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You might, if you've been following my journal for a while, have seen me mention Noey (aka [personal profile] thelittleone). Or possibly seen her commentspamming me ;) Many of you are friends with both of us, but some of you aren't, so you may not know that Noey is a singer-songwriter.

I'll come back to that in one second!

It isn't the 18th here yet, but it is in your timezone, and I think that definitely counts, so

Happy birthday Noey! <3

In a reverse of the usual tradition, I'd like to share a gift from Noey with all of you. She released this double A-side single on Monday, and I'm really pleased to be able to share it via my journal, all thanks to the bandcamp website and their nifty HTML code.

I'll shut up now and let the music speak for itself, I think it works best that way :D

(You'll also be able to check out a lot more music, both originals and cover songs, at her tumblr.)


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I accomplished watching the last three episodes of My Prince today. Boy, is there ever fic potential there, you could just about work with anyone after the ending and continue following them, or just write me some Wei Wei/Han Fei in an unhappy marriage alternate future fic because I am still so lacking that XD I plan on rewatching before attempting any because I watched it in such a staggered way I don't think I could keep anything consistent.

IOW Festival Main Stage line-up for next year. And Big Top Line Up, because in the local paper today it said the Manics are appearing. THE MANICS WILL BE ON THE SAME TINY ISLAND AS ME FOR AT LEAST A DAY. EXCITEMENT!

It's from 10th-12th June, and one of those days happens to be my birthday. Unfortunately, wading around in mud amongst huge crowds of noisy, drunken people, and probably being unable to see anything anyway is not my idea of a good way to spend my birthday, or else I might consider going. BECAUSE NICKY WIRE <3
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OHMYGOD XIAO BO, DON'T GO! I haven't finished episode three yet but I couldn't continue without a good wail about that.

Also, suffer like me. I have suffered alone for TOO LONG.

These two songs have completely taken over my brain lately. I'm DOOMED. DOOOOOOOOOMED.
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Read Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey today. started and finished it all in one day XD Should've realised there would be girl-on-girl in it; it's Jacqueline Carey! She never disappoints with multiple sexualities featured in her books, though male/male ones are most often the least overt.

I am addicted to some cheesy K-Pop. Mostly for the hot girls. Very minorly for the insanely catchy music, but mostly I'm in it for the butt-shaking XD And there's nearly always at least one girl per group I would do in a heartbeat.

I'm full of wholesome opinions here ;) I'm just annoyed with my RealPlayer downloader playing up and not letting me download some videos from Youtube. I want Yoon Eun Hye on my ipod!

I think I'd better be off to bed relatively early tonight; I'm not sure yet if mum is going to come with me tomorrow to meet Nat and go shopping for more jewellery making bits because she "HAS A COLD!" which she has been whining about every chance she gets. I'm sure I'm going to catch it now. So yes she thinks she may spend all of tomorrow in bed. We'll see.

I found my girl!Atobe in a Girls' Generation video. And girl!Fuji but I have yet to pick out any of the others, woe.


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