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Time for an update!

I am totally deleting all the crap I just wrote about blah feelings. Let's talk about ANIME!

So, I just recently watched the first season of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Spoilers )

I did actually immediately start loading the second season after that, but I had watched episodes 9-13 in one evening and decided my heart couldn't take anymore wonderful right then. So I'll be getting back into it very soon XD

Also I needed to flail properly! Before I could go on this season had to get a moment of appreciation first! I think that's only fair!

I might even try and get back into proper flailposts when I watch things. Anime isn't the best medium for that because the episodes are pretty short, but it isn't impossible! And after falling utterly in love with Firefly (yeah I kind of regret not having flailposts for that but I was WAY TOO BUSY FLAILING TO WRITE DOWN WORDS) I will definitely be making a proper post when I watch the movie Serenity (hi Bhex 8D)

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While watching Hawaii Five-0 1x02:

(Another Steve and Danny scene)

Mum: Is this supposed to be a gay thing?
Me: Why, are you feeling it?
Mum: Yeah; they fight like a married couple!
Me: It's called 'bromance'. (My mum has never heard of this term, but I figured anyone can infer what it probably means from the pronounciation XD)
Me: ...You know, like House and Wilson*
Mum: (sudden dawning of comprehension) OH!

*For the record, House and Wilson is so beyond bromance. I'm guessing Steve and Danny will soon too move beyond it but dudes I only saw the pilot and the second episode, give it time! ;)

Also the woman is so badass. She is so badass I was actually so captivated by her badass punching people and fending off knife attacks and rolling around on the floor wrestling that not once in the two episodes we watched did I pick up her name!
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Okay, I want to talk about Criminal Minds. Specifically, what could happen at the start of season five.

Therefore, cut for speculation and SPOILERS! )
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I watched both eps in one go today, because last Thursday I thought I'd just leave it til Sunday, and then I worked Sunday and didn't watch it, and then had today off instead of tomorrow so figured since it was Coffee Prince day anyway I could catch up!

Coffee Prince Episode 1 )

Coffee Prince Episode 2 )
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There are some changes about to happen at work because the owners are freaking out about losing sales to the 99p Store. And I stupidly agreed to work Sunday XD I don't know, I just feel like having more money couldn't be a bad thing - mum is talking about buying dad out because he has done everything to make sure the house won't sell, and once he's gone there won't be any issues with getting into the place or saying the neighbours are awful, or that they have a right of way through our garden (with locked gate) anytime.

But I have discovered a new TV show to watch, and I've dragged mum into it. I think it's called House of Tiny Tearaways or something similar. Parents with children who have difficult issues (like aversion to any food but yoghurt, or not being able to sleep unless mum is laying beside the bed). It's amazing to see how often it is the parents and their emotional problems being projected onto the child.

The "You Should Write..." Meme!
my thread here

[livejournal.com profile] anenko asked me to do this, but I may have done it anyway; I like the idea of it because it isn't the usual, "comment and I'll write you your prompt", but more vague. Maybe a fandom you'd like someone to get into and write for, or a genre to try their hand it. I'd be geekily sort of interested to see what people envision of me ;) It's hard to think about being creative these days, what with the work and house-selling limbo, but who knows - a good idea is a good idea!

...Like the Mei-chan/RPF crossover: Sho-chan's (Hot) Butler XD

I am also going to buy some high-powered batteries tomorrow, designed for my camera to discover if it is in fact my rechargable batteries getting too old and worn out, and NOT the camera. So I can take pictures of my pretty masquerade things that I bought from work last week.
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I'm really starting to enjoy watching Mock the Week (and going to bed later than I really should be because of it). My favourite part is the last game. Just now I got to hear "Unlikely first lines for the new Harry Potter book" (these are reruns, and I have no clue which book we were up to!), and all I could think was, "wow, I bet most of these are fanfic plots!"

And there was yesterday, a clip show that involved Frankie proclaiming he had discovered slash fiction, even one between himself and Hugh.

"Yay!" Hugh cried, throwing his arms up in the air.

"You're going to regret that," Frankie said, "because in this story you were the receiver."

"I'm just getting ready for you!" Hugh replied with a cheeky wink.

And also this episode I got to hear all about Ed's party when Dara got roaring drunk and tried to hail a cab which was actually a police car. Didn't hear that anyone else happened to be at this so-called 'party'...

AND also yesterday, some guy I have no clue who he is told Russel what SOFT SKIN HE HAD. I AM EASY. I SHIP EVERYONE XD


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