Aug. 2nd, 2007 08:49 am
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Heh, about fifteen minutes ago the phone started ringing, and I'd only just decided to get out of bed so I didn't bother answering it (AS IF I WOULD ANYWAY; on my day off I steadfastly refuse to acknowledge the phone), but looking at the time, I reckon someone's called in sick or not turned up to work, since Julie left last week and Tara's mother was supposed to start today and try so maybe she realised she's a big woman and won't handle it (it's a hard job and we've had repeated proof that bigger girls can't handle up and down the stairs all day and that it's a waste of time to everyone involved). But heh, I don't want to go on, and I don't HAVE to go in. I don't want the money that bad, and I just want my bloody days off.

Jan only have five girls on Sunday (you need at a minimum six really) and didn't call us because she thought we'd be going carbooting (WELL IT HAS BEEN AGES). But the day got nicer as it went on, so in the morning when we WOULD have gone, it looked drizzly and we didn't. Still, SCORE.

I don't need the money that bad, it's not like I want to move out tomorrow. Hahaha unlike two of the girls at work who are moving out of their parent's houses and in together. It won't last two seconds. None of my business anyway ;)

I read this book yesterday that our neighbour Lorraine offered amongst a pile; Don't Tell Mummy by Toni Maguire. Just like a lot of fic I've recently read, the ending fell completely flat.

It's awful to be able to understand that, and yet, MY endings suck quite frequently too, when I rush them with a sudden idea and it becomes disjointed, or I just make it up as I go along, or whatever. I also hate coming full circle sometimes, because I feel like I have no other style of writing, and that if the first and last lines are so similar, why bother with everything between?

Anyway, speaking of reading, Cyn finished The Time Traveler's Wife, hehe :D My mum, however, I think has abandoned it and tried to get me to explain the ending, a conversation which ended with the feeble, "well, you'd have to really read it to understand".

A couple of Christmas fic exchanges are having sign-ups already; does that mean Yuletide is due soon? I want AWN fic, and lots of Fool backstory I don't trust anyone to write!


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