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Today has been a good day, and I am going to share some of the reasons why:

- Email notif for something shipping :D HI-MIT-SU~ (Can I just say I love how that word allows you to string it out, what use is it trying to sing-song "see-ee-cret~"? XD)
- Got invited to Mike and Kim's for dinner and boardgames tomorrow XD
- NO STUPID Q&A SESSION DURING THE AUDIT AT WORK!!!1!!!! Did hear Mike and our store manager both getting drilled though. And I don't know if either of them came out of it with sparkling results :x
- My hours for next week, while having the down side of being less than 20hrs total, are only spread over three days, meaning I have four glorious days off to talk to people, make FEELINGSTAGSā„¢, read books, watch KDramas... Okay so I won't get all of those things done, but I have the best of intentions! <3
- I DID THIS AMAZING PIPING AT WORK I CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN. JUST TRUST ME. Sid-sempai, you'll be so proud of me.
- Noey and I talking and flailing properly for the first time in what feels like forever.


I turned a corner today, I think. I came home tired and with a pain in my shoulder from stress (I'm not going into it, suffice to say someone at work with a reputation for being the only person I Do Not Like found out I am leaving and it's probably going to spread like wildfire :|), BUT now I am feeling positive about things I haven't felt positive about for... months.

This doesn't solve all my problems, but this is me turning a corner. And sitting here smiling <3
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