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1. MY DRAMA RATINGS (for the most part done, but still kind of a WIP).

2. Am debating whether to move my icon posts onto DW - do I really need another DW journal? Can I rely on LJ to host those posts? Does any of it matter? I'm hardly followed for my iconing skills XD

3. In the process of browsing tumblr I came across one that encourages picspam challenges: Themed Party. So I was trying to think of ideas for picspams I could do for my Dorama DW. So I collected up all the challenges from there and from [livejournal.com profile] picspammy: Under the cut! )

As well as all the [livejournal.com profile] drama_hunt tags/themes I keep hold of for future picspamming purposes.

Input on this would be cool though - can anyone think of a challenge or theme I could picspam anime/drama-wise? Anything you'd like to see me do? :D My most favourites are The Legend, Story of a Man, and Coffee Prince (although I assume that's been picspammed more than anything else), Prince of Tennis, Peacemaker Kurogane, K-On!, but I would also enjoy going back over Wang Qiu Wang Zi, My Prince (although the video files were never great quality even before they were subbed), Gokusen, 49 Days... Most anything I've watched, really. Here is a comprehensive list of what I've watched/partially watched.

4. I removed a bunch of comms/people from my flist, but really it's only communities I no longer wish to follow, and people who weren't following me or hadn't updated for at least two years.

5. There is a DW community called Arashi Fashion. Life is complete.
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I just LOVE following shows as they're airing - sure, you have the potential to be completely disappointed from episode to episode because there's no-one who has seen it previously to tell you how it pans out overall, but MY EXCITEMENT AND ANTICIPATION LEVELS ARE INSANE.

I follow Dramabeans by RSS feed, so I always see a snippet of each post even if I don't click on the link to read the whole thing. And once Wednesday night rolls around now, every Thursday morning there's a 49 Days recap I can't read unless I want to ruin the entire episode for myself. Repeat for Thursday night/Friday morning. But browsing through to get to other posts that may have gone up I still see the preview part of the post (always non-spoilery, just a screencap from the episode and an overall comment on how the series is going). But see today This is only spoilery to me, really )

Yes, so I am speculating on the littlest, dumbest of things because I find waiting from Thursday when the first of the raws are out, til Sunday when both are generally subbed, so difficult. (TOO MUCH "EEEEEEEE!").

But I am not going to whine like so many people :x "Where are the subs? Why aren't they out yet?" UHM BECAUSE THESE PEOPLE DO IT FOR FUN, NOT PROFIT. IT'S A HOBBY, AND THEY DON'T ACTUALLY HAVE TO DO IT AT ALL.

It annoys me so much when I see all of that. I can't stand to wait because I'm so EXCITED, but I would never blame that on anyone, except on my own damn impatience XD

I will distract myself all day with more of The Return of Iljimae. There's an upside to watching older dramas, too - mainlining them without any restriction :D


In other news, MOTHERS. I just spent half an hour looking for a song for her from Glee that DOESN'T EVEN EXIST. It was a performance to the song, not a cover of the song!
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I spent HOURS today doing this (and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it), but because it took time I am just forcing everyone on my flist to look. Well, not at all actually. You just don't click the link. But if you want to it's there ;)


49 Days: The Kdrama where the Reaper Angel of Death SCHEDULER gets a bigger wardrobe than all the female other characters combined! AND HE'S NOT EVEN ALIVE.

My excuse for this picspam? Jung Il-Woo is gorgeous and I love his face. He pulls the BEST faces in this drama. And is a pretty, pretty Princess Reaper.

Outfit One: The Biker Outfit (Hot leather jacket and jeans, with some questionable accessories, like the cute green and purple socks *snigger*. And the beaded bracelets - we wore those back in junior school. I would never have pegged them for a Reaper-acessory XD Even the ridiculously oversized headphones [earphones are so much more practical when you're a Reaper on the go] add a little something. I want to say idiocy, but I actually like them ;) Overall I approve - tres hot!).


(Forgive me if the image size does anything funky to your friendspages.)
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Does anyone have a post or know of other people's posts about their "Top Ten Dramas"? (Or it might be top five/twenty/J-Dramas/K-Dramas... you get my point)

I was browsing idly, as I do, and saw someone make an idle listing. Since right now I'm watching Joseon X-Files [aka Special Investigation Record] which doesn't lend itself to the liveblogging so much I've been thinking about other ways to keep updating my drama-centric DW account, in case other things I watch end up this way, because I don't want the journal to just go dead at those times.

