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Seems like on LJ National Coming Out Day became National State of My Sexuality Day. Though I suppose the excuse for that is that online you don't have to hide who you are so much, especially not when involved in fandom (and a large percentage involved in gay and lesbian fiction anyway, not that it is to be assumed everyone is gay therefore, but are open to it at least!) It is sort of interesting to have suspicions about people confirmed though, or to see how they perceive themselves.

How about you? ;)

Also, seems as though we should be getting a substantial pay-rise at work, since the minimum wage has gone up twice for the girls in the past year I believe, but they haven't been able to up our (management) wages accordingly because of business all over not doing so wonderfully (oh England, so full of idiots so willing to get into huge vast stupid amounts of debt). But now that mum and I, as assistant managers, currently only make 33p an hour more than the (throughly clueless) girls, we (and Jan) had to have a say about it. And so to make up for the lack of two payrises, we should get a decent bump up this time, yay :D

Last night our neighbour's cat decided to sleep on my bed since I'd actually been nice to him (it's a dangerous thing). So he decided that made it okay to wake me up every time during the night he decided he wanted some attention and affection. Waking me by pawing my face and biting my nose, biting my hands if I put up a hand against him or tried to push him away, hissing and attacking me. Abotu five times he woke me up, so I was totally knackered in the morning and completely pissed off. You just see him TRY and do it again another time.

Poor pretty boy finally lost tonight, but not before getting a 2-0 lead to begin with. Le sigh ;)


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