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There's one thing that really pisses me off in The Sandman series. You know how Lucian is the librarian of all books that have never actually existed? I HAVE HAD SO MANY DREAMS OF BOOKS I'VE NEVER WRITTEN OR READ. BOOKS MY FAVOURITE AUTHORS NEVER WROTE. I could fill my own library! And I don't remember any of them. That really annoys me a huge amount. Why can't I remember?

This post is brought to you by the fact that last night I dreamt there were at least five or six books on my bookshelf (that aren't actually there) sitting there waiting to be read and I couldn't work out why I'd never tried reading any of them before.

My new haircut is annoying me, too. Where I've slept on it the back all puffs up. I've had to wet it to keep it down and now it just feels greasy. And I could put it up, but only parts of it, because it's all layered everywhere and different lengths.
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Maybe I'm too picky, and if so I apologize, but that's TWO disappointing things I've had to watch today. A film, and a drama series I have one more episode to get through, but the second half of the series is nowhere near as good as the first. It's like Nobuta wo Produce all over again!

Except I'm certain this time that the two boys won't run off and leave our heroine ALL ALONE.


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