As one option, I went back to [livejournal.com profile] drama_hunt to check out the tags and see which of my favourite dramas I could picspam for, and I've done two of those so far:

Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi (The Legend) - Various Episodes: Sujini + alcohol = OTP!

My Prince - Episode 3: Piggyback Ride of Love!

But I thought a Top Ten Favourite Dramas post might also be fun, or one that rates everything you've watched; I find those kind of things really interesting when considering what to watch next. And of course we all like different things for different reasons. I did try to keep a rating system in a document once, up to five stars sort of thing, but I'm sure I deleted it because I am silly.

So I'd kind of like to compile a few and see what other people have done and how they've formatted them - I definitely like the way they do it on the Dramabeans website, giving a rating for quality as well as personal enjoyment (there are things I enjoyed 100% but know they are not a good example of quality XD), but since that is a collection of everything they've ever watched it's obviously done with the intent to be short but informative enough for people browsing. It's not much use to me since I've watched a lot less dramas, and couldn't call myself an authority on them so I'd need to explain myself a lot more!

So, do you have a listing? Or know someone who does? I am going to go on my own travels and search but if you have any to share, please do! Thank you, you drama crazy people <3

[P.s - this seems like a silly thing to note, but how else would anyone know? I've been posting under friendslock more often these days - paranoia or something! - but if there was anyone who happened to follow me who can't see those entires, and wanted on the friendslist, by all means let me know! ...Not that I am assuming, I'm just pointing it out before I forget again :D]

eta; (From Top Tens to general ratings to lists, here's some of what I've come across so far!)
Dramabeans Ratings [javabeans, girlfriday]
Rainscene Drama Pimps [darkeyedwolf.livejournal.com]
Ultimate Top 10 Dramas [dangermousie.livejournal.com]
Top Ten Doramas [meganbmoore.livejournal.com]
Favourite Dramas (90's era mainly) [kyuuketsukirui.livejournal.com]
Korean dramas ratings list [alexandral.livejournal.com]
Dramas Watched (with ratings) [calixa.livejournal.com]
KDrama Ratings [singing-tree.livejournal.com]
Drama Lists (with ratings) [topazera.livejournal.com]
JDrama List (with ratings, and a top ten) [ohmyghost.livejournal.com]
Taiwan/China Drama Rec's [walkwithheroes.livejournal.com]
Drama List (with ratings) [cranberrysheep.livejournal.com] *(I like this formatting especially)
Top 15 Dramas [ambergold.livejournal.com]
10 Best Dramas I've Ever Seen [ambergold.livejournal.com]
Guide To Asian Dramas (ratings) [sailorgaia.livejournal.com]

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Dear [livejournal.com profile] anenko,
So far you are basically the only person who has put down any porn battle prompts for fandoms I could feasibly write in. And I've been trawling the pages on both LJ and DW! You ROCK.

I wasn't going to think up any prompts because I don't like to do it when I've usually got no intention of writing, and think that possibly other people won't write for them anyway (so they are just wasted space), but then I thought why not? It's seriously easy once you get started, and I'm not much of a one-word-prompt person :D

Here are the prompts I put down: Gokusen, Peacemaker Kurogane, Prince of Tennis, Mary Stayed Out All Night and You're Beautiful )

And somebody else put down some Jennifer Fallon book prompts! Which I can't write for, but omgyay :D
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"Secret Garden is described as a “fantasy melodrama”; the love between the leads develops as the story comes and goes “between game and reality.” Jang Hyuk plays a proud chaebol who runs a department store. Kim Sarang plays a skilled CF director who carries herself with confidence and haughtiness, but finds herself flustered around Jang Hyuk, who doesn’t spare her a second glance." [1]

"Secret Garden has cast Ha Ji-won to star opposite Jang Hyuk in the “fantasy romantic comedy” drama set to air on SBS later this year. Philip Lee (Story of a Man), and Kim Sarang (Tokyo Showers) are also cast, he as a martial arts director* and she as a CF director." [2]

...Not because it sounds super fabulous or anything. I'll just watch anything with Philip Lee in it. Don't judge me; last time I found Story of a Man and it's now one of my favourite dramas! The only thing is, both Legend and Story of a Man were written by the same writer, and that no doubt had a lot to do with why I enjoyed them.

