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(A warning: this is pretty long and FULL OF CAPS. I get so carried away by this drama, I have so much love for it :D)

So, this is Sujini:

Or uhm, this is Sujini: )
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Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi, also known as The Legend, and roughly translated as "The First King's Four Gods", is a Korean drama. I'd thought I would introduce you all to it by way of the first episode, which delves into the 'legend' the title refers to:

The First Episode )
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Bloody yuletide. I love and hate when that time comes round. Every year I kid myself that this year I might join in and do yuletide again! And every year my fic production gets lower and lower. Though my fandoms are widening.

But I doubt anyone will nominate Jennifer Fallon's Tide Lords series (there's never even been her Second Sons Trilogy as far as I know, and that one is all released in countries other than Australia!). And Story of a Man, seriously. I could ship so many ways there. Het, slash and even femmeslash (seriously, I've never seen a woman be as kind to a potential - but not actual - love rival as Kyung Ah was to Eun Soo. And it wasn't even faked!)

I'd probably even go for Take Care of the Young Lady fic, in order to fix the damn plot. The poor actors, apparently they signed up when the show had a bit of a different plot to the one they've ended up with, and most don't even understand their characters motivations anymore. Luckily it ends next week I believe. But fic is good for fixing things ;)

As well as the usual old loves - Gokusen fic is always wonderful to read, and Legend fic by someone other than me wouldn't go amiss XD

It's always so easy to think of fandoms, a little harder to think of requests (there may be things you'd like to see but can you trust a stranger to handle them in this small beloved fandom?), and impossible to think of the possibility of having to write for someone. Even when I did do it I think my list of fandoms I could write was barely above the minimum.

I am not really angsting that much. It's just become a habit now and I like to talk about Yuletide in general XD Who is nominating what this year? Speak!
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I love rewatching things. Especially things I already love.

In rewatching Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi I am overwhelmed by just how kickass the women are, constantly. How many of them are in positions of power, influence, how every woman has intelligence and strength, and a great many proficient with a weapon (except, for example, the Oracle who is THE high priestess and I doubt anyone would ever think she would have any need for a weapon). There definitely needs to a be kickass women picspam of them all. Right from Saeoh and Kajin, to Sujini and Kiha, to Ba-Son (the best blacksmith, now there's a great job for a woman!) and Dalbi. Gak Dan and her second-in-command, the Oracle and her second-in-command (she tries to be kickass, she does try. Just like Dalbi). And there are so many scenes with women in, too. Only the women. They are great players in the game, the politics, and the spread of power in the show.

I totally love this show beyond words. I am really so glad it wasn't something taken from a book and made because I think if it had been, the book(s) would've been better - they always are! - and I would have liked the show less for it. BUT IT ISN'T!

And the parallels I'm noticing, and the little tiny details that I didn't think of before. Even OBVIOUS things I really should've seen! Or the emotions running across a persons face, and now that you know what is coming next, you can SEE it on their face, what they are thinking in that moment. The moment they lose all hope, or spot an opening.

The love I have for this show is overwhelming. I've almost cried three times now, and I KNOW WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN. It doesn't stop me!

Seriously, seriously kickass women. Love it.
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I am going to muse upon dramas this morning ;)

I've been watching The Rose (look, my first foray into adult-themed books was my mum giving me Flowers in the Attic to read. Also, I have no siblings. I have no fear of incest between siblings in my life, and fiction makes it a lot easier to handle than if you were faced with it in real life. Which I also have no problem with really, but you don't need me to go into that.

I'm ten episodes in, and really enjoying it. Which I wasn't expecting to at first. Everyone was being so horrible and bitchy to our main girl (whose nan even says, "you do just love to cry!" to, so you can imagien what happens a LOT XD). But you come to see that this family is incredibly honest and blunt, and you always know where you stand with them, unlike other people who are hiding things, lying and playing games. (WEll, don't include the mum here, she's a lying liar who lies).

I love Kui. I was biased at first because of his pretty, pretty hair, but as a character I adore him. He's so cute, and he and Bai He are great as siblings, friends, and I so want them to be something more.

And I was thinking I would just see what came up at [livejournal.com profile] dorama_watch, which I WILL, and not vote or influence things. But now I am wondering, why haven't I nominated TWSSG yet? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! XD XD XD
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I just thought I'd update you on the monitor-colour-wonkiness. You see, today the screen started to go red in the bottom corner, expanding upwards, and boy does it make your eyes hurt trying to read it. And then at lunchtime, all of a sudden the screen went dark, dark, dark grey! Just so I could make out a bit of my wallpaper, and my G!Talk box. Sort of. When I turned the screen it would show up the yellow-tinged colour for about a second, then flip to dark-dark-grey. Couldn't see a THING, so I had to turn the computer off by guessing where the shutdown button was (FUN XD) and then I charged down to work at the end of the day and dragged mum with me to Comet to buy a new screen. It's all black and shiny, unlike my old one (did you know it said on the back it was produced in 2003?) and everything's so WHITE NOW!

So Cyn, you can stop asking where I've been; I'VE BEEN STRANDED!

On the plus side, I sat and watched TWSSG on my DVD player and got through almost five episodes :D
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me: At this very moment I am researching Nintendo DS to see if I might want it as a birthday present. Else I have no idea what to ask for. Except a big pile of books XD
me: ...I do want one?
Are you telling me so? XD

- I ordered myself a pretty blue one, and a few games to go with. The problem now is keeping away from it another four weeks until my birthday. Maybe I'll just order myself some more books to keep me distracted XD

- I've managed to fuck up my computer screen colours; everything is tinged yellow now. I have no idea how I did it, it just turned on this way! :( I fiddled with the screen's colour settings and everything but it won't go back to the right colour. Maybe when I turn it off and turn it back on again tomorrow it will magically right itself? I love when the computer does that.

- I've swapped from watching (mostly Arashi TV shows) on my ipod through my lunch break at work to reading on my lunch break again. It's really nice.

- I am considering the idea of pimping Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi through the power of picspams. Good old [livejournal.com profile] brokemycaps XD Cyn, want to help with that? You can spam all the kickass girls! I'll spam Philip Lee

- I was petty at work today. Jan had to leave early for a doctor's appointment, and as soon I was left in charge two of the girls (I say girls but one is in her late thirties), started playing up and answering me back. So I made sure we were all late going home. Yeah I'm the last to leave but it makes me happy to make them unhappy ;) No-one complained though! Not a peep. That might be because I was on the phone, caught them all standing at the entrance gawping at something, and yelled "WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING STANDING THERE? GO AND TIDY NOW!" (there may have been a please involved, I forget. I hope not, I'm in charge, they do as told). Hopefully that freaked out Alan too (who was on the phone). He's a bastard, it'll do me good to have him scared of me.

[eta:] OMG, I forgot to add! ONLY TWO RACQUET STRINGS?! LOL Yes I am looking at the new manga now and then. I am a curious person by nature!


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