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[ Prince of Tennis ]
EP49 - A Different Kind of Fight

Voiceover: It's almost the last stop. Please check your area to be sure you don't forget anything.
Bus Driver: Sir, it's the last stop. Last stop.
Kirihara: Last stop? Huh, I don't see my school... Where is this?


Kirihara: I overslept and stopped off at a different school. Huh? Today's practice game? It's noon already, so it's impossible. Where am I now? Hmm... I wonder. Oh, it's written here. Hello Sensei, I found out where I am. Huh? Geez, don't hang up on me...
Kirihara: Heh, Seigaku. Let's go check them out.

Kirihara: Heh, so this is Seigaku's tennis club. They're pretty good. I wonder who Tezuka-san is.
Shiba: Ah, nice Fuji-kun. So lovely, so handsome...
Kirihara: What? Spy from another school?
Shiba: Nice, cool!
Kirihara: But she looks kinda old for it...
Shiba: You called me old, right? Just because you're in Junior High doesn't mean you can go around calling people in their twenties 'old'!
[phone rings] Yes... Yes... What?! Are you serious Inoue-senpai? Yes, yes. I understand. I will return shortly.
Shiba: I'll spare you because it's an emergency situation, but you're not getting off easy next time!
[she snaps a photo of Kirihara] Going to remember your face for future reference! Whaa, gotta get going!

Kirihara: Strange lady... Whatever. Tezuka-san is...
Oishi: You don't look like a student from Seigaku. Do you need something?
Kirihara: They're on to me already.
Kirihara: I guess it can't be helped. I'm Rikkaidai Junior High's junior ace... The famous Kirihara Akaya.
Inui: Rikkaidai Junior High... The school that ended the finals in the Kanagawa Prefecture in a total of one hour. Kantou's number one team.
Oishi: He's from Sanada. I wonder what Kanagawa's representative wants with Seigaku.
Kirihara: I came to do a little spying.
Momoshiro: Spy?

Kawamura: Spy?
Arai: What is he trying to do? That bastard...
Momoshiro: Arai!
Tezuka: What are you guys doing?
Kirihara: Oh, I found you. You're Tezuka-san, right? The one my senpais have an eye on. You're the only one that defeated my senpais in the Kantou Districts last year. I just want a match. It's okay, right?
Tezuka: People no in the club should leave.
Kirihara: Come on Tezuka-san. Just one set is fine. Don't be so strict. You must be tired keeping up this face all the time. Don't be so tough, eh?
Arai: Yo, don't be disrespecting our captain! Hurry up and leave!
[Arai hits a tennis ball at Kirihara who catches it with his racquet and begins to bounce it lightly in front of him]
Kirihara: ...Can you not cut into our conversation?
Arai: He lightly fielded my serve...
Kirihara: I'm not saying we're going to go all out. Just want to play this through, one ball at a time.
Kirihara: This is a bad atmosphere.
I'm going to crush you! Just kidding. No is no. Can't help that. Hey you, in the back! Here's your ball! Heh, that was cool. [The ball sails past Arai and hits Momo square in the face, knocking him down, which causes a chain reaction on the courts]. Hey, hey. This doesn't look good...
Kaidoh: Who did this?
Junior: Oh, Kaidoh is really mad.
Kaidoh: Who did this?
Juniors: Settle down, Kaidoh!
Kirihara: Doh...
[He makes a run for it].
Tezuka: Everyone! Thirty laps around the field!

Ryuzaki-sensei: Rikkai's Kirihara was here, eh? They're a National level team. If we play well we'll see them for sure. We have to further strengthen our team.
Tezuka: Yes, I understand. Starting tomorrow we'll have our intra-school ranking competition to determine the Kantou representatives.
Inui: Gotta think about the orders and the schedules.


Kirihara: This is a big school. I got lost.
[as he turns a corner he walks into Echizen and they both fall over] Ou... Ouch.
Echizen: Ou... Ouch.
Kirihara: Oops, are you okay? Hey, are you in the tennis club?
Echizen: I don't know.
Kirihara: I took Seigaku's ball with me. Can you return this for me?
[He throws it at Echizen who catches it with his racquet without looking back].
Echizen: Thanks.
Kirihara: Heh, Seigaku...


Driver: Next stop is Rikkaidai Junior High, Rikkaidai Junior High. Geez, it can't be helped, that student is sleeping again. Sir, you're going to go to the last stop again! Sir!

(Images can be used, but I'd appreciate credit because it took a while to put them all together).


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