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1. MY DRAMA RATINGS (for the most part done, but still kind of a WIP).

2. Am debating whether to move my icon posts onto DW - do I really need another DW journal? Can I rely on LJ to host those posts? Does any of it matter? I'm hardly followed for my iconing skills XD

3. In the process of browsing tumblr I came across one that encourages picspam challenges: Themed Party. So I was trying to think of ideas for picspams I could do for my Dorama DW. So I collected up all the challenges from there and from [livejournal.com profile] picspammy: Under the cut! )

As well as all the [livejournal.com profile] drama_hunt tags/themes I keep hold of for future picspamming purposes.

Input on this would be cool though - can anyone think of a challenge or theme I could picspam anime/drama-wise? Anything you'd like to see me do? :D My most favourites are The Legend, Story of a Man, and Coffee Prince (although I assume that's been picspammed more than anything else), Prince of Tennis, Peacemaker Kurogane, K-On!, but I would also enjoy going back over Wang Qiu Wang Zi, My Prince (although the video files were never great quality even before they were subbed), Gokusen, 49 Days... Most anything I've watched, really. Here is a comprehensive list of what I've watched/partially watched.

4. I removed a bunch of comms/people from my flist, but really it's only communities I no longer wish to follow, and people who weren't following me or hadn't updated for at least two years.

5. There is a DW community called Arashi Fashion. Life is complete.
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I hadn't yet posted any prompts to the DW comm fic-promptly: I'm not very good at coming up with prompts when put on the spot, and the things I tend to want otherwise are too specific to prompt random people with! Also, considering the fandom is so much quieter these days I don't really see the point in posting prompts that will most likely not get answered... But this theme was too easy xD

My prompts:
- Prince of Tennis, Atobe Keigo, being on top of Hyotei's Tennis Club means staying on top.
- Prince of Tennis, Seigaku Regulars, ranking matches
- Prince of Tennis, Rikkai Regulars, winning is everything, but nobody ever wins against Yukimura. How do the Rikkai Regulars consolidate these two things?
- Prince of Tennis, author's choice, being at training camp means being ranked amongst people from other teams, not just your own. Not everyone likes the results.
- Prince of Tennis, any team captains (and/or vice captains), creating their own hierarchy

In other news I have watched three episodes of Yankee-kun to Megane-chan today, and though there are so many reasons it wouldn't work, in my head I am pretending that it is 'Yankumi goes to high-school!' anyway XD Chiba is adorable, screw the main characters, I like him! And was episode three all about Shinagawa and his boyfriend and Adachi and her girlfriend or what?

I have another My Prince picspam to do: I haven't posted in my Doramas journal yet this month and it's kind of bugging me! I did the screencaps a while ago, I just need to upload and code an actual post. eta; Done!
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Does anyone have a post or know of other people's posts about their "Top Ten Dramas"? (Or it might be top five/twenty/J-Dramas/K-Dramas... you get my point)

I was browsing idly, as I do, and saw someone make an idle listing. Since right now I'm watching Joseon X-Files [aka Special Investigation Record] which doesn't lend itself to the liveblogging so much I've been thinking about other ways to keep updating my drama-centric DW account, in case other things I watch end up this way, because I don't want the journal to just go dead at those times.

As one option, I went back to [livejournal.com profile] drama_hunt to check out the tags and see which of my favourite dramas I could picspam for, and I've done two of those so far:

Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi (The Legend) - Various Episodes: Sujini + alcohol = OTP!

My Prince - Episode 3: Piggyback Ride of Love!

But I thought a Top Ten Favourite Dramas post might also be fun, or one that rates everything you've watched; I find those kind of things really interesting when considering what to watch next. And of course we all like different things for different reasons. I did try to keep a rating system in a document once, up to five stars sort of thing, but I'm sure I deleted it because I am silly.

So I'd kind of like to compile a few and see what other people have done and how they've formatted them - I definitely like the way they do it on the Dramabeans website, giving a rating for quality as well as personal enjoyment (there are things I enjoyed 100% but know they are not a good example of quality XD), but since that is a collection of everything they've ever watched it's obviously done with the intent to be short but informative enough for people browsing. It's not much use to me since I've watched a lot less dramas, and couldn't call myself an authority on them so I'd need to explain myself a lot more!

