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[ Prince of Tennis ]
EP65 - The Pillar Of Seigaku

Kirihara: This is not even the Nationals... What is with the ambience and cheering, Sanada-fukubuchou?
Sanada: Still the same old Atobe.


Kirihara: Holy... The famous Tezuka-san is being pushed around.
Sanada: Yeah.


Kirihara: *gasps*
Sanada: You noticed?

[ Prince of Tennis ]
EP66 - Rondo Towards Destruction

Yanagi: Genichirou, something's wrong here.
Sanada: Are you talking about what happened last fall?
Yanagi: Yeah. Atobe hasn't used the thing he showed us at last year's Junior Senbatsu.
Sanada: Hmm, you mean that unbelievable smash...


[Flashback; at the Junior Senbatsu Sengoku Kiyosumi is enduring smash training while Sanada and Yanagi watch from the sidelines. Suddenly someone else catches Yanagi's attention.]

Yanagi: Look, Genichirou.

[Atobe faces four opponents for his smash training. When he hits the ball the opponent he aims at has his racquet knocked clean out of his hand.]

Sanada: He hit the grip!

Yanagi: Did you see it? With four opponents!


Sanada: Rondo Towards Destruction, huh?


Kirihara: ...Sanada-fukubuchou, he didn't smash it.

[ Prince of Tennis ]
EP67 - End of the Ball

Yanagi: That's it, huh... The first smash tries to loosen one's grip on the racquet-
Sanada: Nope, not yet.


Yanagi: From what it looks like it's impossible to think that he could play Atobe evenly anymore. It's fatal.
Kirihara: Heh! And the one who beat Tezuka-san should've been me.


Sanada: Return aces, twice?

[ Prince of Tennis ]
EP68 - The Never Ending Tie-Break

Yanagi: Hyotei's Hiyoshi was the one who played a good match with you in the newcomer's tournament.
Kirihara: Sorry! I don't recall.
Sanada: Cut the bull, there is no doubt he will be pulling the reins at Hyotei next year.


Kirihara: Heh! Seigaku had an ace up their sleeve too!


Yanagi: He won't be able to keep that pace up in the second half.

(Images can be used, but I'd appreciate credit because it took a while to put them all together).

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Date: 2011-05-05 12:11 am (UTC)
hideous: two starbucks mugs of coffee, with whipped cream (Default)
From: [personal profile] hideous
The purple Senbatsu uniforms look so ugly on Sanada and Renji XD

Hooray screencaps, though! \o\ I almost forgot about their red uniforms x3


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