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Time for an update!

I am totally deleting all the crap I just wrote about blah feelings. Let's talk about ANIME!

So, I just recently watched the first season of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Spoilers )

I did actually immediately start loading the second season after that, but I had watched episodes 9-13 in one evening and decided my heart couldn't take anymore wonderful right then. So I'll be getting back into it very soon XD

Also I needed to flail properly! Before I could go on this season had to get a moment of appreciation first! I think that's only fair!

I might even try and get back into proper flailposts when I watch things. Anime isn't the best medium for that because the episodes are pretty short, but it isn't impossible! And after falling utterly in love with Firefly (yeah I kind of regret not having flailposts for that but I was WAY TOO BUSY FLAILING TO WRITE DOWN WORDS) I will definitely be making a proper post when I watch the movie Serenity (hi Bhex 8D)

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I have two words to begin this post with.


Now, let's discuss that: )

I also have suggestions for the next photobook, because these things are important and should be thought about properly.
- Cop (Think the Etude outfit but with a shoulder holster, brandishing a gun, probably some blood *_*)
- At the Beach/Learning to Surf (if you already know how, Massu, I seriously don't care, PRETEND OTHERWISE. We want half-naked, wet and drippy dorkiness with lots of falling off the board and laughing about it. The ONE problem with this photobook is not enough smiling! Also, not enough long hair, UNF.).
- Samurai/Shinsengumi officer just go push Hamao out of PMK already omfg
- Motobike. Just get in denim and leather and get on a fricking motobike and let me die happy. The end <3

In other news (yes there is other news, reluctantly XD), tomorrow mum and I have a day off together for the first time since my birthday (which does not count because we spent the day with my grandparents too who did their best to bitch and moan about everything they felt like. We both love them, but SERIOUSLY. HARD. WORK. I love them, I love them /repeat). So tomorrow we are going to be living in the cinema! Mum wants to see the new POTC film, I want to see the new X-Men, so it's a trade ;) And we'll have a nice meal out too probably :)

We don't have Sky TV anymore, we have this BT Vision thing wherein they buy/rent/whatever seasons of TV shows and documentaries and stuff and you can watch them anytime. So I may have been mainlining seasons 2-4 of How I Met Your Mother (no they did not have season one! But I saw an episode while in Australia and it was you know, FUNNY, so I gave it a try nonetheless). I think Barney Stinson is my not-so-twin. We both go around talking about how AWESOME we are all the time <3333

This post would not be relevant without an oniikuma:

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I just LOVE following shows as they're airing - sure, you have the potential to be completely disappointed from episode to episode because there's no-one who has seen it previously to tell you how it pans out overall, but MY EXCITEMENT AND ANTICIPATION LEVELS ARE INSANE.

I follow Dramabeans by RSS feed, so I always see a snippet of each post even if I don't click on the link to read the whole thing. And once Wednesday night rolls around now, every Thursday morning there's a 49 Days recap I can't read unless I want to ruin the entire episode for myself. Repeat for Thursday night/Friday morning. But browsing through to get to other posts that may have gone up I still see the preview part of the post (always non-spoilery, just a screencap from the episode and an overall comment on how the series is going). But see today This is only spoilery to me, really )

Yes, so I am speculating on the littlest, dumbest of things because I find waiting from Thursday when the first of the raws are out, til Sunday when both are generally subbed, so difficult. (TOO MUCH "EEEEEEEE!").

But I am not going to whine like so many people :x "Where are the subs? Why aren't they out yet?" UHM BECAUSE THESE PEOPLE DO IT FOR FUN, NOT PROFIT. IT'S A HOBBY, AND THEY DON'T ACTUALLY HAVE TO DO IT AT ALL.

It annoys me so much when I see all of that. I can't stand to wait because I'm so EXCITED, but I would never blame that on anyone, except on my own damn impatience XD

I will distract myself all day with more of The Return of Iljimae. There's an upside to watching older dramas, too - mainlining them without any restriction :D


In other news, MOTHERS. I just spent half an hour looking for a song for her from Glee that DOESN'T EVEN EXIST. It was a performance to the song, not a cover of the song!
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I spent HOURS today doing this (and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it), but because it took time I am just forcing everyone on my flist to look. Well, not at all actually. You just don't click the link. But if you want to it's there ;)


49 Days: The Kdrama where the Reaper Angel of Death SCHEDULER gets a bigger wardrobe than all the female other characters combined! AND HE'S NOT EVEN ALIVE.

My excuse for this picspam? Jung Il-Woo is gorgeous and I love his face. He pulls the BEST faces in this drama. And is a pretty, pretty Princess Reaper.

Outfit One: The Biker Outfit (Hot leather jacket and jeans, with some questionable accessories, like the cute green and purple socks *snigger*. And the beaded bracelets - we wore those back in junior school. I would never have pegged them for a Reaper-acessory XD Even the ridiculously oversized headphones [earphones are so much more practical when you're a Reaper on the go] add a little something. I want to say idiocy, but I actually like them ;) Overall I approve - tres hot!).


