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Let's talk [community profile] kink_bingo!

I didn't get a new card this year; I didn't actually post up the Massu graphic/icons I made last June for amnesty, because I made the decision not to sign up for a new card when I'd disappointed myself with the lack of fic writing in regards to my old ones. Not that there's anything wrong with making icons/graphics for kink bingo! But because I consider myself primarily a fic writer, to go two years in a row without completing even one fic for either card was disheartening (I do have the first few parts of a WIP posted; it's LOCKED because of porn, but it's PoT, Sanada/Yukimura for the emotion play square, and if anyone wants to read it I will absolutely add them so they can see it!). The first year I made a bunch of MLP:FiM icons simply to make amnesty, not because I had actually planned to XD

The plan, though, is to tackle these two cards and make some kind of fic progress, and have things to post during amnesty! Then perhaps next year I will be ready for a new card, maybe even attempt a bingo! ;)

SO, my old Kink Bingo cards [NSFW!]: (If anyone would like to know the centre squares before they click: one is a man who has been flogged, a cat o nine tails draped over his reddened back, and the other is a man with rope around his neck in a way that doesn't immediately suggest bondage, a leash or breathplay to me, but could probably be interpreted any way!)

Kink Bingo Card 2010 )

Kink Bingo Card 2011 )

A lot of the kinks I have on these cards have been renamed/merged by now, but still exist under a different name, or wide categories! I read up on posting things from older rounds during amnesty; basically you just look for the kink closest to what you had on your card at the time and tag it under that :)

Something I am seriously considering doing with my cards is combining two kinks at a time; some of them are such broad categories that I can't narrow them down to one idea, so combining them with another kink takes them in a more specific direction and gives me plot ideas.

For example, I have ideas/a WIP for:

Sid/Joe: film/photography, and body part fetishes (other)
Marv/Don: mirrors, and nippleplay
Marv/Gai: animal play

(I'm also thinking about 'mirrors and doubles' for Marv/Don but focusing on the doubles side of the square instead of the mirrors side since it's almost a repeat, and because we like the idea of Marv!Don very much [it's the best way to explain all that tremblinguke!Marv fanart!] 8D But I'm not sure whether I want/need to combine that one with another square? What do we think?)

To help you out, here is a handy list of all the prompts I still have left!

All My Kink Bingo Squares )

May I just add that if anyone ever wanted to throw a pairing and a kink (or TWO ;D) at me for brainstorming or prompting purposes, well. Maybe we could make some magic happen.

I'm pretty mono-fannish at the moment (GOKAIGER!) when it comes to writing, but I'd still love to write PoT, OOO, and potentially anything else you can think of that I know! (When I watch more Nanoha there may be Nanoha fic, for example).


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