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The Rules

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee.

I've never wanted to suffer adverts (or pay for my journal) and so I'm afraid the choices were limited for [livejournal.com profile] mlina picking from my icons. Although there's quite a clear divide: two K-Drama icons, two Criminal Minds icons, and two misc/artsy icons.

My default icon is three characters from the K-Drama Story of a Man looking very sharp in their lovely suits. I went into the drama wanting to see how Philip Lee's second Korean acting role turned out and came out of it with a drama I love second only to Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi (which I have no icons of ONLY because there's *too much* epicness to encompass in 100x100 pixels!). The main character of the drama is the one on the far right, Kim Shin (played by Park Yong Ha). Write-ups make it sound a lot less interesting than it is. I have a pimp post about it should anyone ever be swayed by the icon enough to want to watch it. It is after all, why I keep using it ;D

My other K-Drama icon is of the Princes of Coffee Prince. Princes only in that their service is supposed to be as good as royalty or something (Han Kyul's marketing ideas are beyond me). And after all, if you know the plot - and Coffee Prince must be one of the best known K-Dramas out there - you'll know that one of the princes is a girl anyway. She's up in front looking adorably homely (but just look at some of her photoshoots and HOT DAMN). There's also Hot Waffle Guy on the left, stupid Min Yeop up the back and sexually ambiguous Ha Rim on the right. I would have loved to have 'The Voice' Han Sung in there too, but it's another ensemble package for me. I love the relationships between the workers of the Coffee Prince shop. I suppose I should have included Manager Hong but he wasn't in the promotional pic :P

Both my CM icons are made by the same person. I think I remember not seeing a huge selection and just liking this person's style and choice of subject matter ;D I love the team for the TEAM but I love Emily best and really wanted an icon just of her.

The other one I believe is the scene with Reid showing off his science 'magic' to the girls and Hotch walks in... Ah, I have discovered a write-up of the scene:

JJ: Nothing's happening.
Reid: Shhh watch [the rocket launches, JJ and Garcia scream, and it hits Emily in the head]
Emily: Ooh ow, what was that?
Reid: Oh, I am so sorry Emily!
Garcia: Don't you recognize a rocket when you see one?
Reid: I was merely demonstrating a physics law. I didn't mean to...
Emily: Oh show me!
Reid: Turn around.
Emily: Turn around?
Reid: A magician never reaveals his secrets.
Emily: I thought you said this was physics?
Garcia: He wont show us either. Trust me, it will do you no good to argue with him.
[rocket launches and lands in front of Hotch]
Hotchner: Physics magic?
Reid: Yes, sir.
Hotchner: Reid, we talked about this.
Reid: I'm sorry, sir.
Hotchner: [smiling] You're really starting to get some distance on these things.

The way to win over the ladies of the FBI is PHYSICS MAGIC. Which Hotch can't condone as mother of the team, but finds it adorable nonetheless ;)

Now for some more abstract icons. I have to say I think all of [livejournal.com profile] tomycoffee's graphics work is beautiful and I surfed the posts for hours and hours trying to whittle down what I wanted to use for myself. I so often ended up collecting posts with flowers or scenery, nature and landscapes. But I knew I wanted an icon with books because I talk so often about reading (and writing) and it could be my icon-mascot or something. A lot of books icons are too plain, or included people which for this I specifically didn't want. I also like icons with stacks of books in them but they can be too colourful or positioned in ways I dislike, and in the end this was what I chose for the simplicity.

I love peacock feathers. It's the brightness of them, the flamboyance. To me this icon sort of represents my creative side. For the drawing and art and sewing I really don't indulge in anymore. My overdramatic nature and tendency to abuse smilies in chatspeak and comments to assure myself that people know my intentions (cheeky, sarcastic, enthusiastic), because so often in life I've been told by people that they can't tell when I'm serious and when I'm joking, whether I realise that what I say could be interpreted as hurtful. I also love colour in general and the ways colours can be combined to create different moods and themes and play with it a lot. I suppose right now it could speak a little to my jewellery making (and wearing, because especially for me earrings are my huge fashion statement. The quirkier, brighter and bolder the better).
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So, I finished Coffee Prince today. I WILL GLADLY ADMIT I WAS WRONG ABOUT THAT SHOW. And I will cut because I told Cyn to watch it and I won't spoil it for her XD )

I even wrote fic for it, go figure! You know how you always end up writing things you never would've expected? Or characters you didn't think you would bother with? I mean, sometimes the lead characters are just too easy and not worth the writing, or the show keeps them so the focus that there's no space left to write about them in between.

On a non-fandomy front, mum is going away for a week tomorrow. She's staying with Lin. She started her holiday yesterday and I did Saturday on my own with no problems luckily! I had the last new girl to start to train up (we've had FOUR new people start in the past week, and we only have 15 people tops overall). No customer arguments, only one refund to do. I barely even remember any customers asking me questions or speaking to me at all! But the day goes fast when you're in charge and trying to make sure everything gets done. I had to help a couple of the girls with their jobs and make suggestions of how to fit things and change things around.

Nan is coming over Monday night anyway. New central heating is being fitted and she doesn't want to be around the mess or the noise. I think it's going to take about three days. She was just going to stay with both me and mum, but when I told her mum would be away she said she'd arrange it so she'd be here with me for a few days. That means she'll probably make dinner, and wash up and stuff XD I AM SO SPOILT. The only thing that sucks about being here alone is going to bed. I hate how creepy it feels to be the only one in the flat. No matter how safe we are, the absolute SILENCE bothers me. I can sleep knowing someone else is already asleep here.

If I'm lucky the two books I ordered will be here tomorrow. Though knowing my luck they won't fit in the damn postbox and I'll have to go get them from the Royal Mail office! Starting the Miles Vorkosigan books - I believe it's three volumes in one. And I picked out the 'Master and Commander' (Or Aubrey-Maturin) series because I was almost certain that the group of people I found about the Temeraire books from also read these and write fanfic for them. When I went back to find the evidence I was left empty-handed of course, but hell, we had one of the series at work with our £1.99 books so I thought I'd give them a go anyway. Slash potential, I am not too hard to please sometimes. But it will remain to be seen ;)

eta; Oh! I also read Naamah's Kiss. I forsee another trilogy in the making here! Or at least another volume - that book is a set-up for another book completely. It was a little weird, reading a story in another character's POV because it felt a little like Phedre at times, and the name-dropping of ancestors got a bit grating, but Carey did manage to be a little different in there. And focused a little more on the girlsex this time ;) A little.
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I watched both eps in one go today, because last Thursday I thought I'd just leave it til Sunday, and then I worked Sunday and didn't watch it, and then had today off instead of tomorrow so figured since it was Coffee Prince day anyway I could catch up!

Coffee Prince Episode 1 )

Coffee Prince Episode 2 )


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