(Forgive me if the image size does anything funky to your friendspages.)
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Dear SNSD, never stop being so flawlessly beautiful.

Dear Massu, never stop being such a DORK. And keep updating your blog five days out of seven - all this new work you're getting, I love it! Go for the big time! <3 xD (Also, PHOTOBOOK: I WANT IT NOW).

Dear Ohno, never stop being a stoner YOURSELF

Dear Kubota Yuki, you are one hot bitch. (And Kei, you're cute too *ruffles hair*)

Dear fic-promptly peoples, post some prompts in fandoms I could feasibly write! For example: Prince of Tennis, Gokusen, Mei-chan no Shitsuji, Coffee Prince, Arashi, Peacemaker Kurogane, Wang Qiu Wang Zi? Oh, I don't know; you're all supposed to be psychic! xD


I was also listing down things that need picspamming in general, like dilantancy with Jun getting stuck, and Aiba slipping over, and all the distressed faces. Or the two-person-two-legged races because Sho and Nino discuss how it feels to be back-to-back butt-to-butt. Or when Hoshino Aki teaches Arashi how to pose for photos so that when you're undoing your pants you're pushing your breasts together and highlighting them (because Arashi should totally be doing that all the time!)

Dear tumblr, I love you, and I am watching with stars in my eyes as practically everyone I know on LJ who loves Arashi slowly become merged into a big mass of reblogging adoration thanks to you <3333


So, mum suggested that we go out early today and spend the whole day out (shopping, and coincidentally looking out for job vacancies for me). Considering I am still in my pjs and she is on the phone to her mum I have no idea what "early" meant, or when we'll actually go shopping xD
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So apparently I can write over a thousand words an hour for nine hours straight.

Yes, I just spent 9pm til 6am writing a total of 11,390 words of fic. Cannot sleep now, we are far faaaaaar beyond sleep now.

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I forget sometimes how quiet it can get on LJ at the weekends XD I've been logged into my fic journal since sometime last night and I've come back to the check my flist here and there's only about five new posts. At least I wasn't missing anything!

Except the US Open Final line-up post - I opened it hoping to see Nadal's name and then just gaped when I didn't see Federer! I'm utterly a Nadal girl and would've been rooting for him, but I do so love to see them play one another. I'll never forget Wimbledon 2008. And I think it really would've proven something should Nadal have gotten to face Federer and than beaten him on the hardcourt. I don't dislike Djokovic; I don't anything him XD I just want Rafa to complete his Slam collection with a US Open. VAMOS RAFA. I want this to be his time.

So, fic-journal, I spent hours and hours and hours and HOURS (I eventually went to bed at 2:30am with more to do upon waking again) re-titling the posts. Why the hell did I do the numbered thing on a fic journal anyway? Being pretentious? I mean even I didn't know what the post was from the title! And I put a new layout up so I'd have the tags list on my layout; for my ease of access when I want to find stuff. I've also posted and backdated a bunch of things that were strewn across other journals and communities in an attempt to get everything centralized. I'm happy; I just wish I didn't have such a huge Prince of Tennis fic masterlist in a way because it's getting unwieldy and too much to look at. Although I realise it doesn't seem so much because some of it is locked to only me or only me and Cyn! (We have little universes we play in that nobody else would be interested in XD). I have posted lots this year though, I know it if nobody else does ;D

I also worked out a week or so ago what to use my Dreamwidth journal for; I've posted up a list of (Asian) dramas, animes and movies I've seen and am using it for liveblogging. Wang Qiu Wang Zi Season Two currently. And my allegiance is firmly with Li Hai Da (Rikkai) because I adore them, and it's going to be difficult to watch the end! (It's been hard enough already! XD). I love liveblogging; all the ridiculous instant reactions and capslocking I do is insane, but fun :D

I'm also working on a fic at the moment which is going to be the longest one-shot I've ever managed to finish (and I'm damn confident at this point that I am going to finish it!). It's over 15K right now, and that's a lot for me. That's probably twice what I've ever managed before now. So I'm proud of myself ...Even if it is a hooker!au XD

Almost only two weeks til holiday too! Wow I'm chirpy today ;)
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Nothing else matters now. The other parcel is headed to my grandparents sometime today, I planned to watch the last two eps of Long Love Letter (was in the middle of it when this turned up) but now ALL I AM GOING TO DO IS GO READ MY BOOK! <3

I have to admit though, the cover sucks. I have all the Farseer, Liveship and Tawny Man Trilogies with John Howes artwork on them, which I like. Then they republished all of them with these boring, new covers. Which Dragon Keeper also has. Just one blue dragon in the centre of a gold cover. (Right up until it was released, amazon had no cover art pictured, so I didn't know how it would look). Bleh, ugly book.

But that's superficial. Bottom line; BOOOOOOOOOK! BOOK!



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