So, do you have a listing? Or know someone who does? I am going to go on my own travels and search but if you have any to share, please do! Thank you, you drama crazy people <3

[P.s - this seems like a silly thing to note, but how else would anyone know? I've been posting under friendslock more often these days - paranoia or something! - but if there was anyone who happened to follow me who can't see those entires, and wanted on the friendslist, by all means let me know! ...Not that I am assuming, I'm just pointing it out before I forget again :D]

eta; (From Top Tens to general ratings to lists, here's some of what I've come across so far!)
Dramabeans Ratings [javabeans, girlfriday]
Rainscene Drama Pimps [darkeyedwolf.livejournal.com]
Ultimate Top 10 Dramas [dangermousie.livejournal.com]
Top Ten Doramas [meganbmoore.livejournal.com]
Favourite Dramas (90's era mainly) [kyuuketsukirui.livejournal.com]
Korean dramas ratings list [alexandral.livejournal.com]
Dramas Watched (with ratings) [calixa.livejournal.com]
KDrama Ratings [singing-tree.livejournal.com]
Drama Lists (with ratings) [topazera.livejournal.com]
JDrama List (with ratings, and a top ten) [ohmyghost.livejournal.com]
Taiwan/China Drama Rec's [walkwithheroes.livejournal.com]
Drama List (with ratings) [cranberrysheep.livejournal.com] *(I like this formatting especially)
Top 15 Dramas [ambergold.livejournal.com]
10 Best Dramas I've Ever Seen [ambergold.livejournal.com]
Guide To Asian Dramas (ratings) [sailorgaia.livejournal.com]

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This may sound stupid, but I have written about 100 words today and I am so relieved. I CAN STILL WRITE. It's been so long I was starting to worry again, but I am still capable. And I am planning a rewatch of many various things to help me get back into the fandoms and characters and have some ideas.

The only thing I am kicking myself about is not taking a notepad of some kind to work to make notes. I'm on episode 4 of Mei-chan next I think (it's on my ipod already, other things aren't so it got to be first XD) and I could've written down some ideas before now dammit! But I will prevail in the end.
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Bloody yuletide. I love and hate when that time comes round. Every year I kid myself that this year I might join in and do yuletide again! And every year my fic production gets lower and lower. Though my fandoms are widening.

But I doubt anyone will nominate Jennifer Fallon's Tide Lords series (there's never even been her Second Sons Trilogy as far as I know, and that one is all released in countries other than Australia!). And Story of a Man, seriously. I could ship so many ways there. Het, slash and even femmeslash (seriously, I've never seen a woman be as kind to a potential - but not actual - love rival as Kyung Ah was to Eun Soo. And it wasn't even faked!)

I'd probably even go for Take Care of the Young Lady fic, in order to fix the damn plot. The poor actors, apparently they signed up when the show had a bit of a different plot to the one they've ended up with, and most don't even understand their characters motivations anymore. Luckily it ends next week I believe. But fic is good for fixing things ;)

As well as the usual old loves - Gokusen fic is always wonderful to read, and Legend fic by someone other than me wouldn't go amiss XD

It's always so easy to think of fandoms, a little harder to think of requests (there may be things you'd like to see but can you trust a stranger to handle them in this small beloved fandom?), and impossible to think of the possibility of having to write for someone. Even when I did do it I think my list of fandoms I could write was barely above the minimum.

I am not really angsting that much. It's just become a habit now and I like to talk about Yuletide in general XD Who is nominating what this year? Speak!
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Finally finished watching Story of a Man on my lunchbreak at work today. I really, really enjoyed it. I went into the last episode with expectations of tears and allsorts and yet it was really satisfying (for me). I think what I appreciate it that it doesn't wrap everything up into a neat little package, doesn't pair everyone off happily ever after (because you CAN have a life without being married right away!). It gives you an idea of the characters, what they are doing and how they are moving on, what their lives might become, but it doesn't TELL you or force you to see it. You can kind of settle with what you like.

It was great, A+!

