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I feel like I've got a lot to do over the next two days (my days off work this week), but it's probably not as bad as I'm imagining. So I'm going to make a list and get it all out of my head for now!

High Priority:
- Ironing (Thursday, get it done early so it can be forgotten about)
- Washing up (Both days, see above) (for the most part done, as of this moment XD)
- Pack up tablet (and the case I bought for it that I no longer need, too, might as well get that money back as well) (can do this Thursday night at the earliest, mum will bring a suitable box home from work I can use).
- Visit library to print out return label for amazon (library closed Thursday, open Friday 1-5pm)
- Visit post office to send tablet back (straight after library, ideally; get it over and done with). Sent case back, tablet being picked up by courier on Thursday.
- Go to hairdressers and arrange haircut for Monday, Thursday, or Friday next week if possible. (Friday while I'm already out, it's between the post office and home anyway). Appointment on Friday, 8:30am.

Lower Priority:
- Clean computer desk, it's a craphole. It's making me feel messy, and I keep knocking stuff over XD
- Test out new sewing machine to ensure it works (OR ELSE I'LL BE SENDING THAT BACK, TOO)

If at all possible at some point:
- FUN STUFF ;; or else I might go nuts. This week is STUPID :|


Today at work I ended up with a huge job to do when I thought I'd only have some minor ones this morning (I did those too!) and came home aching, and so tired. I am going to bed early again tonight, just like last night (it was before 9pm XD). Let's face the next two days well rested!

Mini To Do

Nov. 9th, 2010 02:43 pm
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To Do:

- Download more episodes of My Prince - rest of ep5, 13, 14.
- Make a list of books bought and not yet read (to-read)
- Sort out anything particularly wanted for Xmas (Tenimyu CDs/DVDs?)
- Get a secondary image hosting account, possibly another Photobucket
- Make a spam post for My Prince to lure Cyn in XD
- Liveblog each My Prince episode on DW
- Write for prompts on LJ post
- FINISH hookerfic
- Sort out prompting, to start December possibly? Possibly through fic_promptly.

...I'm sure there was more than this XD I suppose "try to write" is agiven. eta: Added the rest XD
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- hospital fic
- Peacemaker Kurogane episode 1 recap
- comparison of characters/recasting PMK with Rikkai characters
- first year Yukimura fic
- finish hooker!au finally
- Commentary for Abridged with the intent to write more for it.
- recap for ep49, post on DW
- recap for ep54, post on DW
- liveblog ep49 with Noey and Cyn (Kirihara's first appearance)
- liveblog eps 116-117 SP with Noey and Cyn (first lengthy Rikkai appearance)
- recap eps 116-117 SP, post on DW for discussion
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I designate tonight Christmas present wrapping night!

- Nan
- Grandad
- Jan
- Cyn
- Noey

And with any luck mum will be able to send off the ones for overseas tomorrow on her day off :D

You know where I'll be! (In a big pile of presents, gift wrap and selotape).
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Guys, I set up OpenID on Dreamwidth. I still don't think I need another journal, but this way I can still have access - Cyn was using her DW journal for things she wanted me to be able to see, while some people I think are just duplicating their LJ entries, which I can see anyway.

ANYWAY, if you want to give me reading access, go ahead! It's been a little while since everyone got their accounts and I only remember about three people's DW names (and that is just because they're the same/similar to DW or you know, a VNV Nation song XD).

Also, I did not realise at [livejournal.com profile] dorama_watch we'd get two episodes of My Boss, My Hero a week. NOW I HAVE TO CATCH UP ;) But it's perfect because Thursdays and Sundays are my days off anyway, even if I'm a little ahead of Americans because of timezones.

I did put two episodes of Long Love Letter on my ipod so I could continue watching it, but they corrupted while converting to ipod, and skip parts of the video but the subs keep playing over the wrong parts. So I had to watch both on mysoju instead. I ended up rewatching Ikebukuro West Gate Park at work because I couldn't watch LLL, and it happened to be on my ipod anyway, and I'm about six eps in so I have to finish that now, too.

Once I have, I am thinking seriously about watching Mei-chan no Shitsuji. And Coffee Prince. Even Hana-Kimi. (YES, I KNOW, I HAVE NOT WATCHED SOME VERY IMPORTANT DRAMAS XD)

Cyn is making me want to reread the Nightrunner books again, too. Which, according to my 2009 Reading List, I read at the end of April/beginning of May. So not that long ago! I'm reading the Kushiel books first. Probably only the original trilogy. I did enjoy the second trilogy, but it just isn't the same without Phedre as the narrator. I'm in the middle of the second book now, so by the time I read that and the third, perhaps the stuff I ordered on my birthday will be trickling in here.

I watched the first disc of my Dharma and Greg DVD yesterday. I FORGOT HOW INCREDIBLY DORKILY CUTE GREG WAS. Then contrast that with Thomas Gibson playing Hotch *_*

To do:

Jun. 11th, 2009 01:36 pm
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- Hoovering
- Email Gem back
- Write out father's day/birthday cards for Grandad and send
- Watch episode 1 of My Boss, My Hero for [livejournal.com profile] dorama_watch
- Finish and post up Gokusen ficbit on [livejournal.com profile] shutupanddoeet before Cyn makes the next prompt post either Friday or Saturday. done.
- Finish Moab is my Washpot.
- Actually do what I said and make use of a notebook and try to write anything, everyday because it is supposed to be helpful.

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To Do: (for today and tomorrow and onwards!)

- Finish Stalking Darkness
- Start The Earthsea Quartet (the next [two] Nightrunner books can wait, because only 1 and 2 have a particular plotline that follows on. And if I leave off, I might be able to have reread 4 just as 5 comes out!).
- Watch end of Criminal Minds 4.22 now that it's on YouTube (SSAUNSUB ROCKS!)
- Continue rewatching Prince of Tennis anime episodes and skipping the bratty Ryoma is amazing-wonderful-fucking-fantabulous-spectacular episodes.
- Aim to finish Mendol fic for [livejournal.com profile] springkink tomorrow, ready for June posting? (If so, then think about picking up the Gokusen girl!prompt and getting that done in time too).
- Update "fic list" on PBWikiWorks, and think about putting a version of it on [livejournal.com profile] fsop. (Which means taking out the links to the Hobb fic I no longer have thanks to GreatestJournal dying). [Yeah, I didn't do that bit yet].
- Think about lists in general. Mmmm, lists. (I think a J[K,TW, etc.]-drama fic directory would be nice. Some dramas have only 1 fic to their name, and if the author doesn't advertise you may never know about it!).
- Do more book reviewing/discussion. Myself and people on my friendslist frequently want book recs, maybe we need a proper place to talk about what we love and why. (Maybe Cyn and I should make better use of [livejournal.com profile] criticalreader.


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