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-communities that should exist, if they already don't.

A comm for reading that basically goes like this: "I like x-book(s)/x-series/x-author(s)", what else might I like based on this information, and why?" (For example, similar themes explored, authors with similar writing styles, inclusion of characters you can identify with, if you've speficied certain traits.)

I mean, it's always nice to get book recs from the flist, and I'll never stop asking, but to have a big LJ comm with hundreds of people sharing their opinions would be cool :D

And there could be tags for "if i like Neil Gaiman" which would lead you to posts where people rec other books based on people who like Neil Gaiman! ...You see my point.

(Also, I am tired. That is my excuse for a. if this makes little sense, and b. WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST GO LOOK FOR A COMM LIKE THAT YOURSELF, LAZY? XD)
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I like Google Reader; I keep up to date with the online comics I read without either forgetting for weeks and then reading 50 strips in a row, or checking obsessively every day because I forget which days they actually update in a week ;D And it's also useful for LJ feeds which I took off my flist because some update in waves and I get lost amongst all the posts. Google Reader also keeps them all under their own individual names so you can just go through one at a time (see: comic strips altogether rather than updates in between), and you can mark some to go back to and probably lots of other features I don't care to use.

I spent a couple of hours this morning on GoodReads adding childhood books. That was fun! And found Noey had an account. I only have Noey and Cyn friended there so if anyone else wants to, tell me if you have an account so I can stalk you XD

On a very related note, have a linkspam of things reccomended to me on Google Reader:

Honeymoon Suite: So you'd either be too creeped out by the spectators or too memerized to actually *enjoy* your honeymoon...

The way things were? I like them better just the way they are now. Mother Nature's gift to us!

Postcard-en: I have never called paper and plants adorable before but I am now.

Skull Spoons: I think with the teeth they're actually more like sporks XD

The Most Confusing bookshelf: Seriously, I've looked at every picture and I still can't work it out

World Coolest Treehouse? It reminds me of the Ewoks, personally...
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I'm home! My interview took not even ten minutes. The hotel was very clean and classy but the room was tiny considering it's for two adults and a child usually (we of course had the cost adjusted for three adults), and man how expensive is food?! This afternoon while waiting for our cab home were each had a cup of tea and that cost £7.50 for three. You do the math!

On the bright side, Ipswich turned out to be a goldmine for books, charity-shop-wise. The Oxfam shop especially was a branch dedicated only to books and I found three books in there for £11 altogether.

I had happened to be thinking about reading more Guy Gavriel Kay books but was having trouble really finding much through amazon (for example). I found THREE different books by him altogether in the charity shops, and one of them looks practically brand new and was selling in Waterstone's for £9.99 which I know because I had picked it up earlier to look at it. It was labeled £2 but they were doing "all books £1" in the charity shop I got it from. Could I have gotten more of a coincidental bargain? XD I love charity shops for the sheer randomness of what you find.

So, I got:
Forest Mage, Robin Hobb - I wasn't enthused about this series after pre-ordering the first volume years ago when it came out and not really wanting to continue the rest, but this volume I bought is hardback, only cost me £5 instead of the £18+ it was marketed at, and she still wrote my favourite books so it's kind of nice to own everything she's written, especially since I never finished the series. It wasn't abysmal, it just wasn't what I had been expecting from her. I'll give it a chance).
The Wilding, C.S Friedman - Even since I randomly gave 'In Conquest Born' a chance and really enjoyed it I had been intending to read this one, and had little luck getting hold of it. I'm talking years of intending to get it and searching. The chances of finding it were amazing.
The Summer Tree, Guy Gavriel Kay - See above! I had happened to pick up this in Waterstone's, being one of the authors they carried something by, which I didn't already own. I wasn't looking for anything in particular by him, just more than what I'd already read (The Lions of Al-Rassan and Sailing to Sarantium). But I wasn't going to just shell out £10 like that. With good reason :D)
A Song for Arbonne, Guy Gavriel Kay - £1.50. They also had Assassin's Apprentice for £1.25 but I figured just because you love a series that's no reason to collect it all over again now that they've re-issued them with new covers you don't even like ;)
Tigana, Guy Gavriel Kay - £2.99 in Oxfam. One of the more expensive books, but when you buy used from amazon they start at £2.75 just for postage, even if they charge you 1p for the actual book it's close enough that I might as well just buy and have the book in hand.
The Sword of Shannara, Terry Brooks and The Elfstones of Shannara, Terry Brooks - A girl from work bought me a set of three books from the Shannara universe and they weren't horrific so I thought I'd give some others a go. Any fantasy book I don't throw across the room in disgust or despair these days I'll read more of just for something to read!

Apart from that I bought a couple more pairs of long shorts for the eventual holiday from Peacocks and a new pair of earrings that are hoops made to look like the teeth of zips with a zip on them and a small portion of zip open. They're more awesome than I can explain ;) Oh and also three ceramic owl magnets from evolution. I love owls and I don't even know why!
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Finished reading Gods of Amyrantha by Jennifer Fallon. Comments? NEXT BOOK PLEASE NOW. Damn you Australia! If only I was there, I could buy books three AND four! Stupid publishing company who haven't even discussed releasing the series in the UK yet. Stuuupid. I need to know what happens next! I need to know why things have happened up until now! I need to be able to read any resulting Yuletide fics!

