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Today my mum went shopping and found that Disney were doing buy one get one free on selected films again (which is the only time I'll buy them! So expensive :| )

So we're watching Beauty and the Beast right now XD And of course my mother started telling outright LIES about which her favourite Disney film is again! I could swear Beauty and the Beast was, but years ago when I suggested she had said that, she said it was actually The Little Mermaid, and now today she claimed it was Cinderella!

ANYWAY. I decided it is the kind of thing I should ask everyone. And I remembered I HAS POLLS (on Dreamwidth!):

Poll #10117 Important Questions!
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What's Your Favourite Disney Movie?

(Put one, put more than one! I'm also not fussed if it's classic Disney or more recent! WHATEVER YOU LIKE <3)

This DVD also has an extended version of the movie, there's an entire new song the Beast's servants sing about 'being human again' that I've never seen before! Also Belle and the Beast sitting reading Romeo and Juliet together XDDDD I'll always remember this one fondly because of Belle's love of books. But it's not my favourite.

My favourite is Pocahontas :D
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In the past two nights mum and I have watched two rented movies:

The Prince of Persia - totally rubbish.

Inception - pleasant surprise! Yon internet people made it sound like something that would go WAAAY over my head but I followed it all, and I really enjoyed it.


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