I am thinking of rating the dramas I have watched sometime. I don't really want to go into in-depth reviews, but I definitely think two ratings - how good it is vs. how much you actually enjoyed it (see: Gokusen!) is a good idea. I have always kept a list of the dramas I've watched and in what order.

I think officially, all of my favourite dramas now are Korean ones!

a list

Sep. 3rd, 2009 12:57 pm
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A list;

- Finished rewatching Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi (Still the most perfect TV show EVER), and I've even resolved my misleading myself over the ending. I am now sure what I originally wanted to believe is quite plausible. Very.

- Still watching Coffee Prince, though not at the same pace as everyone else - when I saw the episode five post I thought to myself, "damn! Still need to watch 4!" which I have done now. Five is on pause, ready to start. Still shipping Eun Chan/Han Sung WAAAAAAY more than anything else. Han Kyul and Yoo Joo can sod off together and leave me with our cute heroine and smiley Mr. Voice.

- Finished reading a 'book' today. I use the term loosely, because I believe that it was first published as it's own novel, but I have it republished along with another story into a whole book. I'm talking about Shards of Honour and Barrayar, which has been put together as Cordelia's Honour (I AM ENGLISH, I SPELL IT WITH A U). I'm already seeing why Lois McMaster-Bujold has a following - she's generally an easy read, and then there are some really lovely turns of phrase that stick in my mind. And I've giggled an insane amount of times, so I definitely share the humour of herself (and/through) her characters.

- Got tomorrow off as a days holiday again, because this is only the sixth one I've had so far this year since April, I think. And I have 28 in total to use up before NEXT April. Got a few more booked in September, too.

- We have four new people starting at work within the next ten days. Two girls are leaving to go to university, one left pregnant, and one left for another job. We'll see how that goes! :x I'll reserve my worries for now; what happens happens.

- Thinking writing these days is a little implausible. There are so many things now that I love, or enjoy, but have no desire to fic. Which is a new thing, relatively. Compared to the past. I have to work out how that affects my inspiration because there are still other fandoms I am interested in exploring through fic. And Gokusen, I miss. You can write practically anything for Gokusen. I almost want to grab the list of cliches from wherever it was and prove that you can Gokusen ANYTHING XD
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There are some changes about to happen at work because the owners are freaking out about losing sales to the 99p Store. And I stupidly agreed to work Sunday XD I don't know, I just feel like having more money couldn't be a bad thing - mum is talking about buying dad out because he has done everything to make sure the house won't sell, and once he's gone there won't be any issues with getting into the place or saying the neighbours are awful, or that they have a right of way through our garden (with locked gate) anytime.

But I have discovered a new TV show to watch, and I've dragged mum into it. I think it's called House of Tiny Tearaways or something similar. Parents with children who have difficult issues (like aversion to any food but yoghurt, or not being able to sleep unless mum is laying beside the bed). It's amazing to see how often it is the parents and their emotional problems being projected onto the child.

The "You Should Write..." Meme!
my thread here

[livejournal.com profile] anenko asked me to do this, but I may have done it anyway; I like the idea of it because it isn't the usual, "comment and I'll write you your prompt", but more vague. Maybe a fandom you'd like someone to get into and write for, or a genre to try their hand it. I'd be geekily sort of interested to see what people envision of me ;) It's hard to think about being creative these days, what with the work and house-selling limbo, but who knows - a good idea is a good idea!

...Like the Mei-chan/RPF crossover: Sho-chan's (Hot) Butler XD

I am also going to buy some high-powered batteries tomorrow, designed for my camera to discover if it is in fact my rechargable batteries getting too old and worn out, and NOT the camera. So I can take pictures of my pretty masquerade things that I bought from work last week.
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I am going to muse upon dramas this morning ;)

I've been watching The Rose (look, my first foray into adult-themed books was my mum giving me Flowers in the Attic to read. Also, I have no siblings. I have no fear of incest between siblings in my life, and fiction makes it a lot easier to handle than if you were faced with it in real life. Which I also have no problem with really, but you don't need me to go into that.

