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Guys, I have a secret to share! :x

I AM ADDICTED TO PLAYING POKEMON ON THE DS. I apologize if I have lost anyone's respect XD

I can't help it. When the Red and Blue games came out when I was a kid, I didn't have a Gameboy. My spoilt brat cousin Ryan did though, but he'd only let me play for so long before he claimed HIS gameboy back again. (And I mean maybe half an hour!). So I never got very far. Over the past couple of years I've discovered some wonderful things, like GameBOING which let me play DRAGON'S REVENGE and DRAGON'S FURY again! Oh Sega Megadrive, you were the best console of my life.

And then I discovered you could play the old Pokemon games online too! So I started getting addicted again a few months ago. I'd only play for a little at a time, and being unable to save the game meant I had to keep starting over, but it helped with the obsession, for a while.

Then I got my ds, and then they brought out Diamond and Pearl versions, and here we are 40-something hours of gameplay later ;) Pearl was one of the things I treated myself to for my birthday.

AND I HAVE BEEN KEEPING THIS SECRET, BUT NO MORE! I felt I had t explain why I wasn't being productive in any other way ;) Well, except I've picked up a Taiwnese drama The Rose to watch, full of gay, incest and gay incest! And have been having wildly varied dreams in which I often have a sibling or many siblings! I've had nothing but vivid, freaky dreams this week, and I've been really tired and sometimes cranky because of them.

I dreamt I was the daughter of a guy who was leading a revolution or something. And felt compelled to follow in his footsteps even though I hadn't known for the first however many years of my life I was even adopted ;)

Talk about crazy.


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