* Please let there be topless martial arts scenes *begs shamelessly*
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The Rules

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee.

I've never wanted to suffer adverts (or pay for my journal) and so I'm afraid the choices were limited for [livejournal.com profile] mlina picking from my icons. Although there's quite a clear divide: two K-Drama icons, two Criminal Minds icons, and two misc/artsy icons.

My default icon is three characters from the K-Drama Story of a Man looking very sharp in their lovely suits. I went into the drama wanting to see how Philip Lee's second Korean acting role turned out and came out of it with a drama I love second only to Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi (which I have no icons of ONLY because there's *too much* epicness to encompass in 100x100 pixels!). The main character of the drama is the one on the far right, Kim Shin (played by Park Yong Ha). Write-ups make it sound a lot less interesting than it is. I have a pimp post about it should anyone ever be swayed by the icon enough to want to watch it. It is after all, why I keep using it ;D

My other K-Drama icon is of the Princes of Coffee Prince. Princes only in that their service is supposed to be as good as royalty or something (Han Kyul's marketing ideas are beyond me). And after all, if you know the plot - and Coffee Prince must be one of the best known K-Dramas out there - you'll know that one of the princes is a girl anyway. She's up in front looking adorably homely (but just look at some of her photoshoots and HOT DAMN). There's also Hot Waffle Guy on the left, stupid Min Yeop up the back and sexually ambiguous Ha Rim on the right. I would have loved to have 'The Voice' Han Sung in there too, but it's another ensemble package for me. I love the relationships between the workers of the Coffee Prince shop. I suppose I should have included Manager Hong but he wasn't in the promotional pic :P

Both my CM icons are made by the same person. I think I remember not seeing a huge selection and just liking this person's style and choice of subject matter ;D I love the team for the TEAM but I love Emily best and really wanted an icon just of her.

The other one I believe is the scene with Reid showing off his science 'magic' to the girls and Hotch walks in... Ah, I have discovered a write-up of the scene:

JJ: Nothing's happening.
Reid: Shhh watch [the rocket launches, JJ and Garcia scream, and it hits Emily in the head]
Emily: Ooh ow, what was that?
Reid: Oh, I am so sorry Emily!
Garcia: Don't you recognize a rocket when you see one?
Reid: I was merely demonstrating a physics law. I didn't mean to...
Emily: Oh show me!
Reid: Turn around.
Emily: Turn around?
Reid: A magician never reaveals his secrets.
Emily: I thought you said this was physics?
Garcia: He wont show us either. Trust me, it will do you no good to argue with him.
[rocket launches and lands in front of Hotch]
Hotchner: Physics magic?
Reid: Yes, sir.
Hotchner: Reid, we talked about this.
Reid: I'm sorry, sir.
Hotchner: [smiling] You're really starting to get some distance on these things.

The way to win over the ladies of the FBI is PHYSICS MAGIC. Which Hotch can't condone as mother of the team, but finds it adorable nonetheless ;)

Now for some more abstract icons. I have to say I think all of [livejournal.com profile] tomycoffee's graphics work is beautiful and I surfed the posts for hours and hours trying to whittle down what I wanted to use for myself. I so often ended up collecting posts with flowers or scenery, nature and landscapes. But I knew I wanted an icon with books because I talk so often about reading (and writing) and it could be my icon-mascot or something. A lot of books icons are too plain, or included people which for this I specifically didn't want. I also like icons with stacks of books in them but they can be too colourful or positioned in ways I dislike, and in the end this was what I chose for the simplicity.

I love peacock feathers. It's the brightness of them, the flamboyance. To me this icon sort of represents my creative side. For the drawing and art and sewing I really don't indulge in anymore. My overdramatic nature and tendency to abuse smilies in chatspeak and comments to assure myself that people know my intentions (cheeky, sarcastic, enthusiastic), because so often in life I've been told by people that they can't tell when I'm serious and when I'm joking, whether I realise that what I say could be interpreted as hurtful. I also love colour in general and the ways colours can be combined to create different moods and themes and play with it a lot. I suppose right now it could speak a little to my jewellery making (and wearing, because especially for me earrings are my huge fashion statement. The quirkier, brighter and bolder the better).
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So, all those dramas I planned on rewatching in order to hopefully inspire fic ideas?

