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EP54 - Kaidoh Kaoru's Special Training

Umpire: Game to Sanada, five games to two!
Sanada: Your hands are getting stiff, Nishiki-senpai.
Nishiki: When you come to high school you'll be a Regular, Sanada.
Shiba: Amazing, Sanada-kun. That Nishiki-kun, was a member of last year's winning team in the National tournament, right?
Inoue: Right. To take the lead from Junior High graduate Nishiki-kun...
Sanada: Inoue-san, don't make me laugh! Because of entrance exams, graduates have a blank. We have been playing during their break, there's no way we will lose! Rikkai was the National Champion three times. There's no weakness!
Shiba: What confidence.
Inoue: It's confidence based on their true strength.
Shiba: But Seigaku, with Tezuka-kun and the super rookie is also entering into the Kantou Regionals.
Inoue: There's the finish!
Shiba: Eh?
Umpire: Game and match, Sanada, six games to two.
Sanada: Absolutely no problem. In terms of true strength, Hyotei is better. They're actually a lot more difficult to deal with. Hyotei always saves their best members for the Kantou Regionals.
Inoue: to say that Seigaku is not a problem...
Shiba: How can that be?

Inoue: That is.. Rikkaidai Junior High's sophomore ace...
Shiba: Kirihara Akaya.
Senpai: Too easy kid! ...Not yet!
Inoue: To be able to play evenly with a graduate... He's as strong as rumoured.
Shiba: Finally found you! The junior high boy with no manners at all!
Inoue: But Kirihara-kun looks really tired already.
Sanada: This is his eighth opponent already.
Shiba: He beat all of the graduate opponents?
Sanada: He has amazing concentration. At first I was suspicious too. Normal people wouldn't be able to concentrate for such a long time. It's an instinct, not something you can train for.
Shiba: Does that mean, Sanada-kun, that you can't beat him either?
Sanada: Are you kidding me? He's still ten years away! I could crush him with no problems.
Shiba: Inoue-senpai... Those graduates... They're all left-handed. What does that mean?
Inoue: Formulating a plan for all left-handed opponents, huh? Left-handed players in the Kantou Regionals... Seigaku's Tezuka-kun?
Shiba: Ryoma-kun is also left-handed.
Inoue: That's true. I wonder who the target he's practicing for is... Kirihara Akaya. Let's go.

(Images can be used, but I'd appreciate credit because it took a while to put them all together).


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