I'm ten episodes in, and really enjoying it. Which I wasn't expecting to at first. Everyone was being so horrible and bitchy to our main girl (whose nan even says, "you do just love to cry!" to, so you can imagien what happens a LOT XD). But you come to see that this family is incredibly honest and blunt, and you always know where you stand with them, unlike other people who are hiding things, lying and playing games. (WEll, don't include the mum here, she's a lying liar who lies).

I love Kui. I was biased at first because of his pretty, pretty hair, but as a character I adore him. He's so cute, and he and Bai He are great as siblings, friends, and I so want them to be something more.

And I was thinking I would just see what came up at [livejournal.com profile] dorama_watch, which I WILL, and not vote or influence things. But now I am wondering, why haven't I nominated TWSSG yet? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! XD XD XD
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I finished Long Love Letter. I just watched the last two eps in a row because I have been letting this drama hang for far too long.

Spoilers )

Now I need to work out what to watch next! My Boss, My Hero is nearly over at [livejournal.com profile] dorama_watch and it depends what is chosen next for both that and the other gap to fill. I'd like something NEW to me again, if they are both things I've seen before. And I also want to rewatch Mei-chan, but I am stopping myself from doing it too quickly XD Wait another few weeks, self!
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Guys, I have a secret to share! :x

I AM ADDICTED TO PLAYING POKEMON ON THE DS. I apologize if I have lost anyone's respect XD

I can't help it. When the Red and Blue games came out when I was a kid, I didn't have a Gameboy. My spoilt brat cousin Ryan did though, but he'd only let me play for so long before he claimed HIS gameboy back again. (And I mean maybe half an hour!). So I never got very far. Over the past couple of years I've discovered some wonderful things, like GameBOING which let me play DRAGON'S REVENGE and DRAGON'S FURY again! Oh Sega Megadrive, you were the best console of my life.

And then I discovered you could play the old Pokemon games online too! So I started getting addicted again a few months ago. I'd only play for a little at a time, and being unable to save the game meant I had to keep starting over, but it helped with the obsession, for a while.

Then I got my ds, and then they brought out Diamond and Pearl versions, and here we are 40-something hours of gameplay later ;) Pearl was one of the things I treated myself to for my birthday.

AND I HAVE BEEN KEEPING THIS SECRET, BUT NO MORE! I felt I had t explain why I wasn't being productive in any other way ;) Well, except I've picked up a Taiwnese drama The Rose to watch, full of gay, incest and gay incest! And have been having wildly varied dreams in which I often have a sibling or many siblings! I've had nothing but vivid, freaky dreams this week, and I've been really tired and sometimes cranky because of them.

I dreamt I was the daughter of a guy who was leading a revolution or something. And felt compelled to follow in his footsteps even though I hadn't known for the first however many years of my life I was even adopted ;)

Talk about crazy.
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I'm kind of depressed to realise that come my day off I don't feel any different than normal. I have worked every day since last Thursday, and yet it has passed in such a blur (though not always quickly) that it feels much the same as when I have my usual Sunday off. I think it's because I'm not accomplishing anything on my day off I can look back at as a milestone of sorts. Something to break up the days.

Just, somehow time is really going too fast at the moment. I feel like I don't have time for anything. And it isn't even the start of the summer holidays yet, let alone the Christmas rush, so I have no clue how I'm going to feel then.

I suppose it doesn't help that Cyn is so busy too that we haven't been able to talk even as much as once a week. That breaks up my days into events, too ;)

I am subsisting on dramas (previously of the Japanese variety but currently Taiwan(ese?) to get me through the day.
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Maybe I'm too picky, and if so I apologize, but that's TWO disappointing things I've had to watch today. A film, and a drama series I have one more episode to get through, but the second half of the series is nowhere near as good as the first. It's like Nobuta wo Produce all over again!

Except I'm certain this time that the two boys won't run off and leave our heroine ALL ALONE.
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Guys, I set up OpenID on Dreamwidth. I still don't think I need another journal, but this way I can still have access - Cyn was using her DW journal for things she wanted me to be able to see, while some people I think are just duplicating their LJ entries, which I can see anyway.

ANYWAY, if you want to give me reading access, go ahead! It's been a little while since everyone got their accounts and I only remember about three people's DW names (and that is just because they're the same/similar to DW or you know, a VNV Nation song XD).

