOT EVEN ALIVE.

My excuse for this picspam? Jung Il-Woo is gorgeous and I love his face. He pulls the BEST faces in this drama. And is a pretty, pretty Princess Reaper.

LOAD THIS PAGE IN STYLE:LIGHT if my layout is causing you problems seeing the images.


Outfit One: The Biker Outfit (Hot leather jacket and jeans, with some questionable accessories, like the cute green and purple socks *snigger*. And the beaded bracelets - we wore those back in junior school. I would never have pegged them for a Reaper-acessory XD Even the ridiculously oversized headphones [earphones are so much more practical when you're a Reaper on the go] add a little something. I want to say idiocy, but I actually like them ;) Overall I approve - tres hot!).

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You know how some people can't help themselves when it comes to spoilers and reviews and such? Yeah, I'm one of those... Sometimes! (There are no spoilers in my post, only screencaps. Reading the recaps linked to WILL tell you exactly what happens in the first two episodes).

I've been reading the recaps for 49 Days episodes 1 and 2, and I presume subs won't be out until the weekend is over, but I'm already geared up to watch this. I'm just using the Dramabeans reviewers (javabeans and girlfriday's) good first impressions as my excuse, since I tend to agree fairly often with their interpretation and feeling on a lot of dramas. But see, I could've followed Dream High based on that alone, and didn't.

Really it's Jung Il-Woo. I don't quite get it myself; he's one of these guys who I can see is handsome, who doesn't usually do it for me, and yet sometimes I look at pictures of him and I get all "BUT OMG HE IS *SO* HANDSOME" waaaay out of all normal proportion ;D

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*[All screencaps originally from dramabeans.com, I've just reuploaded to my own PB account to save their bandwidth.]
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(There are no spoilers, unless you didn't want to know what the male leads naked bodies looked like in advance..! But many images! And the drama was only available in low quality video files so these are the best I could do with the caps).

I swear this is the entire reason Zhi Chen is, if you look at this promotional poster, shoved up front and hinted at as the main character even though it's about all four of the brothers, and he's not even the oldest (as I had assumed he would be in the beginning because he was at the forefront of the poster!): because he was the one to step up and offer to do scene after scene after scene of naked shower (or public baths!) angst. The episodes this happens in are:

EPISODE ONE (minus the angst, actually.)

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I'm just sayin', that's a whole lot of naked for a 16 episode drama...

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-Subverted in perhaps the best way EVER; a son giving his drunken mother a piggyback ride home!

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(A warning: this is pretty long and FULL OF CAPS. I get so carried away by this drama, I have so much love for it :D)

So, this is Sujini:

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The first scenes nobody else has watched but me! This shall be interesting :D I've divided them with horizontal lines because there's three main scenes I wanted to share:

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For the record, this scene broke my heart and killed my soul. AND I SUSPECTED IT WAS COMING BUT IT DIDN'T HELP ONE IOTA.

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So, I had to do a picspam of when Li Hai Da first appeared, for Noey. Not that I minded; I just about peed myself with glee when it happened onscreen ;)

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Story of a Man
( aka A Man's Story or The Slingshot )

"Intense, thrilling, smartly woven together with great balance of light and dark. Hits on all three points of acting, directing, writing. Not only well-written, it’s actually FUN. (10 / 10)" Rating from DramaBeans.

Genre: Action, romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast period: 2009-Apr-06 to 2009-Jun-09
Theme: Give the World to You by Na Yoon-Kwon


You'll like this drama if you love:
- The classic battle of Good vs. Evil (especially when the good guys are a mix of con-men and former convicts, and don't even know who the real bad guys are).
- Dream Team scenarios (EVERY member of the Dream Team is loveable, even if purely for the comedic value they bring. Fail to fall in love with Kyung-Tae and I may just come to the conclusion that you have a heart of ice XD)
- HOT MEN. Sorry. But it's always a bonus, right? They're everywhere!
- Sidekick bodyguard assassins! There's only one, but it's better than none!
- Slash potential. There are women in this series, and they do have important roles, but the focus is on the male bonding.
- Strong women. Unfortunately I'm not talking women with guns, or deadly martial arts skills. I'm talking your more mundane (haha) independent women with the strength of their conviction, women who make hard decisions (because some of these men totally aren't able to), women who suffer and yet carry on. Women put into exceedingly difficult positions by various men in their lives who attempt to find ways out for themselves.
- Smart scheming. From both sides of the fence.
- A plot that keeps you guessing. Things don't stay the same, and nothing is straightforward.
- Drama with a sprinkling of comedy. Just because there's a serious battle afoot, doesn't mean you can't have a sense of humour!
- Ships of all shapes and sizes. Seriously, there is potential to ship almost anyone and everyone based on various kinds of interaction - het, slash and femmeslash.
...Also, if you loved Legend aka Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi (like me!) there are a couple of characters you're going to recognise XD This drama is written by the same screenwriter of Legend.

Main Characters: )

Descriptions of this drama on drama-archive and video websites don't do it justice. When I first read the description, I couldn't see anything hinting at where the plot was going and it sounded dull. It isn't a simple revenge themed drama. There are so many twists and turns, so many threads of plot intertwined. But at the heart of it is the Dream Team. Four different men who band together against the big, bad world. Watch it for the thrill, for the twists and turns, but definitely watch it for the characters. The characters are what make you fall in love with this show, even as the plot makes you grab for more, and the style and pacing keeps you in awe.

Like a few Korean dramas I've watched, the first episode didn't drag me in completely. There is a bit of time-shifting, which isn't confusing at the end, but while you're in the midst of it it can be a little trying. They don't stick with this at all. The show might jump between settings and characters, but that's like any show. The timeline is the same, but different things are happening all around.

Another thing I enjoyed was reading the episode reviews/write-ups on DramaBeans alongside watching it. Sometimes subtitles don't quite translate meaning effectively, and I've read explanations on DramaBeans that heightened my enjoyment and understanding of the show as I watched. You'll find every episode recap here, under Story of a Man.

Now to convince you further with a picspam! (Click on thumbnails for bigger pictures that open in a new window).



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