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(There are no spoilers, unless you didn't want to know what the male leads naked bodies looked like in advance..! But many images! And the drama was only available in low quality video files so these are the best I could do with the caps).

I swear this is the entire reason Zhi Chen is, if you look at this promotional poster, shoved up front and hinted at as the main character even though it's about all four of the brothers, and he's not even the oldest (as I had assumed he would be in the beginning because he was at the forefront of the poster!): because he was the one to step up and offer to do scene after scene after scene of naked shower (or public baths!) angst. The episodes this happens in are:

EPISODE ONE (minus the angst, actually.)

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I'm just sayin', that's a whole lot of naked for a 16 episode drama...

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-Subverted in perhaps the best way EVER; a son giving his drunken mother a piggyback ride home!

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I finished it! And all I can say is OMG. I can't even tell if I'm satisfied by it or not, but in the best kind of way! xD

- My Prince, Episode 14: Spoilers )

- My Prince, Episode 15: Spoilers )

- My Prince, Episode 16: Spoilers )
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- My Prince, Episode 13: Spoilers )

- Mary Stayed Out All Night, Episode 3: Spoilers )

[Credit for all Mary Stayed Out All Night screencaps goes to [livejournal.com profile] sparrowxx]
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My Prince is a Chinese drama set around a family of five - a mother and her four sons (presumably in their twenties). Their mother has brought them up alone, but she's a bit of a screw-up, though she loves them a lot. All she wants for her sons is for them to marry rich girls and supposedly then they will have good lives and no worries.

A drama set around romance and relationships isn't my usual choice, but it stars a lot of the actors who were in Wang Qiu Wang Zi (all minor part characters, none of them part of the main team, Seigaku - Qing Xue as they were named in the CDrama), so I persuaded myself to give it a go. So far I'm ten episodes in, and I've discovered a drama that doesn't take itself too seriously and yet amidst all the silliness there's real heart. The family dynamic between all of them is adorable, and you can see the difference between any two of them in the way they are towards one another. And though some of the romance feels rushed in this short series, there are moments that have really pulled the heart strings for me, and female characters that manage to be awesome even when they're doing things that would normally annoy - being upset and confused and unable to choose between two guys, or trying to learn how to be less clumsy and more 'feminine' to catch a guy's attention (hahaha).

I watched the episodes while away visiting family, and had nowhere to sit and put my initial response to each episode, so I'm only going to liveblog as I finish the series up to episode sixteen.

- My Prince, Episode 11: Spoilers )

- My Prince, Episode 12: Spoilers )


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