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[ Prince of Tennis ]
EP116-117 Special - Seigaku vs. Champion Rikkaidai.
I'm Going to Win!

Child 1: Hey, big brother, are you really strong?
Child 2: That's right! He's Japan's number one!
Nurse: Now you kids, does it look like noon break to you?
Child 1: Uh-oh, we got caught...
(All four children): See ya later, big brother!
Nurse: Really, those kids just love sticking with you.
Nurse: Oh, I almost forgot - your friend is here to see you.
Yukimura: ...Sanada.

Sanada: We've finally entered to Kantou finals. We can continue our undefeated streak. Despite the loss of our captain we're a good team that will be the champion for the third time.
Yukimura: Sorry for the trouble.
Sanada: That's okay. For now just focus on recovering... Yukimura? What's the matter? Is something wrong?
Yukimura: I haven't told anyone yet... that the success rate of the operation is very low.
Sanada: What?
Yukimura: At any rate, I can't play tennis in my current state.
Niou: Here?
Yagyuu: Probably here...
Marui: Hey!
Niou: Here you are.
Marui: We brought something, Yukimura.
Yagyuu: I apologize for the crowd.
Yukimura: How's it going?
Niou: One hundred percent problem-free.
Yagyuu: Right now we're concentrating on the Nationals. Tomorrow's Kantou finals are nothing to worry about.
Marui: Mmm, tres bien.
Yanagi: We trained according to Genichirou's menu today. There's nothing to worry about.
Marui: Can I eat this?
Niou: Ah! You opened our gift for the captain!
Yukimura: That's okay. I'm glad to see that everyone's fine.
Yanagi: It feels lonely practicing without you.
Niou: Come back soon, then we can play tennis together.
Yukimura: I know...
[Sanada turns and walks away from the group. Yukimura is seemingly the only one to notice him go.]
Marui: So when are you coming back? Tomorrow? The day after?
Niou: What are you talking about? He can't return that quickly.
Yagyuu: You guys...
Yukimura: Sanada...

Jackal: We're late. The captain is waiting.
Kirihara: But why is my training menu twice as hard as everyone else's?
Jackal: It's your senpai's way of showing their love.
Kirihara: I'm not really happy about that. I don't get it...
[Something catches Kirihara's eye.] Huh?
Jackal: What's wrong, Akaya?
[Kirihara walks to the doorway of Tachibana's hospital room, where Fuj is visiting.] Heh, this is quite a scene.
Fuji: Rikkidai Fuzoku.
Tachibana: Kirihara Akaya.


[Sanada stands at the traffic lights, recalling the conversation between himself and Yukimura]
Yukimura: At any rate, I can't play tennis in my current state. No matter what the risks are, I want to gamble on tomorrow's surgery. Then I can keep my word and play in the Nationals with you.
Sanada: Yukimura... [Sanada steps out onto a busy road]
Echizen: Wait! ...The light's red.


Echizen: Hey.
Sanada: Do you want something?
Echizen: Can you humour me for a bit? I want to return the favour from last time... as soon as possible.

Momoshiro: What's wrong, Tachibana's sister? ...Hey Echizen, if you were going to go ahead of us, you should...
[He puts a hand on Jackal's shoulder, and is met with an annoyed look. Kirihara also turns round].
Kirihara: Oh, there are more of you from Seigaku.
Momoshiro: Kirihara...
Ann: What are you guys doing here?
Kirihara: I heard you were hospitalized, but I didn't know it was this hospital. By the way, what are Seigaku and Fudomine doing here together? Could you be exchanging information? Or are you just preparing your own room for use after tomorrow's match?
Jackal: Stop it, Akaya.
Kirihara: I'm just greeting them. Hey, Tachibana-san...
Tachibana: What is it?
Kirihara: To tell you the truth, I don't sympathize with you. Obviously I'm not going to apologize either.
Momoshiro: What did you just say?
Kirihara: I do feel that you don't look too good like this-
Momoshiro: Kirihara!
Fuji: Stop!
Momoshiro: Why are you stopping me, Fuji-senpai?
Fuji: Stop it, Momo!
Momoshiro: But it's already gone too far!
Fuji: Stop it.
Momoshiro: ...Okay.
Fuji: I apologize for his yelling.
Kirihara: I guess this is what they mean by, 'the weaker the dog, the louder the bark'.
Jackal: Oi, Akaya, let's go.
[As they turn to leave, Fuji begins to laugh. Kirihara and Jackal both turn back].
Tachibana: Fuji...
[He continues to laugh]
Kirihara: What's so funny?
Fuji: Sorry. But you're the one who's been barking from the beginning, Kirihara-kun.

Echizen: Let's go.
Sanada: You sure are stubborn. No matter how many times we do this the result will be the same.
Sanada: ...It seems you have improved since we last played.
Echizen: Thank you. Here's the next one.
Sanada: It might be interesting to end our duel here, since we won't be facing each other tomorrow.
Echizen: What do you mean by that?
Sanada: I'm playing Singles One.
Echizen: So?
Sanada: The finals will end in three matches. I won't get to play.
Echizen: I quit.
Sanada: What's wrong? Are you scared?
Echizen: I want to return the favour during the finals.
Sanada: Didn't you hear me? I'm-
Echizen: Seigaku will win tomorrow. So, later.


Sanada: Tezuka... You left something really interesting behind.

Kirihara: Here they come.
Marui: I wonder who we'll face.
Niou: The result will be the same anyway.
Jackal: But we can't underestimate them.
Yanagi: There are several passionate guys on Seigaku's team...
Yagyuu: All we can do is play our best.
Sanada: Okay. Let's go.


Niou: Seigaku is having a strategic meeting?
Marui: Who are we facing?
Sanada: They're missing a couple of people.
Jackal: Now that you mention it, the spiky-haired guy we me at the hospital isn't here.
Kirihara: That bandana dude isn't here either.
Marui: I can't believe they're going to have to forfeit.
Kirihara: So careless...
Jackal: No, the finals are just as important to them.
Yanagi: You're right.
Yagyuu: Which means?


(Images can be used, but I'd appreciate credit because it took a while to put them all together).


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