Also, I did not realise at [livejournal.com profile] dorama_watch we'd get two episodes of My Boss, My Hero a week. NOW I HAVE TO CATCH UP ;) But it's perfect because Thursdays and Sundays are my days off anyway, even if I'm a little ahead of Americans because of timezones.

I did put two episodes of Long Love Letter on my ipod so I could continue watching it, but they corrupted while converting to ipod, and skip parts of the video but the subs keep playing over the wrong parts. So I had to watch both on mysoju instead. I ended up rewatching Ikebukuro West Gate Park at work because I couldn't watch LLL, and it happened to be on my ipod anyway, and I'm about six eps in so I have to finish that now, too.

Once I have, I am thinking seriously about watching Mei-chan no Shitsuji. And Coffee Prince. Even Hana-Kimi. (YES, I KNOW, I HAVE NOT WATCHED SOME VERY IMPORTANT DRAMAS XD)

Cyn is making me want to reread the Nightrunner books again, too. Which, according to my 2009 Reading List, I read at the end of April/beginning of May. So not that long ago! I'm reading the Kushiel books first. Probably only the original trilogy. I did enjoy the second trilogy, but it just isn't the same without Phedre as the narrator. I'm in the middle of the second book now, so by the time I read that and the third, perhaps the stuff I ordered on my birthday will be trickling in here.

I watched the first disc of my Dharma and Greg DVD yesterday. I FORGOT HOW INCREDIBLY DORKILY CUTE GREG WAS. Then contrast that with Thomas Gibson playing Hotch *_*

To do:

Jun. 11th, 2009 01:36 pm
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- Hoovering
- Email Gem back
- Write out father's day/birthday cards for Grandad and send
- Watch episode 1 of My Boss, My Hero for [livejournal.com profile] dorama_watch
- Finish and post up Gokusen ficbit on [livejournal.com profile] shutupanddoeet before Cyn makes the next prompt post either Friday or Saturday. done.
- Finish Moab is my Washpot.
- Actually do what I said and make use of a notebook and try to write anything, everyday because it is supposed to be helpful.

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Have been Watching:
Koshonin - completed
Long Love Letter - said to self "wth, self? When did you just stop watching this?" and picked up in the middle of episode six again. Watched the rest of six, and seven at work today during lunch break. Eight, nine, ten and eleven are going to be converted to hardsub and then to ipod ready to continue watching.
Akihabara@DEEP - picked up from the beginning of episode seven again, and watched eight too. THIS SHOW IS THE GOOD CRACK. Episode seven; ZOMBIES! Episode eight; SLUTTY MAID CAFE! Iamsoeasy.

In other news:
I put out some butterfly bag charm things at work today, and then decided to buy some to make earrings out of. There were green, purple and red/orange/purple mix, and I couldn't decide which I liked best, so I bought two of each colour. Then I showed Natalie and offered to make a pair of earrings for her, too. I also asked Sarah, who liked the charms. Now mum has decided I should make a business out of converting phone charms/bag charms/random beads and accessories into earrings. She even told me to check out selling them online. Now I have considered this before, but hundreds of people do it, and probably do it better than me. But we'll see. I'm going to make some up for now and maybe I'll post pictures and get some feedback, what do you guys think?

In MORE news:
I breathed life into [livejournal.com profile] shutupanddoeet! I posted up a set of image prompts. I plan to use it to attempt to write things I don't write often, or haven't written enough for my liking. As well as things I am more confident writing. Here's my list:

POT purgatory!verse
Peacemaker Kurogane
Criminal Minds
Nightrunner Series
Hobb!verse (Farseer, Liveship, Tawny Man)
Ace Wo Nerae
Yamada Taro Monogatari
Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi aka The Legend

Guys, if you want to take a look, please do! We created this comm originally to be for more than just us, we had competitions and everything. I'd love to see any and all fandoms that everyone on my friendslist likes represented. And maybe if we do get a few people joining in here and there we can have competitions again, and share around the prompting duties.
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[livejournal.com profile] aliaspiral, have you really only written TWO Gokusen fics? Really? It felt like more!

