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Time for an update!

I am totally deleting all the crap I just wrote about blah feelings. Let's talk about ANIME!

So, I just recently watched the first season of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, and ended up with LOTS OF FEELS XD

I think the most poignant part for me was right at the end of episode ten, when Nanoha and Fate face off for their 'first and final battle!'. I'm so glad they had it when they did, but gosh I just started sobbing when Nanoha made it clear that she understood that they had to do this, there was no other option, because Fate couldn't just stop now, not after putting all of herself into doing this thing. It was like, "the only way for you to be able to stop is if I defeat you fair and square. It's the only way I can relieve you of your burden, and maybe you'll be able to smile and stop being so lonely then." SO YES THAT WAS WHEN I STARTED SOBBING. Nanoha is so wonderful! Fate is so tortured! And strong! They're both so strong. 

Another thing I really liked, that I can imagine a lot of people wouldn't agree with, is how quickly Fate bounced back from the revelation about Alicia. I think you can easily justify it as a part of her strength of character, but I can definitely imagine some people may have wanted more out of that, to have it turned into a proper plot arc in itself. (Okay, so if it had been a pretty boy emotionally tortured maybe I would too, I have a soft spot for those XD) But I was so glad we got to see her be so amazing and realise some really important truths for herself and her own happiness. And Arf was really key to that, too, she had a very special place beside Fate. A lot of that gave me lots of personal feels about people needing to prioritise their own needs and happiness.

And then at the END. When Fate wanted to know how to become friends with someone! I was sobbing, "YOU ALREADY ARE!" ;;;;;;;;;; and Nanoha said, "you just have to call out that persons name."

Every. Single. Time Fate said Nanoha's name, in every single sentence she spoke from that moment I think I cried a bit more. It was so beautiful. AND THEN THEY SWAPPED HAIR RIBBONS BECAUSE THEY WERE GOING TO BE SEPARATED BUT THEY WANTED TO HAVE A PART OF ONE ANOTHER TO KEEP WITH THEM. OH GIRLS, MY HEART.

I did actually immediately start loading the second season after that, but I had watched episodes 9-13 in one evening and decided my heart couldn't take anymore wonderful right then. So I'll be getting back into it very soon XD

Also I needed to flail properly! Before I could go on this season had to get a moment of appreciation first! I think that's only fair!

I might even try and get back into proper flailposts when I watch things. Anime isn't the best medium for that because the episodes are pretty short, but it isn't impossible! And after falling utterly in love with Firefly (yeah I kind of regret not having flailposts for that but I was WAY TOO BUSY FLAILING TO WRITE DOWN WORDS) I will definitely be making a proper post when I watch the movie Serenity (hi Bhex 8D)

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