I ended up starting to rewatch Coffee Prince instead. 4 episodes in, and the first couple of episodes didn't squick me at all this time around. I suppose because I knew what was coming this time? But that makes me feel so much better about it on the whole, because the beginning really made it hard for me initially, and then I was so glad I'd pushed through because I loved the rest.

Even my mum had to sit through a couple because she feels guilty for hogging the TV all the time. I think she's keeping up with it despite herself. She keeps asking me to turn it off when an episode ends so she can watch what she wants to on TV, and yet when the episodes are on she's constantly asking me to keep her up with the characters and plot.

That could just be to ease the boredom though I suppose ;)

I miss [livejournal.com profile] dorama_watch. I've mentioned that before, I know. And it's not like I took part properly; when they did Coffee Prince I marathoned the whole thing accidentally and ended up finishing months ahead of everyone, unable to remember the details people were squeeing about each episode. I want to marathon something with someone. I HAVE FREE TIME NOW XD
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You know what's annoying? When you go to bed later than usual, and then wake up earlier than usual (TOO EARLY), and try to turn over and get that extra hour and a half of sleep an your brain just won't switch off and let you relax back down into even dozing.

Also it was too hot with my cover, and then it was too cold without it. Whinge whinge whinge!

I have a follow-up appointment at the bank today at 9am which I will leave for in about 20mins. Hopefully I'll be home before 10am, and then I AM TAKING A NAP.

Fingers crossed anyway!

Criminal Minds season five is being aired on UK TV from tomorrow :D I've already seen everything that has been aired so far (except for last night's which clearly will have to wait til I get home... nap suspended!), but I have no problem rewatching them on the TV with mum :D

Been rewatching Story of a Man whilst writing on my laptop, so not following it really, really closely. Had forgotten just how cute Kyung Tae is, and how much fun the Dream Team are. On a semi-related note, a few weeks ago I suddenly realised I hadn't seen a [livejournal.com profile] dorama_watch post for ages. I wonder when that will start up again!
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Story of a Man
( aka A Man's Story or The Slingshot )

"Intense, thrilling, smartly woven together with great balance of light and dark. Hits on all three points of acting, directing, writing. Not only well-written, it’s actually FUN. (10 / 10)" Rating from DramaBeans.

Genre: Action, romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast period: 2009-Apr-06 to 2009-Jun-09
Theme: Give the World to You by Na Yoon-Kwon


You'll like this drama if you love:
- The classic battle of Good vs. Evil (especially when the good guys are a mix of con-men and former convicts, and don't even know who the real bad guys are).
- Dream Team scenarios (EVERY member of the Dream Team is loveable, even if purely for the comedic value they bring. Fail to fall in love with Kyung-Tae and I may just come to the conclusion that you have a heart of ice XD)
- HOT MEN. Sorry. But it's always a bonus, right? They're everywhere!
- Sidekick bodyguard assassins! There's only one, but it's better than none!
- Slash potential. There are women in this series, and they do have important roles, but the focus is on the male bonding.
- Strong women. Unfortunately I'm not talking women with guns, or deadly martial arts skills. I'm talking your more mundane (haha) independent women with the strength of their conviction, women who make hard decisions (because some of these men totally aren't able to), women who suffer and yet carry on. Women put into exceedingly difficult positions by various men in their lives who attempt to find ways out for themselves.
- Smart scheming. From both sides of the fence.
- A plot that keeps you guessing. Things don't stay the same, and nothing is straightforward.
- Drama with a sprinkling of comedy. Just because there's a serious battle afoot, doesn't mean you can't have a sense of humour!
- Ships of all shapes and sizes. Seriously, there is potential to ship almost anyone and everyone based on various kinds of interaction - het, slash and femmeslash.
...Also, if you loved Legend aka Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi (like me!) there are a couple of characters you're going to recognise XD This drama is written by the same screenwriter of Legend.

Main Characters: )

Descriptions of this drama on drama-archive and video websites don't do it justice. When I first read the description, I couldn't see anything hinting at where the plot was going and it sounded dull. It isn't a simple revenge themed drama. There are so many twists and turns, so many threads of plot intertwined. But at the heart of it is the Dream Team. Four different men who band together against the big, bad world. Watch it for the thrill, for the twists and turns, but definitely watch it for the characters. The characters are what make you fall in love with this show, even as the plot makes you grab for more, and the style and pacing keeps you in awe.

