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I'm having 'net troubles again, so instead of bitching about that I'm just going to talk about a comm I rediscovered today. I did know of it but I'd never explored it properly.

On my DW flist the community promotions comm has been more active, and someone posted linking to fic-promptly, which is based on the concept of [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic, and only just beginning. The Comment Fic comm is well established and looks well organised too, and I figured some of you might want to check it out.

Every Monday to Thursday a new theme is posted and you get to put prompts in the comments according to the theme and write ficlets in response. Once a day is over no more prompts are allowed but you can fill prompts at any time, the "lonely prompts" are collected up in a delicious account and you can search by specific fandom or the any/author's choice prompts if you want a bit more freedom to choose. I've been poking around the prompts to see if I could fill any old ones (apparently my computer is happy to load the delicious site!).

Friday is free-for-all, any prompts and no theme, and the weekend is to fill some of those lonely prompts specifically even though you can do that at any time.

I've probably said so much nobody is interested anymore; go check it out for yourself :D

(And duh, if the concept appeals obviously you could join the DW community and help that get off to a good start, I'm not just pimping the LJ one. And if anyone does prompt or anything let me know in case it's something I could possibly try my hand at? There's so many fandoms already there I don't even know!)
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I just thought I'd update you on the monitor-colour-wonkiness. You see, today the screen started to go red in the bottom corner, expanding upwards, and boy does it make your eyes hurt trying to read it. And then at lunchtime, all of a sudden the screen went dark, dark, dark grey! Just so I could make out a bit of my wallpaper, and my G!Talk box. Sort of. When I turned the screen it would show up the yellow-tinged colour for about a second, then flip to dark-dark-grey. Couldn't see a THING, so I had to turn the computer off by guessing where the shutdown button was (FUN XD) and then I charged down to work at the end of the day and dragged mum with me to Comet to buy a new screen. It's all black and shiny, unlike my old one (did you know it said on the back it was produced in 2003?) and everything's so WHITE NOW!

So Cyn, you can stop asking where I've been; I'VE BEEN STRANDED!

On the plus side, I sat and watched TWSSG on my DVD player and got through almost five episodes :D


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