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Just finished rewatching Peacemaker Kurogane. I've definitely confused my anime canon with my manga canon, though. I kept expecting to see certain scenes in the anime that never happened. Hijikata/Okita is still the best, but somehow I find myself willing to ship anyone and everyone now; Okita/Tatsu-nii (except not really; HIJIKATA/OKITA OTP!), Susumu/Tatsu-nii, Susumu/Tetsu, still Susumu/Ayumu (most people who've stuck around long enough must know by no incest is no barrier for me in fiction!), Yoshida/Suzu, Saizou/everyone ;D

Finished rereading Kushiel's Dart today, too. The book was so complex when it came to politics, the first two or even three readings so much of it went over my head, all the names and allies. But now, having read six books and having so much knowledge of what comes after, every word is so much more poignant, especially when it comes to Alcuin and Anafiel Delauney. The words are so beautiful, and not too flowery for me, it simply works. I hadn't intended to pick this book up, because I knew I'd be setting myself up to read the first trilogy at the very least, if not the whole six, reading Imriel's stories too. I had wanted to reread the Death Note manga first, but I was taking books to work to read on lunchbreak in between having nothing on the ipod I particularly wanted to watch, and carrying about four manga volumes just to fill the space was not really something I wanted to do.

I've started watching Koshonin, only two episodes in so far. I am not going to comment yet, except that of course I need to know more about Mariya and Usagi! I must know what he has done, and why she continues to visit him! I must understand just what exactly I find so compelling about her looks, because she sure does pull a lot of bored/discontent/pouty faces that should not be attractive!

Mum and I have also been marathoning Criminal Minds. We're almost at the end of season 3 now, I think. I know them all by heart, I don't have to pay much attention. It's hilarious how I know exactly what happens in an episode after the first few seconds, because even with other shows I have adored, like CSI, I could never remember the specifics. Emily is still the best ever-ever. I love her to pieces. Hotch, too. I really adored Reid the most on first watch (oh no, nothing to do with him being the adorable, very handsome geek!), but now it has to be Emily (and Hotch). And Reid's mum. She's in a class all her own, she's wonderful.

I don't think I have anything else to report; I am starting to piece together some interests of mine (music, books, tv shows) to put into my userinfo. And I am browsing my amazon wishlist to work out what to treat myself to when my nan and grandad give me money for my birthday; here's a selection of what I showed Cyn I am considering: )

Some of these things are definites, just waiting for release dates. And some aren't currently available. But there's plenty for me to choose from :D


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