Like a few Korean dramas I've watched, the first episode didn't drag me in completely. There is a bit of time-shifting, which isn't confusing at the end, but while you're in the midst of it it can be a little trying. They don't stick with this at all. The show might jump between settings and characters, but that's like any show. The timeline is the same, but different things are happening all around.

Another thing I enjoyed was reading the episode reviews/write-ups on DramaBeans alongside watching it. Sometimes subtitles don't quite translate meaning effectively, and I've read explanations on DramaBeans that heightened my enjoyment and understanding of the show as I watched. You'll find every episode recap here, under Story of a Man.

Now to convince you further with a picspam! (Click on thumbnails for bigger pictures that open in a new window).

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Bloody yuletide. I love and hate when that time comes round. Every year I kid myself that this year I might join in and do yuletide again! And every year my fic production gets lower and lower. Though my fandoms are widening.

But I doubt anyone will nominate Jennifer Fallon's Tide Lords series (there's never even been her Second Sons Trilogy as far as I know, and that one is all released in countries other than Australia!). And Story of a Man, seriously. I could ship so many ways there. Het, slash and even femmeslash (seriously, I've never seen a woman be as kind to a potential - but not actual - love rival as Kyung Ah was to Eun Soo. And it wasn't even faked!)

I'd probably even go for Take Care of the Young Lady fic, in order to fix the damn plot. The poor actors, apparently they signed up when the show had a bit of a different plot to the one they've ended up with, and most don't even understand their characters motivations anymore. Luckily it ends next week I believe. But fic is good for fixing things ;)

As well as the usual old loves - Gokusen fic is always wonderful to read, and Legend fic by someone other than me wouldn't go amiss XD

It's always so easy to think of fandoms, a little harder to think of requests (there may be things you'd like to see but can you trust a stranger to handle them in this small beloved fandom?), and impossible to think of the possibility of having to write for someone. Even when I did do it I think my list of fandoms I could write was barely above the minimum.

I am not really angsting that much. It's just become a habit now and I like to talk about Yuletide in general XD Who is nominating what this year? Speak!
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Finally finished watching Story of a Man on my lunchbreak at work today. I really, really enjoyed it. I went into the last episode with expectations of tears and allsorts and yet it was really satisfying (for me). I think what I appreciate it that it doesn't wrap everything up into a neat little package, doesn't pair everyone off happily ever after (because you CAN have a life without being married right away!). It gives you an idea of the characters, what they are doing and how they are moving on, what their lives might become, but it doesn't TELL you or force you to see it. You can kind of settle with what you like.

It was great, A+!

I am thinking of rating the dramas I have watched sometime. I don't really want to go into in-depth reviews, but I definitely think two ratings - how good it is vs. how much you actually enjoyed it (see: Gokusen!) is a good idea. I have always kept a list of the dramas I've watched and in what order.

I think officially, all of my favourite dramas now are Korean ones!
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So, I finished Coffee Prince today. I WILL GLADLY ADMIT I WAS WRONG ABOUT THAT SHOW. And I will cut because I told Cyn to watch it and I won't spoil it for her XD )

I even wrote fic for it, go figure! You know how you always end up writing things you never would've expected? Or characters you didn't think you would bother with? I mean, sometimes the lead characters are just too easy and not worth the writing, or the show keeps them so the focus that there's no space left to write about them in between.

On a non-fandomy front, mum is going away for a week tomorrow. She's staying with Lin. She started her holiday yesterday and I did Saturday on my own with no problems luckily! I had the last new girl to start to train up (we've had FOUR new people start in the past week, and we only have 15 people tops overall). No customer arguments, only one refund to do. I barely even remember any customers asking me questions or speaking to me at all! But the day goes fast when you're in charge and trying to make sure everything gets done. I had to help a couple of the girls with their jobs and make suggestions of how to fit things and change things around.

Nan is coming over Monday night anyway. New central heating is being fitted and she doesn't want to be around the mess or the noise. I think it's going to take about three days. She was just going to stay with both me and mum, but when I told her mum would be away she said she'd arrange it so she'd be here with me for a few days. That means she'll probably make dinner, and wash up and stuff XD I AM SO SPOILT. The only thing that sucks about being here alone is going to bed. I hate how creepy it feels to be the only one in the flat. No matter how safe we are, the absolute SILENCE bothers me. I can sleep knowing someone else is already asleep here.

