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Okay so here is the update:

I went to work.

I did not have work today.

My shift got changed from 10:30am-5:30pm to 12:30pm-5:30pm, I knew this. What I hadn't realised somehow was that it had also been shifted from Monday to Tuesday.

Well, pile that embarrassment on top of the morning I had: I burst into tears. In front of Mike (the assistant manager, who is a really nice guy and he and his wife Kim have given me a few lifts home from work now and we chat.)

Mike, who, to his absolute credit, stayed with me the entire time and listened to all my ridiculous emo tearful ramblings. Then told me I shouldn't be making myself sick just to ensure I don't hurt other people.

I have to admit it was really good to be able to just tell someone who is not involved in my online circle at all how I was feeling. I've been dying for an (offline) ear to listen to me for months, but I don't have anyone.

When I said I didn't have any friends on the island Mike actually took offence, told me he and Kim consider themselves my friends. I think I managed a tearful thank you.

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Date: 2012-01-09 06:37 pm (UTC)
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This Mike and this Kim. I think I love them already.


Em, you deserve good people in your life. People who can look out for you when we can't because it does help to have someone hold your hand physically.

I'm glad he was there for you. That he and his wife are there for you.


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