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(Of course as soon as I promise to update more LJ does it's usual fuck-up thing ;) I'm crossposting from now on via my dreamwidth which I finally imported all my entries into! So now it is actually a copy of my LJ plus drama flails :) ADD IF YOU WANT <3333333

A Christmassy picspam before Christmas! )

I have work today from 12-5:30pm, and mum is at work tonight until about 1 or 2am so our Christmas morning will likely start late. I'll be up and about early morning my time though, so I'll be online until present opening time XD Except the couple I'm going to open before, like this parcel.
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Haven't updated for a while! Seems when there's no Criminal Minds I have no reason to chat ;)

Christmas was good. Really nice. Christmas Day mum and I got up and opened our presents from one another. Then we went to my nan and grandad's for lunch and stayed til about 7pm. We watched a few Christmas films!

Boxing Day Jan had booked mum and I a meal over the road at the Toby Carvery, and then a pantomime in the afternoon - Beauty and the Beast. It was really good fun, but the story was handled a little strangely. And it was a shame there wasn't a bigger crowd but it wasn't their first show and I'm sure they were used to it by now.

Yesterday was just lazing around for me - mum agreed to go into work. And today was Bank Holiday so I only worked 9 til 4pm instead of 8 til 5:30pm. And I kept myself well occupied rearranging my card racks now that the Christmas cards are done with, and then Jan took on my suggestion of moving the candles and ornaments together to make room for more textiles and bedding - we always seem to sell loads in the new year. All related to spring cleaning I suppose, new towels and bedding are bought.

Everyone seems to be getting sick all of a sudden, so I'm planning on keeping well away from everyone XD

I've finished my first book that I got for Christmas - Medalon by Jennifer Fallon. Part of a trilogy, and I'm already into the second book. Natalie bought me a few books, and wore a pair of the earrings mum and I bought her for Christmas to work today :D I really did think I knew what she would like - we have similar taste but not exactly the same. I wouldn't necessarily wear what I bought for her, but I liked the earrings well enough.

Mondays are a bit sucky though - it's nearly 11pm and mum is still up. On a regular night she goes to bed at somewhere between 8 and 9pm, 10pm on Thursday when Bones is on XD I started doing some writing and now I can't get into it properly with her behind me watching TV and randomly asking questions and stuff. Blah.

At least Friday is New Year's Day and I get that day off. But Sunday is stock-take and it's compulsory to go to work. And start at 7am. Yay.

Yuletide continues to amaze me. If I were a mod I'd have snapped and threatened to stop doing it by now. I hate whingers and moaners, even if I can be one sometimes ;) Why can't people understand how much work it all involves? And that things take time? And eventually all the bugs and niggly things will be straightened out, and new features will be implemented that you never would've gotten the old way!


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