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I... am working tomorrow. *headdesk*

There just isn't enough staff on a Sunday right now. BUT I WAS GOING TO TRY AND START COFFEE PRINCE!

I had this strange sense of crazed calm come over me at work today. I started thinking what if I just did exactly as I pleased regardless of if when I was rude to the girls who have no respect for me I'd get into a fight. I felt a little bit wild for a while, but I was shut up inside the office, and luckily it passed. I also made a list of pros and cons to stepping down from management. There were a lot more cons than pros, along the lines of "less money" (which I will really need in the future), and "will end up doing the same work anyway because I know the procedures/how to order/codes for alarms and doors/reps from various companies".

Hell if I can even think about writing, either.

Mum wanted Scrabble for the ds, and then went on a bit of a squee over various other games available (she is still learning that you can get practically EVERYTHING on the internet). So I said if she has a couple of games to play on mine and finds it's something she wants to do often, I'll buy her a ds for Christmas.

Of course, she wants one with a camera to muck about with like they do in the adverts on TV, which she'll never actually use *eyeroll*. But she's not impressed that they don't come in different colours. She likes the idea of red or green, since I have the turquoise already.

At least there's a few months yet for her to make up her mind!
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Guys, I have a secret to share! :x

I AM ADDICTED TO PLAYING POKEMON ON THE DS. I apologize if I have lost anyone's respect XD

I can't help it. When the Red and Blue games came out when I was a kid, I didn't have a Gameboy. My spoilt brat cousin Ryan did though, but he'd only let me play for so long before he claimed HIS gameboy back again. (And I mean maybe half an hour!). So I never got very far. Over the past couple of years I've discovered some wonderful things, like GameBOING which let me play DRAGON'S REVENGE and DRAGON'S FURY again! Oh Sega Megadrive, you were the best console of my life.

And then I discovered you could play the old Pokemon games online too! So I started getting addicted again a few months ago. I'd only play for a little at a time, and being unable to save the game meant I had to keep starting over, but it helped with the obsession, for a while.

Then I got my ds, and then they brought out Diamond and Pearl versions, and here we are 40-something hours of gameplay later ;) Pearl was one of the things I treated myself to for my birthday.

AND I HAVE BEEN KEEPING THIS SECRET, BUT NO MORE! I felt I had t explain why I wasn't being productive in any other way ;) Well, except I've picked up a Taiwnese drama The Rose to watch, full of gay, incest and gay incest! And have been having wildly varied dreams in which I often have a sibling or many siblings! I've had nothing but vivid, freaky dreams this week, and I've been really tired and sometimes cranky because of them.

I dreamt I was the daughter of a guy who was leading a revolution or something. And felt compelled to follow in his footsteps even though I hadn't known for the first however many years of my life I was even adopted ;)

Talk about crazy.
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I am going nuts here trying to remember a certain game I played on the internet. It was played on a cube, you had matching coloured squares (Not a Rubiks cube!), just two in random positions, and you had to draw a trail matching up the two squares without going through any other trails. The amount of colours, and dead-ends would increase as the difficulty went up.

I even went through [livejournal.com profile] truntles old Saturday Spams™ hoping I might even find the site it was from, but woe is me, no.

I get addicted to stupid internet games too easily. Like Wheel of Fortune, once. And there was a word game on MSN games. And Proximity, and that one with the circles (bubbles?) you expanded as much as you could without letting the little balls bounce into them and pop them.

So, basically, I fail. I also spent a sad amount of time trying to beat the latest level on my Mahjong Quest game today. I must've tried about 12 times! BUT I DID IT IN THE END. I am worried I will complete my DS games too soon though; I got it as a birthday present, and it isn't even my birthday yet XD So I will look into getting some other games to keep me occupied!

[livejournal.com profile] giving_ground - you were in my dream not last night but the night before! I think my mum and I were in Colchester, but not a part I recognise. I just knew - as you do in dreams - that that's where we were. Also, I think my mum and I stole a car in the dream :x Neither of us even DRIVES.

Am currently rewatching Peacemaker Kurogane. Hijikata/Okita <3! And rereading Kushiel's Dart. I love this book, the writing is beautiful.

Can't wait really; new Jacqueline Carey books, new Robin Hobb book, new Nightrunner book! It might take til September for them to all be out, but I can keep occupied inbetween ;)

Mum apparently bought me 'lots' of birthday presents today, and then spent all evening asking if she could just show me "one, just one! One you'd really, really like! It's only a little one!" She's terrible.

I figured out a nice, safe birthday present the girls at work could get me that wouldn't be too boring for them to bother (a book or dvd or ds game), but of course, our New Look doesn't have them. Not quite Irregular Choice, but the birthday collections generally amount to about £30 overall so I had my limits ;D
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me: At this very moment I am researching Nintendo DS to see if I might want it as a birthday present. Else I have no idea what to ask for. Except a big pile of books XD
me: ...I do want one?
Are you telling me so? XD

- I ordered myself a pretty blue one, and a few games to go with. The problem now is keeping away from it another four weeks until my birthday. Maybe I'll just order myself some more books to keep me distracted XD

- I've managed to fuck up my computer screen colours; everything is tinged yellow now. I have no idea how I did it, it just turned on this way! :( I fiddled with the screen's colour settings and everything but it won't go back to the right colour. Maybe when I turn it off and turn it back on again tomorrow it will magically right itself? I love when the computer does that.

- I've swapped from watching (mostly Arashi TV shows) on my ipod through my lunch break at work to reading on my lunch break again. It's really nice.

- I am considering the idea of pimping Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi through the power of picspams. Good old [livejournal.com profile] brokemycaps XD Cyn, want to help with that? You can spam all the kickass girls! I'll spam Philip Lee

- I was petty at work today. Jan had to leave early for a doctor's appointment, and as soon I was left in charge two of the girls (I say girls but one is in her late thirties), started playing up and answering me back. So I made sure we were all late going home. Yeah I'm the last to leave but it makes me happy to make them unhappy ;) No-one complained though! Not a peep. That might be because I was on the phone, caught them all standing at the entrance gawping at something, and yelled "WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING STANDING THERE? GO AND TIDY NOW!" (there may have been a please involved, I forget. I hope not, I'm in charge, they do as told). Hopefully that freaked out Alan too (who was on the phone). He's a bastard, it'll do me good to have him scared of me.

[eta:] OMG, I forgot to add! ONLY TWO RACQUET STRINGS?! LOL Yes I am looking at the new manga now and then. I am a curious person by nature!


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