If I'm lucky the two books I ordered will be here tomorrow. Though knowing my luck they won't fit in the damn postbox and I'll have to go get them from the Royal Mail office! Starting the Miles Vorkosigan books - I believe it's three volumes in one. And I picked out the 'Master and Commander' (Or Aubrey-Maturin) series because I was almost certain that the group of people I found about the Temeraire books from also read these and write fanfic for them. When I went back to find the evidence I was left empty-handed of course, but hell, we had one of the series at work with our £1.99 books so I thought I'd give them a go anyway. Slash potential, I am not too hard to please sometimes. But it will remain to be seen ;)

eta; Oh! I also read Naamah's Kiss. I forsee another trilogy in the making here! Or at least another volume - that book is a set-up for another book completely. It was a little weird, reading a story in another character's POV because it felt a little like Phedre at times, and the name-dropping of ancestors got a bit grating, but Carey did manage to be a little different in there. And focused a little more on the girlsex this time ;) A little.

a list

Sep. 3rd, 2009 12:57 pm
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A list;

- Finished rewatching Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi (Still the most perfect TV show EVER), and I've even resolved my misleading myself over the ending. I am now sure what I originally wanted to believe is quite plausible. Very.

- Still watching Coffee Prince, though not at the same pace as everyone else - when I saw the episode five post I thought to myself, "damn! Still need to watch 4!" which I have done now. Five is on pause, ready to start. Still shipping Eun Chan/Han Sung WAAAAAAY more than anything else. Han Kyul and Yoo Joo can sod off together and leave me with our cute heroine and smiley Mr. Voice.

- Finished reading a 'book' today. I use the term loosely, because I believe that it was first published as it's own novel, but I have it republished along with another story into a whole book. I'm talking about Shards of Honour and Barrayar, which has been put together as Cordelia's Honour (I AM ENGLISH, I SPELL IT WITH A U). I'm already seeing why Lois McMaster-Bujold has a following - she's generally an easy read, and then there are some really lovely turns of phrase that stick in my mind. And I've giggled an insane amount of times, so I definitely share the humour of herself (and/through) her characters.

- Got tomorrow off as a days holiday again, because this is only the sixth one I've had so far this year since April, I think. And I have 28 in total to use up before NEXT April. Got a few more booked in September, too.

- We have four new people starting at work within the next ten days. Two girls are leaving to go to university, one left pregnant, and one left for another job. We'll see how that goes! :x I'll reserve my worries for now; what happens happens.

- Thinking writing these days is a little implausible. There are so many things now that I love, or enjoy, but have no desire to fic. Which is a new thing, relatively. Compared to the past. I have to work out how that affects my inspiration because there are still other fandoms I am interested in exploring through fic. And Gokusen, I miss. You can write practically anything for Gokusen. I almost want to grab the list of cliches from wherever it was and prove that you can Gokusen ANYTHING XD
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I love rewatching things. Especially things I already love.

In rewatching Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi I am overwhelmed by just how kickass the women are, constantly. How many of them are in positions of power, influence, how every woman has intelligence and strength, and a great many proficient with a weapon (except, for example, the Oracle who is THE high priestess and I doubt anyone would ever think she would have any need for a weapon). There definitely needs to a be kickass women picspam of them all. Right from Saeoh and Kajin, to Sujini and Kiha, to Ba-Son (the best blacksmith, now there's a great job for a woman!) and Dalbi. Gak Dan and her second-in-command, the Oracle and her second-in-command (she tries to be kickass, she does try. Just like Dalbi). And there are so many scenes with women in, too. Only the women. They are great players in the game, the politics, and the spread of power in the show.

I totally love this show beyond words. I am really so glad it wasn't something taken from a book and made because I think if it had been, the book(s) would've been better - they always are! - and I would have liked the show less for it. BUT IT ISN'T!

And the parallels I'm noticing, and the little tiny details that I didn't think of before. Even OBVIOUS things I really should've seen! Or the emotions running across a persons face, and now that you know what is coming next, you can SEE it on their face, what they are thinking in that moment. The moment they lose all hope, or spot an opening.

The love I have for this show is overwhelming. I've almost cried three times now, and I KNOW WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN. It doesn't stop me!

Seriously, seriously kickass women. Love it.
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I watched both eps in one go today, because last Thursday I thought I'd just leave it til Sunday, and then I worked Sunday and didn't watch it, and then had today off instead of tomorrow so figured since it was Coffee Prince day anyway I could catch up!

Coffee Prince Episode 1 )

Coffee Prince Episode 2 )


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