So, I spent this morning in hell; PBWorks has a rich-text format. So in order to move my fic list to LJ I switched to the rich-text format to copy and paste it. THEN I converted that to HTML and spent a good hour or so removing 'span' this and 'font size and colour' that. Thank god for the auto-replace feature ;) It still took ages! And I had to update it since I apparently hadn't in six months. And add THREE new fandoms! Possibly even four actually, I forget now.

So after that, with [livejournal.com profile] giving_ground's encouragement, I sat down to watch a bit of mindless POT ;) I got through a whole episode and a half before I started trekking for Jdrama fics. I figured I'd start with a fandom I know so that I'd know characters and spoilers and so forth.

I have this back ache and a huge crick in my neck from all the link finding, formatting, c&p-ing. I've given up working out summaries and ratings for things, because if I haven't read them, or read them a LONG TIME AGO I can't remember or know, and I simply can't sit and read everything just to know the answers. It's looking very pretty, though! What I previewed here in my journal, that is :)

At least when I come to doing my own fics it should be easy; I can pretty much steal the formatting from my fic list. It'll just be whittling out the locked posts (the private ones, unless I open them up and risk people seeing).

I am so tempted to make a comm, let anyone join as a member, and then if anyone wants to compile a directory for their own favoured fandom, give them posting access in order to do so. I should've picked a smaller fandom to start with ;) And the amount of places/comms/websites/etc. to look for possible fics is insane!

Insane, but fun, I swear. I just need to take a little break now *collapses*.
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- Just so you know, I do not have the hots for Christian Bale. He's sort of mildly attractive. Too boring for me. I like 'em you know, girly and with painted nails and rainbow-coloured hair (I'm not kidding XD Maybe not all at once, though). I also do not have the hots for Howl. Na-uh. He's a cartoon. I just have the hots for Christian Bale's VOICE. When he said "that's my girl" in that scene I just about fell off the couch in glee.

- This is the sort of shit I randomly spam you with over IM when I've known you for years. And you're not even there:
I was just thinking... What if, there was a universe wherein you could separate from yourself? But only at a specific time. What if one day, you had to make a decision which would alter your life dependingon which way you chose, and your mind split in two over the decision, and so the stress cause your body to split into two people, each making the opposite decision from one another? Becoming different people from the start based on the life they forced themselves into. And would they ever cross paths again? Would the individual choices lead to the same path? I think it would be amazingly interesting to explore.

- I am very sad that G-Mail has been playing me up and freezing upand responding slowly, and so I've had to remove my beachy background and restore the default white nothingness. It's so bright it hurts my eyes.

- [livejournal.com profile] picspammy is evil. [livejournal.com profile] rainscene is evil. The more I see, the more I read, the mroe I read, the more DRAMAS I WANT TO WATCH. There isn't enough time in the world for all this!

- I am pretty sure these batteries, once fully charged will activate my camera! THEREFORE:
Comment with up to three things you'd like me to take pictures of! (I'm afraid the cats are a no-go seeing as they no longer live with me, but I can always improvise with old cat pictures!) I would also beware asking to see "the earring collection" as it must be about a bajillion pairs in the making now. Although you could ask for a random noun/adjective and see if I have them as earrings ;) (Spiders, cherries, blue, striped).

- Also, we can play that one about not knowing so-called obvious things about one another. If there's anything you'd like to ask that you realised you don't actually know about me, do so. I will answer most anything!
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My mind today is trying to insist there are so many things to be depressed about. I tried looking for something to watch that isn't mindless comedy with no meaning, and is at least heartfelt, and came up with nothing. Woe, I suck.

And it was only to erase THAT from my memory. NEVER WATCHING IT AGAIN. I cannot begin to go into the amount of things I hated about that ending. Nothing, not even some of my favourite things, made up for what was lost.

*stops typing about it anymore else head will explode*

I've bee eating too much crap again, too. BUT MY TUMMY HURTS so that's my excuse. And I wrote a little bit today so I am happy about that at least. Even if I'm also scared to finish watching Gokusen because that ALSO makes me cry my eyes out. And then I have to put up with ANOTHER ending, even if I can just watch it over.

Also, I'm scared to start something new because it might kick me in the ass like that did.

Stupid jdramas, and stupid SPORT!


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