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I am going nuts here trying to remember a certain game I played on the internet. It was played on a cube, you had matching coloured squares (Not a Rubiks cube!), just two in random positions, and you had to draw a trail matching up the two squares without going through any other trails. The amount of colours, and dead-ends would increase as the difficulty went up.

I even went through [livejournal.com profile] truntles old Saturday Spams™ hoping I might even find the site it was from, but woe is me, no.

I get addicted to stupid internet games too easily. Like Wheel of Fortune, once. And there was a word game on MSN games. And Proximity, and that one with the circles (bubbles?) you expanded as much as you could without letting the little balls bounce into them and pop them.

So, basically, I fail. I also spent a sad amount of time trying to beat the latest level on my Mahjong Quest game today. I must've tried about 12 times! BUT I DID IT IN THE END. I am worried I will complete my DS games too soon though; I got it as a birthday present, and it isn't even my birthday yet XD So I will look into getting some other games to keep me occupied!

[livejournal.com profile] giving_ground - you were in my dream not last night but the night before! I think my mum and I were in Colchester, but not a part I recognise. I just knew - as you do in dreams - that that's where we were. Also, I think my mum and I stole a car in the dream :x Neither of us even DRIVES.

Am currently rewatching Peacemaker Kurogane. Hijikata/Okita <3! And rereading Kushiel's Dart. I love this book, the writing is beautiful.

Can't wait really; new Jacqueline Carey books, new Robin Hobb book, new Nightrunner book! It might take til September for them to all be out, but I can keep occupied inbetween ;)

Mum apparently bought me 'lots' of birthday presents today, and then spent all evening asking if she could just show me "one, just one! One you'd really, really like! It's only a little one!" She's terrible.

I figured out a nice, safe birthday present the girls at work could get me that wouldn't be too boring for them to bother (a book or dvd or ds game), but of course, our New Look doesn't have them. Not quite Irregular Choice, but the birthday collections generally amount to about £30 overall so I had my limits ;D


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