A girl at work is reading Twilight. Now, I don't follow [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda religiously by any means, but I know enough about Twilight to know what a joke it seems to be. When Gem emailed me back at the end of August she said she was reading it, too. And now the girl at work says she'll lend it to me. I promised to read it just so my opinion can be informed. At the moment I just pass on the hearsay that it is bad, a middle aged woman's vampire porno fantasy written out complete with sparkles and stalking. It's just what I've heard!

But then, I just read a werewolf story that a different girl from work lent me. Once we got past the "Change, something you can't reverse, just like the sensation of unstoppable labour pangs" or however she put it (on the first page) and we got to the politics or werewolves and the mystery of WHODUNNIT and killed various townspeople I was actually interested in that part. There's two more books from the look of it (and the names get worse because the first chapter of the next one was in the first book and I browsed it), and I'm going to see how they go too. CHRISTMAS, COME SOON! COME SOON SO I CAN BE GIFTED GOOD FICTION.

I'm considering trying out the Mazalan Books of the Fallen - has anyone ever read any of them?

I'm sure there are other things to be said, but eh. Books are plenty to be going on with!
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Anyone feel like rambling about the last book they read? Or their favourite book(s)? I just read A Wizard of Earthsea and considering how damn short it was, it was really hard-going to get through. So instead of moving onto the next Earthsea story, I am rereading The Lion of Senet, which is such an easy, plot-filled read (no these things aren't contradictory I swear!).

You get bonus points if the book(s) you ramble about is/are fantasy ;) I just want to book-ramble sometimes!
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Love carboots. Today I spent £2.00. And I got:

- Terry Prachett, The Colour of Magic [50p] (Usually TP books are £2 EACH on every stall and since I can only remember trying to read a couple of his books at about age 11 and not being able to get into them, I won't risk that much per book).

- Ship of Destiny, Robin Hobb [50p] HARDBACK, brand spanking new. And yes I already own it, but I'm getting a double of everything because they're all prtty worn out. And well, some are paperback, some are large paperback and some are hardback and it's annoying because I can't put them all in order that way.

- Pan's Labyrinth DVD [£1.00] Looks like if it's been watched it was only once; all the advertising junk you get inside the box is still there. ONE POUND. I am so glad I followed my instincts and went back to that stall to ask. It'd cost me £15 on the internet new ;)

So, a productive day :D And I think I'm going to start keeping note of the books I've read coz I usually do over the course of the year and haven't this year. But I can start from September onwards? :)

Let's see;

Sabriel, Garth Nix
[Lirael, Garth Nix]
[Abhorsen, Garth Nix]
The Lion of Senet, Jennifer Fallon (Second Sons Trilogy book 1)
The Eye of the Labyrinth, Jennifer Fallon (Second Sons Trilogy book 2)
Lord of the Shadows, Jennifer Fallon (Second Sons Trilogy book 3)
Death Note volume 8, Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata
Death Note volume 9, Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata
Death Note volume 10, Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata
Brilliance of the Moon, Lian Hearn (Tales of the Otori book 3)
[The Harsh Cry of the Heron, Lian Hearn (Tales of the Otori book 4)]
The Gunslinger, Stephen King (Dark Tower Series book 1)
[The Drawing of the Three, Stephen King (Dark Tower Series book 2)]
[The Wastelands, Stephen King (Dark Tower Series book 3)]
Temeraire, Naomi Novik
[Temeraire: Throne of Jade, Naomi Novik]

(In square brackets means haven't read yet, but they're in there because they are part of series I am working my way through, and are in my possession just waiting to be read!)

Oh, and Cyn, I still this afternoon, had ":P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P" under c&p ;)


Aug. 2nd, 2007 08:49 am
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Heh, about fifteen minutes ago the phone started ringing, and I'd only just decided to get out of bed so I didn't bother answering it (AS IF I WOULD ANYWAY; on my day off I steadfastly refuse to acknowledge the phone), but looking at the time, I reckon someone's called in sick or not turned up to work, since Julie left last week and Tara's mother was supposed to start today and try so maybe she realised she's a big woman and won't handle it (it's a hard job and we've had repeated proof that bigger girls can't handle up and down the stairs all day and that it's a waste of time to everyone involved). But heh, I don't want to go on, and I don't HAVE to go in. I don't want the money that bad, and I just want my bloody days off.

Jan only have five girls on Sunday (you need at a minimum six really) and didn't call us because she thought we'd be going carbooting (WELL IT HAS BEEN AGES). But the day got nicer as it went on, so in the morning when we WOULD have gone, it looked drizzly and we didn't. Still, SCORE.

I don't need the money that bad, it's not like I want to move out tomorrow. Hahaha unlike two of the girls at work who are moving out of their parent's houses and in together. It won't last two seconds. None of my business anyway ;)

I read this book yesterday that our neighbour Lorraine offered amongst a pile; Don't Tell Mummy by Toni Maguire. Just like a lot of fic I've recently read, the ending fell completely flat.

It's awful to be able to understand that, and yet, MY endings suck quite frequently too, when I rush them with a sudden idea and it becomes disjointed, or I just make it up as I go along, or whatever. I also hate coming full circle sometimes, because I feel like I have no other style of writing, and that if the first and last lines are so similar, why bother with everything between?

Anyway, speaking of reading, Cyn finished The Time Traveler's Wife, hehe :D My mum, however, I think has abandoned it and tried to get me to explain the ending, a conversation which ended with the feeble, "well, you'd have to really read it to understand".

A couple of Christmas fic exchanges are having sign-ups already; does that mean Yuletide is due soon? I want AWN fic, and lots of Fool backstory I don't trust anyone to write!


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